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  1. Yes, you are right, the reason was adblocker.
  2. @FinderKeeper Okay thanks for the information. Regarding the support ticket, I do not have such an item and, accordingly, the ability to send it. Even though I confirmed my email when registering.
  3. It's been more than a week since this bug was moved to the live server. https://forum.kinkoid.com/index.php?/topic/23389-bug-in-market/
  4. I noticed a bug with duplication of items in the market. Steps: 1 I buy items (drag and drop). 2 I scroll down the list to load the next part of the items in the inventory. 3 Items at the end of the old part and the beginning of the new one are duplicated. When buying with a button, duplication does not occur. Only one of the duplicates can be sold. The second disappears only after page refresh.
  5. Is the third place taken by Labyrinth? Market improvements - 14.2% Waifu - 12.4% Boss Bang - 12.1% Labyrinth - 11.1%
  6. Yes. You can open the script and see the changelog. Pay attention to version 0.17.5.
  7. Oui, il y a définitivement quelque chose qui ne va pas avec lui. Son profil.
  8. Looking at the name of the topic with the new contest, for some time I could not understand what worries me about it. Then I realized that it was kisses 💋. Kisses are everywhere, you can't hide from them.
  9. Yes, I just didn't mean the type of event, but its subject matter. Although, of course, I could be wrong and this is not at all related to the upcoming event.
  10. If they said that it will be on social networks, then I think this is related to the upcoming event. Perhaps this is "Circus 2021". Based on the wiki information, Sword Swallower Liu-Yeng and Fortune Teller Carine have been updated.
  11. Reasonable guess. Here's a screenshot from last season.
  12. The fact that for a whole month, they could not change the number in the code, amuses and saddens me. This is nutaku.
  13. Proof that the free kisses received last season have moved into the current one.
  14. Good news. Binding to the game has returned. Forum login is now working. And the avatars seem to be too.
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