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  1. Im Plainning to make another Draws in the moth, but i need to Plainning well
  2. I will post the translate later but just in text because could be a little Large, use Google translate to understand for the moment
  3. thanks for the advice Actually I usually have a problem with line arts because I do them many times, the feet honestly I could not tell you and I like to exaggerate a little the folds in the leather boots more than anything for simple pleasure at the time of lighting, you I appreciate your comment and I will take it into account, thank you
  4. Here is finished, i will post the traduction of the text in a minutes, thanks to take the time of read this little Cómic and tell me you opinión of this
  5. The littles details make a Great diferent, that All i can say, you not a Harem Heroe, you are a art Heroe
  6. Isn’t finish yet but tomorrow will be end, meanwhile i would like diferents opinions, tell me what you Thinks about it and sorry for have It in Spanish, is my native languaje and i haven’t the best english
  7. Ok, thanks for the reply.
  8. Nice to meet you, my question to everyone is: which Haremverse girl would you like to live with and why? (Leave a picture to know which girl)
  9. JILC

    Fan-art’s mala

    Another illustration Should I draw a picture with hedonia or barell? Leave me our opinions.
  10. JILC

    Fan-art’s mala

    (They're several months old, but I think they're worth it)
  11. JILC

    Fan-art’s mala

    Thanks, I have other works but I don't know if to publish them (they are in Spanish)
  12. I would like to say that I was wrong about which community to publish it to (I published it first in the French fora because I am an ape) so this is my fan-art of mala. Enjoy it and give me opinions about the drawing if you want. Image in English/Spanish/Solo , to be more inclusive.
  13. I probably need a social life instead of drawing this but since In English / Spanish / Image only To be more inclusive
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