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  1. Tu ne parlerais pas de Hentai clicker par hasard ? Parce que le niveau max d'un joueur est 500 dans hentaiheroes et tu le vois un peu partout.
  2. C'est un peu plus compliqué que ça : le nombre de shards que tu reçois est en partie lié aux nombre de participants du club. Donc tuer un champion de club tout seul est une dépense énorme pour une récompense ridicule : environ 1 shards par % fait. Alors que s'il y a 36 participants, 0,51% rapportent 5 shards et ensuite 1 shard par 1% supplémentaire. Ce système est bon car si le club est très hétérogène, les petits lvls gagnent tout de même 4 shards avec 1 seul ticket. Donc ils finissent par avoir la fille si les autres membres savent se discipliner pour faire 'durer' un peu le CC (limiter le
  3. So a quite cheap 2nd place. I was very busy again IRL and I'd to use kisses for the seasons. So I decided not to fight for 1st place ( @govenants was too strong for my lvl700+ team). Because of my job, i missed 6 fights. A loss of XP but it wouldn't have changed anything for 1st place anyway. The following players were far enough so that my top 4 was not in danger. Congratulations to jacob and [FDGN]~Joe for their top 4. There was many lvl500 players int this league. 102 opponents, 300 fights, 1,4 AM boosters used, 1257 kobans spent. Screenshot taken by Govenants at 12
  4. Thanks. So the 3 fights that I couldn't do wouldn't have allowed me to win a place but I almost got kicked out of the top 4. Even if I played very hard, I couldn't have won this league. You were too strong for me. To win, you'll have soon to have the best possible maxed team, use 3 AM boosters and to be a little lucky. That's why I think that this part of the game has become frankly P2W (purchase gem blundles, books, AM boosters, season pass and monthly card to be able to continue to finish the seasons while fighting for the league victory). As a F2P player, the only things that
  5. Oyez braves gens ! Le preux chevalier Lovely Bone nous a quitté, fatigué épuisé par ses nombreuses conquêtes. Aussi le Club des Chevaliers Lubriques cherche un nouveau membre. Si tu as un niveau minimum de 300, que tu cherches un club très actif et solidaire (nous sommes régulièrement plus de 36 à jouer le champion de club), que tu as un peu d'humour et que tu n'es pas timide (pour parler sur le tchat), n'hésite pas à postuler ! Pas de contrainte particulière, à part respecter les consignes pour les combats du CC (participation minimale régulière d'un ticket et respect du quota
  6. Sorry but no screenshot this time. I was too busy IRL. I didn't even have time to do my last 3 fights. Fortunately, I was still able to maintain a 4th place. A Pyhrus victory because I used 2.76 AM boosters and spent 1886 kobans ! As expected, Slynia and Tony fought for victory. There were plenty of full lvl750 teams in this D3 and I didn't played well so my average (23.59) isn't very good for 3 AM boosters. I urge a lvl750 team. 100 opponents, 297 fights, no loss, 6959 points At 7:30 GMT+1, Slynia was 1rst, Tony 2nd and Relampago 3rd. Next week. No hard gamers in
  7. No, I'm not one day early but I'm 6 days late! 😄 I thought this league will be easy for me with no hard gamers in it. I must say that I didn't play it very seriously because I was very busy IRL. I finally won but I was a little scared for the last 2 days. Jojo42 had a better team than me. Congratulations to him for his 2nd place. 101 opponents, no loss, less than 1000 kobans spent (YES!) and only 1 AM booster used. An average of 23,56 This week isn't the same story with many players with full lvl750 team. Slynia and Tony are too strong for me. Even top 4 will be har
  8. Suite au départ de Lovely Bone, on a une place de libre. N'hésitez pas à postuler !
  9. @Lovely Bone : Ca fait un moment qu'on n'a pas eu de tes nouvelles. Tu as abandonné le jeu ?
  10. Another top 4. I was very busy this week and I had to use kisses for seasons. So it was clear for me it will be hard to win against rayley (congratulaitons to him). I used 1,7 AM booster but only 1 refill so I spent only 1108 kobans and I faought more than 10 boosted opponents. I was very unlucky this week. Other players didn't played hard. 99 opponents, no loss but a very weak average of 23,24 (the worse since months). Screenshot taken at 12h05 GMT+2 but only the 4th place may have changed Next week : 15 lvl500 but only one D3 little winner ! I've some more tim
  11. Je n'ai pas joué Red Battler Améliorée car je l'ai déjà. Mais sur la précédente qui intéressait peu de joueurs, je l'ai jouée tranquillement et j'ai eu un taux de drop tout à fait normal. Désolé pour vous.
  12. An astonishing victory.🥂 🍾 marcel had 2 times the best possible teams lvl750 with more than 25k stronger than mine and I won ! So buying blundle gems doesn't make you a good player. I had decided to use only one AM booster but when I took deboosted marcel, I couldn't resist using a second one to ensure 3 wins. I am therefore very happy even if the fact of not being able to play the seasons has seriously compromised my first day of LC. The top 4 isn't a surprise. 102 opponents, no loss, 1,7 AM booster used and 1360 kobans spent. Screenshot taken à 12h08. Some chan
  13. 40 combats ne permettent pas de conclure. Tu est seulement malchanceux.
  14. Thanks bolitho76 : your screenshot is fresher than mine. As expected, an hard D3. The 1st two places aren't a surprise but we were 5 behind for 3 places. gugu2111 and Lili had a better team than mine at start. It was more balanced from Monday. So I decided to use 3 AM boosters (2.7 actually) and did more refill than usual. So an expensive 3rd place ! I'd to fight 7 boosted opponents. I was very unlucky with the perma-boosted Gogeta: 3 defeats (9 8 (0.5% probability!) and 13 for 16.8 announced and 73.4% probability of winning!). Luckily I had more luck on some other opponents. I e
  15. Sorry, I'm late again. An easy victory as expected. I could have saved one more AM booster because I didn't have any serious opponents but I preferred not to risk an unlucky defeat. 100 opponents, no loss, 651 kobans spent (great !) and an average of 23,7 screenshot taken at 12:18 GMT+2 No the same story this week : Gogeta, Scarlet-Titan, Gugu2111, Lili and 4 more D3 winners. Top 1 isn't reachable and even top 4 will be very hard. I really need a lvl 750 team ! Peace and games.
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