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  1. yes, and it's not relevant yet anymore, but it explains the confusion people were having when seeing the same contests with a lower cooldown. The fact that it has happend already more than a few times in a short time makes it only more likely to be true before (a certain point) though.
  2. The data is simple, all contests were tracked (on nutaku) since they changed the contest rewards. There wasnt the same contest within in 3 days before lately. After a few months a pattern was recognised and postulated. It's that easy. Yes, i dont get it and I wont send a report for this. You already said what the outcome will be, why should i bother? I already invited you to a chat on discord to get a proper chat, but you refused. It's probably better though. Be safe!
  3. no worries, I will leave already. I thought i might help you guys out here, cause this looked like a crucial information here (since it wasnt just random before (so you gave "false" information)). It's not a "legend", there is data behind, but go search for yourself. But before I get another warning for nothing, I will leave you alone (btw your reactions are one of the reasons i didnt post much the last few weeks, but i dont think anyone really cares or even noticed - like you said, if we dont like it we can leave, that's what I did and will do again; already regret reading the forum afte
  4. i like how you imply I am not a reliable source, but on the same time you argue with anecdotic evidence that it might not have been so. Oh, well, maybe this is a more "reliable" source, there is plenty more to find ... like I said and just to be clear: for a very long time = since they changed the contest rewards/duration since i dont know if zoo is reliable enough, i just post a part of a discussion with shal (who you at least respect enought, afaik) he wouldnt ask, if he wouldnt assume that there was a 3 day rule, especially when he commented like this afterwards
  5. yeah, random is randon, but ... until a few weeks ago we all believed that a contest cant appear for another 3 days after he was live - but first we had some occurances (on nutaku) with only one other contest in between, and a few days ago we have had a situation were we got the same contest the next day and 2 days later again, so in 4 days 3 times the same contest. Maybe this was always possible, but since we had multiple situations for the first time since a few weeks, i guess they changed the timer, maybe with the introduction of CumC. (It was also told multiple times in the forum that
  6. Well, then I will add my two cents too. Result: There is not much more to say. It was a close battle, but I lost. This way it was even more costly than I hoped for, but what can you do? Glad I run leagues profitable for a very long time already. Other stats: 3 AME used, a lot of early refills, 3 Cordy all week, 0,06 worse than expected average, a few boosted players fought Thoughts going into the league: - Well, shit timing to fight this kind of a strong opponent. Next week I cant show a good team and his current team is sligthly better than mine. - Best strategy
  7. i overestimated my opponent, so i put a lot more effort into this league than necessary some refills after blessing change, 2 AME, a little bit better than expected average, fought 10 players boosted, best average so far this week i am with rarum, so I have to think about how I am gonna approach this difficult task, so far we both fought 6 players, and it's 146 to 148 for me
  8. another first place, got lucky shado (750 team) didnt play serious 60 fights with AME, 1 boosted opponent, all wins, got 0,06 better than expected average
  9. there is no thread for CumC, right? it was more expensive this time (68EPx1, some green x1 and 120 mythic orbs), couldnt secure first in regular contest cause kelvay challenged me
  10. finished early cause of CumC - didnt see a better opportunity to spend epic orbs
  11. another 3 girls for 68 orbs since the last change (added books, lower equip drop rate) that's 598 orbs / 22 girls / 296 gifts / 280 books / 0 equip / 3,678% drop rate / 1 girl in 27,18 orbs / 857 orbs remaining / 0 perma pachinko girls left I am on a total of 2331 orbs / 136 girls / 1029 gifts / 280 books / 724 equip / 39 dating tokens / 123 gems / 5,834% drop rate / 1 girl in 17,139 orbs / 857 orbs remaining / 0 perma pachinko girls left
  12. got lucky, in 84 league fights i got 12 drops; got the girl with 140 kisses + league fights
  13. i have two concerns in general: 1) there is like a hidden assupmtions that drives all the recent changes, which is ecconomical motivated and focus (too much) on (an idea of) growth. This assumption leads to a flood of new features (= anticipated growth in different regards like money, more options, ...) and to an oversee at the same time: the need of balancing steps (bring something into balance isnt growth, right?). But if you wann grow, you need have to a good balance/starting point. Additonally, the flood of features and the massive changes were a reason a lot of players stopped playin
  14. started with 17 kisses; missed about 15 league fights, but I am off to a good start with 36 shards currently. Not sure how I am gonna finish this event, but I actually might use some remaining nutaku gold for a season pass
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