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  1. I try to level up my mythical equipment but only rare items came on screen. How to level up mythical equip with legendary equip? (how to switch between equipment I want to use for level up mythical?)
  2. How is possible to have almost the same objectives in two different contest and the ranking to be so different? Sora is the first in hard training but does not exist in harem building.
  3. I noticed that shards gain was changed on k 22 event. Modules of 5, with max 2 modules per 20 performances. Is this permanent?
  4. At least we can use a draft where we can load the images of the girl we already have. Or add a file in Harem -Battel. club.
  5. quasary

    mythic days

    I try to get the shards of the mythic girl and on 5 times reload no shards gain. I know that is a probabilistic gain, but normally at every 20 performances you get 1 mythical shard (or 2 if you have the buster). I spend 1050 kobans for nothing. Looks that the computer is not adjusted properly
  6. When do we have for Comix Harem something similar with Harem -Battel. club from Hentai Heroes? It will be nice to have the all catalog of the heroines.
  7. For 4 days the koban spending confirmation (I have it on on settings) is not working. When go on market, I was by mistake clicking on items with koban price, and no confirmation was required. So I lost 840 kobans for items I actually do not like.
  8. Is Harem Messenger stop? There are more than 2 weeks with nothing in Harem messenger.
  9. Is the Harem messenger stop working? I think that is more than a week that nothing happened there. I finish the conversation with 5 girls and than no other message. Is mine blocked or the other girls are under way?
  10. Your answer is far from correct. Mostly taking into account your level!! Looks like in your opinion, "small " abnormalities are perfectly acceptable. I hope there are not to many "superstars " like you in this game.
  11. Today on the last 15 min. before end, I was not able to collect the rewards of daily goals.
  12. Today on the last 15 min. before end, I was not able to collect the rewards of daily goals.
  13. On the last Legendary contest I gain shades for Wavelength girl but I keep them inactivated in contest waiting for a contest when receiving points while activate a new girl. Today while I try to activate it I did not find it any more. The shades are gone :(. Any suggestion?
  14. there is no activity regarding that except the announcement!
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