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  1. Thanks for speaking for all of us: Piper the same: Since the Blessing was just bestowed, we quickly upgraded the Pipers for immediate use. Perhaps punishment for my smug attitude? -smiles- "pissed" and used up the books needed elsewhere.
  2. I see this just now!! Surprize we both are still here after all this time!! Thank you for the kind invitation. oxxxxo brassy
  3. I wonder why? Seems so abrupt and violent response. -smiles-
  4. I filed this report with Support: not the most articulate- Speed counts. ALERT!!!! Teacher's Pet Appears to have bug!!! brassygirl01mn, 26s Alert Please!! I finished first Tier: Tier 1, Daily Missions. I went to next one: 18 Kisses/ performance Seasons. I had 10 already and got 10 in Champions: I used 18 shots, all winners. When I returned, it did not credit my rounds!!! My thought is: I screwed up!! So I cashed in 20 kisses in Seasons and very carefully did the Tier again! But no record of my wins!! If thi
  5. Try getting a zero. In my time zone, there was a longer window at 10 pm, so I blasted the 50s. The best I did was "5". There is another small thing to consider: I saved hearts for months to make the upgrade. Loads of books and yemen too. Best!
  6. Wow!! You really went all out on this didn't you!???? "Could be great?"!!? hahaha! Thank you for your effort! Who could resist your invite? -smiles-
  7. @Raxon: so true!! Likely you know it is every two hours, 4500 shards: So far it is just a "few minutes" before they are gone. Its awful to hit a patch of bad results. Stay in the saddle and you will hit some good patch. Best!~ @natstar: I finally added NYE!!!! YEAH!! I calculated it took about 1500 shots: Does that sound "right"? LOL. My math brain is lost I guess? Raxon said his number of shots, but I was thinking koban/combat from seasons, etc. 1500? Thanks!!
  8. LOL. is it 20/20 missions yet??? Call me impatient if you must!!! Hahaha!
  9. WOW!!! Way to put a smile on my face!!! TY HH!! oxxxo Great makeup for the slight glitch!!
  10. You truly made a boatload of contributions to build your club!! Until I saw yours, just now, I thought mine was high!! hahaha. We have three players above 30,000: Four others between 3000 and 10,000. So, a bit more of a team effort than you experienced. Two of our players experienced health issues of the Corona virus: We expect they will return, but for now, they are attending to their family. We help each other alot with technical stuff but also encouragement and friendship. From time to time, we have all had some good success and get sincere congratulations and camarad
  11. Hahaha!! So funny!! I am so far south, in Mexico, right now, I see soldiers every day, headed to arrest Central Americans from crossing their south borders. It isnt all bad though: Escondido is the name of the place, very pretty. Likely you got my postcard already. I'm basically licensing front office/back office for a dental business. I told the owners, if I win the contract, don't pay me pots of money: just fund my platium card and let my office staff keep up my shards!! haha. I did manage to post a new photo, if you can still find my profile??? -smiles- Stay fun
  12. Great Post, Karyia!! Dammit!! Arthuria is mine and I got her first, you!! haha. But, and this is a famously big Butt, I didn't get her for trying out a Free Orb!! **** @bane In club, @Karyia and I share "our" bane, a truly outrageous character: On forum, he is @bane_de_baja I'm not certain if he makes us think of you?? Hehehe: Great to see you continue to enjoy our game!
  13. My work had me traveling for a couple weeks: Likely my exhaustion led me to read "parties" as "panties". Hahaha. Some guys just can't get enough!!
  14. No, No. I want to hear more about this weakness to strenght. It seems you have a special twist for this sort of thing. Suitable challenge. Yes, this is exactly what he needs. What do you suggest??
  15. -smiles- Yes, bane deserves something special discipline. Way beyond a timeout and sent to bed with no supper. Perhaps you have a suggestion of something suitable for his high crimes and treason?
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