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  1. The club is gone end of story and discussion and that's the end of it.
  2. i do appreciate the thoughts @DvDivXXXbut this is actually a long time in commming, thought about it for a couple of weeks, the new update just game me the will to not trudge through it, when a game i no longer fun, you stop playing, and this is what this has become for me.
  3. so how do i do it for Comix harem, Hentai heroes and hentai clicker, not to mention this forum the new update makes the super whales and i think it is major bs that all rewards have been replaced with these pointless gems, o i want out, how do i do it?
  4. yeah the same thing, not only did i get what they said was a special code, they end up releasing it to everyone the next day, thats not cool and total BS
  5. Come one come all, to a formerly top 100 club ( we lost some members because of the reshuffle and the leagues) We have currently 5 spots open, and its completely max out so you only have to contribute your lovely personality to our group chat. Now our joining level is currently a minimum of 329, but if you are lower and really want to join, well we can easily talk about it. Club ID: 3049 Name: Redheads are the Best. Rules to join: All we ask is you play, we recommend talking to us on chat, but its optional, but its easiest to do so and we do like to quardinate our monthly club fights so everyone gets as many shards as possible, and we ask if you need a break or are leaving for an extended period, just let us know, otherwise players who are idle for more then a week are kicked out.
  6. well you left my club not very happy about that brassy, i know you can take a break, but you could have stayed, it wouldnt have been a big deal,
  7. Just wanted to update that the support ticket worked and they were able to clear it up and im very happy we have such a good support staff
  8. it was better earlier when missions ran 14 days but you only had to get 12 of the missions to get the girl, then they changed it to where it has to be every days and all missions, but its justy a way to get people ot visit everydays and maybe buy kobans, which is what a buisness does, gets people to buy its stuff, i understand, but this game has become way too much pay to win.
  9. i posted a ticket but just wondering of anyone elses mission county for the orgy days girl Vechta is correct, i have done all 5 missions 3 days in a row, but the counter on the girl only reads 10 out of 25. I have provided a couple of screen shots, the first showing the 10 out of 25, and the 2nd showing my missions page empty. Any help would be appreciated
  10. yeah but piper is clearly a redhead not a dark pink, it was more of an oops we need to correct this, i agree with the devs on this one, piper was not park pink hair color
  11. I wasn't complaining, as I posted this in the SUGGESTION forum, for those who don't purchase cards it's pointless, as its so little compared to all the other sources of income. I was suggesting balance
  12. Kinkoid, you have to make collecting money from your harem worth it, its not at all and hasnet been since level 100. I can get a 10 roll green orb and sell everything for 8 times what i can collect from my harem all day, why waste time collecting from 600 girls when i can just orb for money?
  13. 3D sexville and cunt wars are the ones that seem broken to me, ive registered with them and completed the tutorial like it says in 3D, but still no koban rewards, everything else is gravy
  14. you are invited to my club brassy, Id 3049, Redheads are the best
  15. Greetings everyone we are looking for yet another new member for a fully upgraded club we only ask that you are active in the chat for the club Club name :redheads are the best Club ID: 3049 Minimum level 69 Weekly contribution: Nothing it is upgraded to the max All we ask is you chat with us, i have it set at restricted right now but i check it often for anyone who wants to join so come and enjoy a fully upgraded club experience, even if you are a low level **Update still looking for one as of 7/5/21**
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