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  1. Happy Valentine day let’s celebrate adoring the only Queen of Haremverse (Later the English version)
  2. Thank You for the idea man, i will do It
  3. Norou to be since Is not in my top 5, but Is stil being truely hot that Woman, and yes, tachibana looks a little bit wear but the queen of all haremverse Is tabatha and that definitive (?
  4. Mala Is the hottest On Haremverse and i will fight to defend It 🤺
  5. A ilustration of Mala Kharney as a dominatriz
  6. In fact, I wanted to experiment a little with a vertical work so I took advantage of the fact that apart I did not have the energy to do much much detail, I also felt somewhat compressed at the moment and I usually draw at 2250 by 3000, but I'm going to expand it a bit because honestly I also think that it limits me a bit by having a scale of that level.
  7. New ilustration (A little bit meh but i was almost dead “Two Queens of Two Worlds”
  8. One cuestion, i made another ilustration, but Is one with Thabata and Venam, should i publícate like a Diferent post or in this one?
  9. Thank You, for your opinion! i will have It in count
  10. Another Fan Art of Thabata
  11. The ilustration “Queen of Sea” Is finish!
  12. Thabata color finish, Is now time to do the fond and this will be end!
  13. New draw! but for the moment Is just the sketch
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