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  1. Oh, good. The next nail in my ''no, actually you can't catch them all''-coffin. I mean, come on... I'm doing okay-ish in D3, I'm a paying player. And it's pretty much +/-0 every month if I pay koban for the Path of Attraction, get the Mythic Girl and pay for some refills for Orgy Days to get some of the girls that I've missed during my first two years. I don't really know where to get those additional koban from. And, no, I don't buy ridiculously overpriced bundles. Looks like I have to decide between the monthly Mythic Girl and the Paths of Valor. Since I've already missed out on 5
  2. It was even less comfortable in the end, considering that Blue got 16th with his 6510 points.
  3. Huh... after some easy Top15s since B.D.S.M. was introduced - because people are bad at adapting - I didn't stand a chance this time. I'm not yet a match for players with lvl 550-650 girls, so I'm quite happy with my cheap 21st-23rd place. I guess I can take it easy until I'm able to compete again. That's actually quite nice - Christmas is coming and I'll have better things to do than working my balls off to earn 720 koban more. Keeping my fingers crossed btw that @DvDivXXXand @HornyCatcan hold onto their placings (13th and 59th at the moment).
  4. This statement doesn't get enough love (and two other users wrote something similar). If the problem is that some veterans have hoarded too many resources - which frankly is only a problem since PvP has been uplifted to being a core gameplay mechanic -, the solution has to be inflation. Kinkoid is going for the opposite and deflates all of the resources one by one. Which obviously hurts everyone but the targeted ''rich'' players. That's where the ruckus comes from after every nerf. I didn't do the math yet and fail to see how the most recent nerf will affect me. Not very much, I guess. Bu
  5. Nah, never bought any mythic gifts. My approach is basically the same as Kenrae's*: giving all my gifts to the girls I need for the league at the moment. Always saving some gifts for emergency level-ups. Valentina will probably have to remain at 0 stars for a while. Just like the Housemaid from last month. But my... err... stockpile of not yet leveled up 5+ star girls is getting smaller every month. So it will only be a matter of time until I can finally take care of everyone. Right now I have 6 rare, 2 epic, 8 legendary and the 2 newest mythic girls waiting for gifts. *(minus the ma
  6. Got Valentina for slightly less than 11k koban (including sandalwood boosters). Could have gone worse, I guess. And, yes, I also support the idea of a Mythic Norou... if it has to be an incarnation of an already existing girl, that is. As for new girls, my vote goes to a Seung Mina clone. Or a Mythic Wii Fit Trainer. *rrrr*... all those hot yoga positions. But KK hasn't answered my prayers yet. No matter how often I suggest her in the surveys.
  7. 15? Wow. That's more than I would have expected. I hope that's not a typo. But does it really matter to me? By the time I reach stage 1100 it has probably been nerfed already. (but seriously... I need more mythic orbs - Spirit Talker Carlita has already eaten up those that I have gained while chasing after Undercover Valentina 😞)
  8. Royal Plush is still looking for members. I'm regularly weeding out players who obviously lost interest in the game (usually on sundays), so it should almost always be possible to join us. If we should ever be full, just message me here and I'll try to make space for you. Our club is suitable for newbies as well as veteran players (who get the benefit of relatively weak club champions ). So if you're looking for a relaxed club with low requirements, come to us. High achievers are welcome of course! Including me, we have a few of those, too. But don't expect too much. This is, and will pro
  9. Just want to throw in: I had the same issue not too long ago and support was very helpful. (but since then I'm quite paranoid and take a screenshot of my mission counter every day )
  10. This is absolutely possible. I've got a new player in my club who went up from W1 to S2 in four weeks without a problem. If league girls would have been already a thing a month ago, he would have collected 73 shards until now (with no first places). Two Top45s in S2 would then be enough to get the girl. Sounds okay to me. Sure, we gotta see if the competition will be harder now that there's an additional incentive even in the lower leagues. But I don't think this will be much of an issue for serious players.
  11. Looks like Dolly is available for everyone now. Even in the lowest league. That's a surprise, but I definitely like it! Still have some problems with the announced ''exclusivity'' of league reward girls, but I don't think that they will be as exclusive as KK is claiming (that's probably just the usual marketing trick). So - great last minute change. Thumbs up.
  12. Same here. And yes, there was a chance that it's just a rough approximation. With the elements and other attributes not being evenly distributed. But that the idealized calculation is more than 10% away from the real probability? Huh... gotta contemplate that for a while.
