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  1. Creative Heroes of the world, Gay Harem has teamed up with the awesome people at Nifty (https://www.nifty.org/nifty/) to bring you a juicy writing contest with amazing rewards! Play Gay Harem and pick your favourite characters for your story. You can find a list of all the characters in the game here - https://harem-battle.club/wiki/Gay-Harem/GH:Harem Write a short story of 1000-3000 words, which features the Hero and your favorite guy in a steamy situation! Tell us about your wildest fantasies and the winner of this contest will have their dream adapted into
  2. Dearest players and loving community, In these pressing times we pray for the safety of everyone and wish the world was a more peaceful place. War is something horrible and should remain in the past. As a studio whose sole purpose is positive entertainment, peace and consent, we don't support violence, terror, and war. We support love, and freedom! We pray for the people who have suffered and wish for this to have never happened. We dream of a happier, healthier and more peaceful world and hope that society will someday reach this dream. Until then, we wi
  3. Dear Heroes, On Tuesday (November 30th), Rosso and @Veles will be waiting for you and your burning questions in our Discord Q&A channel! The Q&A starts at 6 pm UTC+1! Get your questions ready!
  4. Hi @Qt4s. If you're on the Gay Harem Discord server, can you DM me your user ID number? I'd like to take a look backstage. Thanks!
  5. The competition is now closed! Thanks to the 6 people (👀) who participated The winner of the Meme Lord title and 10 affection shards is @Mauroso Congrats! Message me on Discord with your Game ID number, platform you play on and the shards you want. Some of the submissions will be posted on our Discord and social media channels. Stay tuned for more games in future 🍌 Happy Humping ❤️
  6. Dear Heroes, We're looking for volunteer translators who are fluent/native French speakers and have good proficiency in English. Requirements: We need someone who knows the game and its mechanics; They need to speak both French and English well, so they can translate the content correctly: The translators will have to work on various texts such as quests, events, daily missions, in-game news, push notifications and anything else the company requires; The workload is fairly decent, so we need someone who can spare a g
  7. Hey, you! Yeah, you exactly. Are you an aspiring meme lord wishing you were up there with the best of them? Well, now you have that chance. To celebrate the launch of the Gay Harem Forums, we're kicking off with a special meme competition. You have 1 week to create a killer Gay Harem or Kinkoid meme, take a jab, make us laugh, but do it with respect and intelligence. Post your best Gay Harem/Kinkoid meme here and let the masses vote! The best memes will be featured in the forum, on Discord, and on Gay Harem's social media. And the abs
  8. Happy to have you here ❤️
  9. Starting from next week, we will have occasional community contests where you can win Kobans, Shards, and other exciting rewards. Stay tuned for more info ❤️
  10. Side Quest New Rare Side Quest release: “Better Than Sunscreen”: Bunny and the Hero are in the jungle on a trip, but they seem to have run out of sunscreen. However, Bunny quickly manages to come up with the perfect replacement... Check out the latest side quest! Gay Harem Forum has been released! We are proud to announce the release of Gay Harem Forum. The forum is dedicated to the Gay Harem game as well as all LGBTQ+ players.
  11. Glad to have you as a part of our world ❤️
  12. Merged duplicate topics 🍌
  13. Hi! This is something we've been looking into it and has had changes to it in the past to reduce the visual clutter. I'll pass on yoour feedback!
  14. Neven


    Heya, Neven here. You may know me from the Gay Harem Discord and Patreon page. I'm the community manager for Gay Harem. 🌈 I've been playing Gay Harem since before I started working for Kinkoid. When I apllied for a job, I initially applied for being the German Community Manager for Hentai Heroes, but then I realized this is the same company that makes Gay Harem. Turns out they also needed a new CM for Gay Harem at the time so that's how I landed the job. 💘 Since June 2019, it's been an absolute pleasure working for something I love, making friends in the co
  15. We've finally done it! 😍 We're very excited to be launching the official forum for Gay Harem. 💘 Feel free to browse it, familiarize yourself with it and join an awesome community of dedicated and passionate Heroes like yourself. Hentairly yours, The Gay Harem Team 🏳️‍🌈
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