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  1. It was pretty great until it slowly turned into another "God mode" cliche. Getting into isekai, learning its rules, doing your investigation - those were great parts and that's what adventure is all about. What it lead to though - that's what I really dislike. I was here for an adventure. Not battles between gods and similar stuff. Plus the art style changed drastically around that time. And Bunny in Stairway to Heaven is different from the one in Splatters Archipelago. So yeah, I guess different taste. As for "difficult to follow" - There's a bad UI in this game that either doesn't
  2. It's an event that lasts 14 days. At least one suitable contest should come up during that time. You need to get 2300 points to make it worth your while(Girl+mythic booster). So it''s 9 girls leveled up to 250 level. No gems required. It's doable. At least for now and with those numbers. It's bad and horrible event which I despise, but in terms of getting it done by normally playing it's actually the case. You will need planning to get to the last tier(6500 currently) and full rewards, but that's a different matter. My main concerns are: It's essentially another Season and PoA whe
  3. It's not so much another resource and more like another type of points like Mojo or points in League. You just get them for completing some sort of tasks. But instead of calling them something like "Love points" or "Valor points" or "Allure points" they decided to call them potions. It's really confusing. But bad communication is Kinkoid's trademark, so in that regard the name seems perfect. As for me, it's more about a sheer amount of things you have to keep track of. It was already too much. And now it's another one. And yeah, it's not much, those point would probably be easily gained f
  4. Oh look who just discovered my profile! But I have to warn you, my profile is path to many topics some consider to be unnatural. Lapsey is the best though.
  5. Oh so you are aware that she looks nothing like Bunny. Well, that's good. I though for a moment my calendar was wrong and it was April 1st and the arrival of Shadow Bunny. But if you know what you're doing it's fine. I do have some questions about this event though. What's the delivery method/limitations? Because I'm pretty sure even if I'll win I'll not be eligible for such delivery and a lot of other people too.
  6. Dunno. Personally, I was already sick of Digisekai when it was going on. But they decided to do more of that. I honestly have no clue what's going on in the story at this point.(Maybe because I didn't play clicker, but that shouldn't be mandatory) Stairway to heaven was a breath of fresh air, but we're back at it again. If they wanted to do that story so much they could've done it in some other game, like Clicker for example. Which guess what, failed. But no, now they want to do that here as well, because they didn't get the memo. So now we're flooded with that both in KC and Adventure which i
  7. Bomba


    I know you guys just laughed at the joke, but there're literally screenshots there before and after which shows that this "visual" issue eats my money like it's physical and not just visual. Price is 200k ymens. Money taken is 3639290221-3639070221=220k ymens. Is it "visual" because those items cost 10% more or something?
  8. You know, we can go from another angle. Let's count the resources, shall we? This event adds "Potions of Lust" as basically another resource, so let's count each and every one of them. Player's XP And Level Energy Combativity (Fists) Ymens (Money) Kobans Girls Girl's shards Girl's XP Books (XP items) Girls's Affection Gifts (Affection items) Items Boosters (3 regular and 3 mythic) Yellow Gems Blue Gems Red Gems Green Gems Orange Gems Black Gems White Gems Purple Gems
  9. Exactly me feelings. We already have too much. And what we have right now is very hard to manage because they never thought about how to make it easy to use. Remove the user script and the game is unplayable, but I think a lot of you forgot about that. They add and add and add. But they never test and never fix. Awakening came here and the bug with XP that goes above the awakening level is still there. They removed ymens from everywhere and there's a bug with % bonus from club. Champions became broken with introduction of BDSM half a year ago. but they don't care. They only add new features fo
  10. Guys, I think you're missing the point. It's Christmas and instead of giving gifts Kinkoid does the opposite. It's their Christmas and we're providing the presents. Also, don't forget that that bonus XP from PoV means that the first day of LC will be much more "fun". Because now you will have to save up all that XP from both Season and PoV. I mean, it's literally the second Season on the test server basically(it's added beneath it on the main screen). And they did the exact same thing they did with the first Season - they included XP in the paid path. It's just not locked behind mone
  11. Well, it looks like Path of Attraction 2. Literally. Do tasks. Pay additional 3600 kobans and get rewards from the second path. On the second path they lock away second girl and XP(98.8k(+10% club bonus)). There's also a mythic Sandalwood Perfume booster there and some gems. If they will remove PoA for this it would be great, otherwise it's another monthly koban expense with another exclusive girl. I already hate it.
  12. I will save this quote. I don't know enough about art to put it into words, but I can feel it with my heart! Thank you. Well. I think it works well for Lapsey. As for others, I'm not sure what you're talking about. Simone and I assume Empress Sung Tai Ki are bad. The second one even received a full makeover. Iba'Lee is awesome, also one of my favorite girls. I always try to put her among the top when she ends up in my battle team. And as you can guess it's always her 3star pose for me. Yeah, I have a very specific preferences Also, fun fact, in russian her name will be akin to
  13. Tiers 54-55. Before there was 15M on free Season path there. (Tier 45 before) Also, maybe the wiki info is wrong, but the total mojo required seems lower than before. For second girl it was Tier 51 with 12k mojo. Now it's Tier 62 and 11500 mojo. For first girl it was Tier 26 with 6500 mojo. And now it's Tier 37 with the same 6500 mojo. Although I didn't check it thoroughly and it seems there're some mistakes in wiki. Like for example there're no tiers with avatars. But the last ymen reward is definitely missing. And that's another ymen nerf btw. Our sources of them got hit heavily.
  14. Blessings. Kumiko had blessing before and receive +20% in power. Now she doesn't. Awakening has nothing to do with that. If you think that awakening decreases power then make screenshots before awakening and after and compare them.
  15. There're additional kisses in chests. That might be enough actually. And with 100 kisses right now it's actually quite possible for you to reach the last XP tier.
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