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  1. Comix Harem Contests: 2nd and 4th so got both 6-games-pachinko/nightclub token. Gay Harem Contest: 48th whoops. Hentai Heroes Contest: 24th. Was in a good place before I went to bed at midnight… should have done a bit before they ended but when you have 37+ Nutaku games you play daily…
  2. Comix Harem: Both Nutaku and Website I got the Legendary Girl. Gay Harem: I got the Legendary Craig Hentai Heroes: I got the Legendary Girl. Thanks for splitting the post
  3. Got all 4 characters in all Harems Also, Mienai's face is not shown after I got her in Pachinko.
  4. Haven’t claimed yet but will once I’m home. Hope it’s not too late. I hardly ever get EVENT Pachinko/Nightclub girls/guys.
  5. My guess is everyone does because I have the same problem in all Harems
  6. Janmoonie

    Chat room

    How’s everyone? I’m still doing good, just not in the games. Not doing any tournaments anymore, just doing dailies (goals and missions) only Harem I’m doing great in is Comix, got half of the event babes. New week so good luck everyone
  7. Got the new skin of my fave POWER PUSS and then I got The other Silk a few minutes later. Don’t think I’ll get the others though.
  8. Why don't we get any rewards for answering a survey? I think you should get something, I'm not asking for a huge reward like Kobans, maybe some Energy?
  9. And a Gay Comix Harem?
  10. Thanks so much for your quick response, I'm now going to keep my eyes on KH and if it's a plus I'll always equip them.
  11. I didn’t get t either until this message. Congratulations on the win. My fic wasn’t good.
  12. New Question: What's your views on Equipment? Say there's 3 parts that are green, the rest is red. Would you equip that piece of equipment? I only equip when equipment is all green. Sometimes, but not very often, when there's 1 red and it's between 1-20 points.
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