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  1. Your answer is far from correct. Mostly taking into account your level!! Looks like in your opinion, "small " abnormalities are perfectly acceptable. I hope there are not to many "superstars " like you in this game.
  2. Today on the last 15 min. before end, I was not able to collect the rewards of daily goals.
  3. Today on the last 15 min. before end, I was not able to collect the rewards of daily goals.
  4. On the last Legendary contest I gain shades for Wavelength girl but I keep them inactivated in contest waiting for a contest when receiving points while activate a new girl. Today while I try to activate it I did not find it any more. The shades are gone :(. Any suggestion?
  5. there is no activity regarding that except the announcement!
  6. What happen with HH Compare All Haremettes? It is reduced to 2 pages. Starting with letter S. It is a bug or something?
  7. It will be nice if they will introduce a joker! To have a position, on the line of girls, of your own choice. Then we have the possibility to win the girls with incomplete shades.
  8. For some time, the new girls are not added in Compare all haremetts list. Is that a new policy?
  9. Same problem from beginning of PoV
  10. quasary


    Same to me.:(
  11. So this special holiday rewards are the normal daily rewards? Because on the picture I can see a lot of 10 great pachimko rewards and also 6 mythic pachimko on 24 th?
  12. I cant find the Advent harem dar. Should start on 1 st dec. Any help?
  13. Did you observed what is the rate of gems in epic and mythic contests? I think that is more then 50 percent. So also the possibility to earn busters is heavily affected.
  14. Same for me Having 1 year in the game I start to be afraid of the updates :(. Even with the new and good ideas like it was dating tokens and PoP they manage to "correct" them by taken out or destroying the rewards in such a way that is not worth to bother any more :(.
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