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  1. Since I just came across this and it was never really cleared up, I was the one that first broached the topic a long time ago. Based on ongoing data collection before and since that post, I can confirm that no contest generated on HH.com between 18/Aug/2020 and 02/Mar/2022 saw its type repeat earlier than after 4 days. The 03/Mar/2022 contest was then repeated after just 2 days (with Nutaku and the test server seeing repeats show up a couple of days earlier already, IIRC). The restart of faster repeats appeared to coincide with the addition of Cumback Contests to the game, which wer
  2. I've focused my gems/books usage on Mythics, so with barely any 5* legendaries up to snuff I wasn't gonna be competitive in the second set of blessings with the 25% on their rarity plus too many getting double blessed. Adding in that I was travelling during the week, confined to playing entirely by mobile (ugh) for several days and missing loads of snapshots, there was little point in making an effort just to maybe finish 4th. (It looks like I could have, but I'm okay with the almost no-cost top 15.) I did win the week before that, so I haven't quite thrown in the towel yet. Commiseratio
  3. Bad week to be picking up clues on my normal gameplay, since I went about this one basically backwards from the usual. For normal weeks I've settled into using one All Mastery booster to ensure a decent shot at a top 4 finish, usually using it right at the start to take out some/most of the toughest opponents, and then I'll coast through the rest of the week with very little optimizing. I've almost completely stopped taking notes on league opponents - praise be to Rosso for how his boneheaded design decisions have convinced me to spend much less time on this game (almost certainly an outcome
  4. I would say you vastly overestimate both the available resources and the level of efficiency of the average D3 player.
  5. The colours and the names of the gem types correspond with the eight girl elements.
  6. I sure hope nobody at level 250+ is going to be silly enough to waste gems to awake random girls they won't otherwise use just for a slightly stronger champion run.
  7. 68,075 per Mythic girl to go from 451 to 500.
  8. "Changing things over time" You understand that this will migrate from the test server to production in about 60 hours, right?
  9. You can look forward to levelling 100 girls to 700 before 750 becomes available now.
  10. Incidentally, for full context, this is what prompted that comment:
  11. He's the creative mind behind the original vision of HH and may or may not still be the majority owner of Kinkoid and/or its parent company Gaming Adult. He freely admitted on Discord that his current modus operandi is to play a lot of other games and try to bring features that catch his eye there into Kinkoid's games. Entirely optional in that approach: Any sort of concern for how the latest addition will interact with everything that already exists in the game.
  12. It's unavoidably personal because it's clear that this is a "the fish rots from the head" situation and only removing Rosso from any and all game-related decision-making processes can possibly serve to save Kinkoid from itself at this point.
  13. Not hiding as much as just slow-playing that league because I was pretty sure I was on course for this kinda final result: (Last 80 battles without AM, last 11 without boosters altogether. Could have gone even cheaper, I guess, but earlier in the week I didn't expect it to become quite such a blowout.)
  14. Is there really nobody that is going to correct this utter nonsense by a newbie poster who clearly has no idea about either the game or about basic arithmetics? Counts exclusive of what the D3 winner gets: old D3: 3x6 + 11x3 = 51 EP1 across 14 winners D2: 1x6 + 3x4 + 11x2 = 40 EP1 across 15 winners D1: 1x4 + 3x2 + 11x1 = 21 EP1 across 15 winners S3: 1x2 + 3x1 = 5 EP1 across 4 winners S2: 1 EP1 winner ------------------------------- Total: 118 EP1 across 49 winners new D3: 3x4 + 11x2 + 30x1 = 64 EP1 across 44 winners D2: 1x4 + 3x2 + 26x1 = 36 EP1 across 30 wi
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