  13. I'd think so. I am level 429 now, lose ~150 points every week due to club bonuses that are not maxed out, only use free boosters, don't optimize (no obsessive checking of every snapshot and I don't use the script)... I'm way behind the competitiveness of players like Tom, Pelinor or DvDivXXX. I'm definitely no PvP guy. And every season I still have 400-1000 points more than I would need for the top 30. I would be amazed if you wouldn't do well in D3. Even as a f2p player who doesn't use (many) boosters. And with the new element system in play you even have an additional advantage over qui
  14. Aaaa~nd... after the 6 weeks? Never again? Or much later maybe in Legendary Days or something? Or will we have to use dating t... oh, nevermind. Apart from this it certainly looks like a change for the better. I've never understood the 14400 koban for the first place anyway. My only remaining wish** for the leagues would now be, that those who've won in D3 a certain number of times (or the top 200 or whatever) get thrown in their own e-peen elite leagues where they can compete with one another without harassing everyone else. EDIT: ** This is in fact a lie. My wishlist als
  15. Yep, I also get 37%. Not that there was any confirmation needed anymore after Number's post.
  16. Of course not. I don't expect a very well thought out anything with KK anymore. But despite the expected equal distribution of the elements, and I don't mind turning a blind eye to some decisions regarding this, they could at least have gotten the most iconic girls of the game right. Including the three starter girls. Even with all the nutty things we had to put up with recently, I genuinely thought that they would get something simple as this right. Ah, well. No real harm done, I guess (and to be fair - most of the element attributions I've noticed so far seem to make sense). But I
  17. My first thoughts went into the same direction and I've already feared I'm just a little bit dim. Okay, that's still possible. But good to know that I'm not the only one who can't picture himself using anything else than a balanced team most of the time. As much as I like the elements idea**. Btw - the battle results are completely bananas. Losing one fight with less than 10 points and winning another one with over 20 against the same opponent happens quite regularly now. It has a strange appeal and I like those knee-slappers somewhat. But I'm not sure if this all works as planned.
  18. Yeah, I know. But, mmh... it seems likely to me that they really adjusted the Orb drops again. The sample size might be tiny, but even if there was some luck involved, I don't think I would ever have seen such a drop rate (6 out of 27) with the ugly nerf still in play. This would be way more unlikely than a bad week with very few drops despite a relatively high drop rate. This, and... eh, I probably just hope it is true. I guess it won't be long until we know it for sure.
  19. Yeah, but the whole point of the game is to catch them all. So no revivals at all wouldn't make sense either. I'd appreciate an approach that keeps the ''exclusivity'' by making the Mythic Girls hard to obtain while not making them completely unobtainable. Apart from this - thanks for collecting all those notes and sharing them here!
  20. Another stealth patch seems to affect the Mythic Orb chances in PoP. I got 6x3 Orbs since wednesday. After getting no more than 1x3 Orbs per week recently this is probably not just due to luck.
  21. Same here. I got very lucky and started these Orgy Days with 24 shards in 10 fights. But then I had 50 fights without a single shard. This happens and is absolutely within the range of normal RNG behavior. Sure, I have the growing feeling that the RNG is slightly meaner than several months ago. But I couldn't validate that yet and I refuse to base that on single occurrences like this. Having bad luck sometimes is just normal. Although some kind of ''bad luck protection'' that detects very unlucky players and helps them out a little bit would be nice. Maybe someone should suggest this to t
  22. With the skewed luck distribution since the introduction of the new PvP mechanics I'd guess it was way more than 14 points. Doesn't matter much when it comes to league results, but of course it's another meaningless obstacle for lower level players. I hope they fix this soon. Shouldn't be hard to do. At least in my imagination. It gets a little bit tiresome when half of your losses are due to this... bug?
  23. Very relaxed league season for me this time. I mainly used a weak setup of 2 Ginsengs / 1 Chlorella which resulted in my worst D3 performance ever - 38 losses (103 players). Average was slightly over 18. Thanks to Quistis (level 498) who let me win 3x25 points. Otherwise I would've had an average of ~17.9. Surprisingly this was still good enough for a 19th place. But far far away from 15th or 30th. Tom, at whose performance I could marvel at daily this time, also placed beyond good and evil and became 10th if I got it right. Congratulations!
  24. I collected 22 shards in 4 days for Trixie. I guess she doesn't really like me. 😢 But that's what my shard drops (and my pachinko luck btw) look like for over two months now**. I can only hope that this gets better soon. Congratulations to everyone who managed to get her. EDIT: **(with the exception of the last Mythic Days where I got very lucky)
  25. The KK guys definitely have a cruel sense of humor. But who knows. Maybe Trixie has the superpower of un-nerfing things, making the game winnable again.
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