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  1. yes, if you start from scratch 5 is better than 4, but, for instance, i started with 12 shards (natural regen over the first 2 days), so only 4 were necessary
  2. finaltits joined my harem for 1494 nubans (1062 in refills, 72 in x50, 360 in sandalwood) - gl everyone still trying!
  3. another bad run, 94 orbs for 4 event girls Since the last change (added books, lower equip drop rate) that's 94 orbs / 4 girls / 45 gifts / 45 books / 0 equip / 4,25% drop rate / 1 girl in 23,5 orbs / 954 orbs remaining / 0 perma pachinko girls left I am on a total of 1827 orbs / 118 girls / 778 gifts / 45 books / 724 equip / 39 dating tokens / 123 gems / 6,45% drop rate / 1 girl in 15,4 orbs / 954 orbs remaining / 0 perma pachinko girls left
  4. it's not that importnat yet, i would say, but eventually it will make the difference between level 400 and 500 - btw. it's not just market stats but also equipments. I wouldnt advise to stay under 400 but to level up like you did before awakening
  5. yeah, if you win regularly with AM there is at least no loss, i agree; it wasnt meant to reduce your success either - just to give some perspective. What's interessting though is that rumor: is this a more or less reliable source? Would be going in the right direction (even though I would prefer not having it at all (or at least that we can detected it somehow)).
  6. Yes, the averages matter, but not in the kind of comparison you do. Other league systems are producing other averages. There was a time Oliver made a 24,8x average or even more because of a different league system (you might remember the time when we got 25 points for a win with over 50% ego left). Leagues changed big the last few weeks and month, so you cant really compare. I have to say though, I should have said: a few weeks ago you wouldnt have won against Oliver, etc. (with this score is misleading). I havent said 'it's just the AMEs' fault", i gave other reasons too, like difference
  7. congrats first of all. Second: you were the only guy using AM in this league, most high level players ceased to use them since it almost makes no difference regarding koban rewards being top4 without but being top1 with them; also, playing without is less stress and easier to play seasons and KC events. Some top players even stopped upgrading their girls to a decent level. A few weeks ago you wouldnt have won with this score against Oliver, MNEFC, Takanome and even Hardy - thanks to the recent changes you are now, congrats again. P.s: it's also the only reason I got first place in my
  8. another first over here; really glad i finally could beat miso and jmich - havent done it before, and that's one of the reasons i still play. Ofc, they all probably didnt use AM boosters, so no surprise here. had to fight 2 boosted players in the end, 23,72 was my expected average, 297 players all won, 2 cordy+1 ginseng + 2 AM not sure what i am doing this week: with AM it should be another first for sure, but maybe it will be enough without?
  9. finished the event with some refills in the champion battles ... PoA seems now as one of the at least stressful events (for me), wouldnt have thought that a year ago
  10. sounds all pretty off topic ... i mean, I am glad reading something else than hate here ...
  11. i hope that happens to me, i am not here yet - unfortunately?
  12. you fed up with recent changes or other reasons? gonna miss one of our regular nutaku players
  13. as expected i finished first this week, i used one AM to be save, but it wasnt needed 3 boosted opponents in the end, 23,49 was expected average, all wins this week i am with a lot of strong players, let's see how this is gonna play out ... gl everyone! edit: it seems like i have to upgrade my mythics to 650 to can hold up with the 550 epic blessed girls over on nutaku ... we'll see about that though
  14. i never said, I am okay with that. I find this hideous.
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