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  1. Guys, I lost 12h of gameplay and now my life is ruined. Because of this bug my wife left me, my boss fired me, I got evicted by my landlord and live under a bridge with no food, income or friends and KK is to blame! 😂 But seriously, yes it sucks, for some (who were invested a lot in the game for the last 12h) more than for others. Let's look at the many good things here though. We now know KK has backups and the ability to roll back whenever a huge bug happens (yay!). Also they are quick to react, before more damage has been done. Their compensation is somewhat fair in my opinion (not pe
  2. Guys, our clubs The Porn Identity (#1 at HH) and The Porn Supremacy (currently #12 at HH, but usually #3 when full) are a few members short and would love to have some new awesome people. We are a very cooperative community and open to players with level 470+ (TPS) or 480+ (TPI). You could simply join us if you are without a club. We don't poach, so if you are in a club and feel good there, please stay and enjoy your community (it's just a stupid leaderboard and not worth joining us just for that). Welcome to the Porn Franchise! We are a community of great high level HH.com players and
  3. We're open for new players again and very excited to get to meet you! There are awesome benefits to everyone in our community (strategy sharing, club bonuses, better performances in the league etc.). If you feel like this is your kind of deal (check out the first post here with our code of honor), let's come together and have a lot of fun! 😀 The Porn Identity (#1 in HH) is open for everyone level 480 and above (actually 3 seats are currently available). @DFyre@MaxPain@taureau you guys are without a club and we'd love to have you around! The Porn Supremacy (currently #12 at 38 members
  4. Thanks for that angle. I tried to convince KK with the money argument as well, because I think the opposite is true. a) Us whales rather stopped paying money when the leagues were able to pay for everything. It's definitely true for me, but I can also imagine paying again when I'm not able to score #1 most of the time... Also if players know that 500 is a definite cap and if KK decides to implement exp gains for Kobans again, many people surely will spend more money to get to 500 to be competitive (and then some to keep getting all the girls). b) I would likely leave the game if the
  5. With Gogeta being at 500 now, let's revive this discussion. Would you like to see KK raising the level cap again? Under which circumstances would it be okay for you? Does it even matter? So far the feedback was mostly against raising, because: - The game was not initially prepared for this and it feels very arbitrary - There is no proper endgame yet to justify a new level cap - It has become boring because level is the most defining factor for whether you win in leagues or not - It would balance the game in the very long term if we could forever fix the cap at 500 (taken from this
  6. Hello again, we have a new free slot in both our clubs The Porn Identity and The Porn Supremacy. You can find us easily via the Club Leaderboad since we are currently #1 and #7. TPI is open for players from level 465 onwards while TPS can be joined by anyone level 440 and above. Please read our Code of Honor in the first post to see whether you can identify with us and if so, feel free to simply join and we'll welcome you with open arms. I'm now tagging a lot of players that during the last few months we found to be without a club and therefore might be interested in joining us. If
  7. Just a quick shout out to some people we spotted without clubs. Feel free to join us and benefit from the bonuses of a fully upgraded club. Especially now with the Club Champions you might want to join an active community that is resetting the Champion many times per day. If the clubs are full, please check us out again within a couple of days, we often happen to be a member short... In case you have already found your new club, I'm very sorry to have tagged you! We do not poach and wish you a great time in your new community! Unfortunately without the Tower of Fame Leaderboard I can
  8. The Porn Identity (1 club on HH when full) is a member short and we hope to add you to our friendly community. If you are looking for a high level, active and fully upgraded club and the following description looks like your perfect environment, feel free to instantly join. ID: 1229 Members: 39 Server: HH.com Server Rank: 1st or 2nd depending on member count Language: English Minimum Level: 445 (open club though, no waiting time) If we are currently full or you can't join due to the minimum level, feel free to apply to our second Club The Porn Supremacy. This is bas
  9. Thanks, but I think @Kenrae did an awesome job with his calculations (which I can confirm are correct). I prefer his system because it makes winning each league motivational enough (and still more reasonable than the current D3 #1 madness). It will also make it more rewarding to get promoted into a higher league while punishing to those who tank. I really love it, if KK could combine this with an unlocked exp system (like exp rewards for PoA) and therefore allow rushing to level 500 for everyone, they would do a great service to the player base and leagues would be much better (while not yet p
  10. It's a similar idea to mine, yours is straightforward and static and mine is a bit more convoluted and dynamic. The only problem I see with the static solution is that you're getting punished hard when you happen to be at the bottom of that list (when ToF was still there the first top 100 was like 15-20 levels apart when excluding Gogeta) and it will probably lead to one or two people always winning, hence it remains unbalanced and many people will lose. The different pool idea feels much better in comparison, yet there still will be losers who won't have a chance to win no matter what
  11. No, I don't mean that at all. With my 4 suggestions, any player will have a good chance to win their respective leagues and once being level 500 (which will even less time for f2p players to achieve compared to now) basically everyone has the same chances and it only comes down to skill. I guess I must have miscommunicated big time if I didn't get that across. Please tell me where you got the idea that I don't want f2p players to be able to compete with paying players once they reached the same level (it only takes longer for f2p like in any collectathon game). Also I totally agree it's not a
  12. I don't think there's a valid comparison to be made here. Your examples are first and foremost PvP games that are about winning and showing off in a leaderboard. Paying for customizations gives a real value to players who want to show off while competitive advantage would break the essential game. HH isn't such a game though, but rather a collectathon like Pokémon Go where your main goal is to catch 'em all. Customizations (especially in HH where our profiles are pretty hidden from others) don't give us much value. Skipping F2P waiting times and growing your collection faster (which makes your
  13. 1. Nice, agreed! :-) 2. Yeah I honestly don't know and lack the skill and motivation to do all the math behind this. There are so many exp sources now and some of them depend on spending Kobans or even real money. Fact is we do need more exp somewhere so it doesn't take 4+ years even for the veterans to reach 500. Maybe a good estimate is that somebody f2p should be able to get to 500 in 3 years while somebody paying 100€ per month should get there in a year. Those numbers are super arbitrary though, so hopefully a smart person can answer this? 😂 3. I don't see the problem in your statemen
  14. The automatic promotion idea is not so much to avoid lower than 100 player brackets (although that's somewhat important since you don't want to miss out on the free exp earned through leagues). The main idea behind it is to avoid people tanking to a league that they are overpowered in and therefore making the league impossible to win for some players. Although mostly meant as a joke, you have a point that the rewards could and maybe should be more evenly distributed. That's what I mean with "secondary priority". If they fix the more important stuff, league rewards will be much less
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