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  1. There are no mythics on the test server.
  2. Updated sums, edited to include Kenrae's data: 74 drops in 217 attempts (34.1%), drop chance of 1/3 still very plausible.
  3. Sum: 38 drops from 118 attempts. Looks like it 1/3 chance of getting shards and 2/3 chance of getting an orb.
  4. My stats for the regular champion girls, without events: 4 shard drops from Teutates in 13 attempts 4 shard drops from Cobalt Crawler in 12 attempts 2 shard drops from Miss Metal 7 attempts 0 shard drops from Bionic Babe in 4 attempts 0 shard drops from Madame Miracle in 1 attempt total: 10 drops from 37 attempts
  5. Thank you for reminding me that I should get some boosters.
  6. Is it beneficial in terms of healing to have a sensual only team? If healing is so high that the team never gets tired, it doesn't matter if it takes many rounds each fight, right?
  7. I mean I got the very first one and the current one, my question is if it is currently the second or the third.
  8. I just noticed that there is a new boss bang on the test server, is it the second one or did I miss one?
  9. @LiliatThanks to your explanations I also got the girl 🙂
  10. I equipped "Astral Amethyst's Potion" and for my very first fight I got..... 11 shards for some 1star girl 🤣
  11. I just spent 435 1xMythic orbs and got no girl. Now I have none left.
  12. If the drop probability is 1%, then getting no drop from 429 orbs has a probability of ~1.34%. Seems little but with many players playing it is highly likely to happen from time to time. One possibility for the game designers would be to increase the drop probability slowly when many consecutive non-drops occur, that would make such extreme events much less likely without affecting the overall drop rate much.
  13. I just did 429 MP1x (all my orbs) and didn't get the one girl available. What is the drop rate supposed to be?
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