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  1. It looks like they fix the problem. For a moment there I was actually a little worried that maybe that's they were going to discontinue the game and just shut it off entirely.
  2. For some reason whenever I succeed in logging in, it'll go straight back to the loading screen and it'll keep blinking while the music in the background just keeps playing and even if I refresh it still goes back to that loading screen and still keeps on blinking. I'm logged in but unfortunately I can't play the game because it's stuck on blinking loading screen.
  3. I kinda started all over on my HH account because Nutaku was giving me problems. So this is a new girl on this account using about 13 orbs just to get only one girl.
  4. Sorry about that, I kind of celebrated early. For just a few hours it was working perfectly then at by the end of that day it got all glitchy again. I actually got pretty frustrated so I decided to just put the Nutaku version on hold and just play the Hentai Heroes game instead. The only problem is, well, I didn't really do much with this profile, so I basically have to start all over again. It kinda sucks, especially when I know what goes on later in the game and I can't do all of the really cool things that got me so very very rich. The 10x Pachinko orbs, getting over 3 million fro
  5. I want to publicly thank Kinkoid for fixing this glitch. The customer support staff responded to my ticket, found the glitch, fixed it, and now the battle screen is working perfectly again! Thank you Kinkoid for making this game awesome. 👍👍👍
  6. Okay I figured it out. It's the battle screen itself that's glitchy. When they removed the judges and the rewards, they unintentionally removed something in the code that got the game all glitchy during the boss battles and the Tower of Fame and the Seasons battles. You see this, this does not look normal. This is what I see during half the time when the screen freezes up. I then have to turn off my Google Chrome and then turn it back on for the game to normalize. Now I've dealt with glitchy games before so this isn't a game-breaker for me, but it is still quite annoying.
  7. On Nutaku whenever I go to the boss battles the entire web page freezes up. And I know it's not my internet connection or google chrome because I can still open a new tab while the page is frozen and go to a different website just fine. Update: it's not just the boss battles now, it's now also the season battles too.
  8. Yeah same here. I had the 1000 ticket prize from earlier but now it's gone. Must've been a fluke.
  9. I just want to cry right now I used over 70 orbs and only got two girls.😢
  10. I've been having trouble lately getting the pictures of the girls received to load because I have a slow internet connection, but I used about 25 orbs and got 4 girls out of it.
  11. I don't know if it's just me but Ketsuko kinda reminds me of that mayor from Swat Kats. Maybe I'm just going crazy and just kinda miss the old cartoons.
  12. Now Revenge was from yesterday, But the other two just got a few minutes ago, sweet! Used about 20 orbs to get them though...
  13. The first three I got last night, the fourth this morning. 15 to 20 orbs used total. These days sure have been good!
  14. I love these temporary Places of Power! They make it so easy to get these red orbs, however out of thirty-something orbs I only managed to get three girls😢. But hey they're free and easy to get orbs so, yay😁!!!
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