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  1. Ah yes my bad, she's supposed to fuck the fat king not the other way around, thanks for the correction!
  2. Congratz holy! Welcome to the big dick club. Also, do you remember what we discussed on the HH discord? Everyone, we came to the conclusion that we want a 1-star version of Bianca called "Mythic Bianca" (drawn by the one who draws the CxH girls) with a lot of abs, is futanari and is being fucked by the fat king from Gems Kingdom on both poses and affection scenes.
  3. Thanks for the reminder, here was the standing 5 min before the end ^^ Thought for sure Tony was going to win as his team power was 20k over mine at first and a bit over 10k over mine after blessing change.
  4. I was about to say that but orange gives us so much more actual value at pantheon because their high harmony there, but indeed full class cannon and hope for crits is still better when our chances to win are slim ^^ Not in my book. You can believe in what you want and I'll keep believeing in my theory instead that 1 red > 1 orange when it comes to score more points in leagues. 😉
  5. But this doesn't translate to better, as better in leagues is only more points gained. I know very well that 2% crit chance is more total damage than 10% crit damage, I even said so in the mod discussion thread that crit damage should be 10x that of crit chance for maximum DPS is rpg games like Diablo 3, in HH red is only 5x. However, more total damage does not mean more points gained. In Pantheon's Stairway orange is absolutely better, but not in leagues, at least not for my account, is what I'm getting at.
  6. I can only speak for myself here, as in what I get with my account. Note: Results may slightly vary depending on the bracket strength and active blessings, the results below was made from my current bracket. My average fights (in Dicktator 3) lasts for ~4.5 hits done by me (with AME, so it would likely be 5 without AME). My average crit per fight is just above ~1. With the above results, I calculated the following: 100 opponents = 300 fights, with 4.5 hits I make 300 x 4.5 = 1350 hits done total 1 Orange with 2% crit chance should then give me an additional ~27 crits (1
  7. We'll see buddy! For now I'm just going to play casually (only when I actually have time, so no breaks during work for example!) and then we'll see how I feel ^^
  8. Honestly, I was quite surprised myself when I first clicked the "join" button and found out that I was still in Dicktator 2. I did play last week so I'm already back in D3 😅
  9. Umm... right. Moving on.
  10. As to not be left behind in the void, I had to: 750 gang!!! Puh! Only took what, 5 months?
  11. Some Epic orbs and all my mythic orbs, and "some" combativity refills 😅
  12. Hehe yeah. I burnt around 130k kobans the last month, all invested in my harem. But alas I was still no match the 2nd last league were I was pinned against a player at 750 ^^
  13. How? I'm still at 700 🤡
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