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  1. One x10 attack to get a top4 was ok, more Koban investment wouldn't be, so I buy an AM booster for less Koban in the market. All in all a not to bad week in CmC. Could be better, but mostly ok.
  2. A tighter result than wished. With theese opponents in League a top1 wasn't reachable and I know it would be not easy to reach top4. Used 3 AM and allways 1 Ginseng, 2 Cordyceps. Sadly at one day I forgot to reboost so I had 16 attacks only with AM Booster. Without this it would be a more secure situation to me. In the summary my mistake wasn't great enough to prevent me to stay in top4.
  3. Question was a relativ cheap top1 with thousands of gems used at 3* girls, a top4 with less than 1000 gems wasted to have a safety zone to 5th place or a lazy top15. So you can see what's my decission was. 😁 15th needed 30.180 points.
  4. Uhh... Than had KK problems for the adding of the 5 new gem types and the 9 aditional currencys they will add with the next 2 event types. 🤨🤣 Joke aside: backpack is a nice adition. Not a gamechanger, but can be helpfull. If the display should be in a more compact style... I can't judge at the moment. Both variants have pros and cons in my eyes. From a fist impression I would say I like the less compact design more, but the difference is minimal.
  5. Merus started early to claiming top1 for him and I think he overspend a little bit. 15th needed 81.000 points. I'm fine with my top4.
  6. @Irvbert Pervington An adition to Ravi-Samas post with some (in my eyes needed) clarifications: @Ravi-Sama I'm with you in most parts, but one sentence need an adition in my eyes: but only if you have a) at least 7 Mythic Gilrls with blue eyes at your actual max girl level and b) only in the part of the eyes blessing. A 5* Legendary with blue eyes can be stroger than a Blue eyed Mythic if the second blessing affects her too and not the blue eyed Mythic girl. So "obsolet" is not fully correct. It makes the 5* less valuable, yes, but you shouldn't ignore her completly. In ad
  7. As I realized that to be top4 needed more than 1 million I decided to ignore this day. 1 Million points were doable, 1,2 and a little bit perhaps reachable, but not more so I ended with only 56.450 points at place 33rd. In one of the next contests with GirlsXP this will be pay back with a better placement so not a great loss.
  8. My goal is to collect all regular girls. All other are partially goals and most of them I had reached, like win a D3 or reach 1000 girls in harem.
  9. Good result at Day3 of LC. A really needed MyPx6 is nice to get and I don't have ressources to battle with plat/diamond card holders like Joe.
  10. All other than cheap. With 125.520 points I could only get 26th. In the last seconds one guy sniped me out of top25. Sad, but not unexpected. I doesn't want to invest to much Orbs - CmC is near and I need my EpPx1 Orbs for next CE and OD/DD.
  11. The game has known that you can afford this and matched you with harder opponents 😉 😁
  12. If I remember correct you need to claim at least one of the last 3 contest rewards to get access to LC. That can be the problem if you storage Contest rewards mostly and don't claim them dircetly, what's in most cases is the better choice (in 9 of 10 cases it's not worth to wait with claiming in my eyes - exception are Contest rewards with girls in it which can be better to storage some days)
  13. Event is done. Form now on it's more how much other ressources can I get. Pachinko would be not so interesting, but day 3 or 4 could end with interesting results.
  14. With ending Leagues and a Donation Contest I run out of time to do my last attacks (so the last x10 I started counted for today, not the CmC) so only a top4 but ok, it was worth a try. 15th needed 30.500 points.
  15. Gratulation to Pelinor for his 1st. I got my expected top4, I had hoped to could get some more points, but there were RNG against (some endings with -5/-6 points in comparison to the script result) and some better equiped opponents (team and equip). Used 1 Ginseng, 2 Cordy and 3 AM Booster. My girls were lvl700-750.
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