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  1. This is just terrible, all shards gone in the first 2 minutes, then wait for 2 hours.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a question, every month I pay for a monthly card, but I don't log in daily, do I get my daily kobans even if I don't log in?
  3. What's up people , I reached Sacred ninja lands in the adventure, and unlike previous adventures where you get cash after you fight a villain and that amount keeps increasing as the villain get stronger in the ninja lands you get affection item and the rewards never gets better no matter how far you go, Also is it normal getting the girl from tier 2 and tier 3 before tier 1, the drop rate for 1st tier became so low that I don't even try, if the adventure end I move on to the next villain. Does anyone else have the same experience or I'm just not that lucky?
  4. if i could find a recent a one i wouldnt need to ask about the donation cost.
  5. Hello guys, Does anyone know the cost of donation in the Working holidays event ? I must of clicked on a donation by mistake because I'm missing 10Mil
  6. Hello people, I'm not an orb expert, I won the 4 purple orbs from the event but I didn't find them in pachinko, can someone tell me what are they for and where can I find them.
  7. Go to settings then support then send a ticket
  8. I feel like an idiot, I accidentally swapped an equipment, thank for the help
  9. I sent a ticket and they sent me my reward
  10. Hello I just noticed that my ego, hardcore, know how, charm and attack power all dropped for no reason, is anyone else having this issue.?
  11. i didnt either, i sent a ticket and got no response.
  12. I ve been trying for days in both chrome and opera I even tried clearing my cache but I keep getting this error
  13. Can you be demoted in tower of fame, this class that I'm in is out of my league.
  14. I was able to collect the girl from the arena and that's it, I'm not sure if I could complete the other girl if I use kobans since i didn't have much luck before
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