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  1. I got a handful (thought it was a bug) which made me wonder if it might include contest claims. When I do poorly and get +1 combat, I often "hoard" it then a couple times have forgotten to spend because the rolloff is silent (too). I am pretty sure I've claimed everything else except maybe an early test to see what happened...although I guess forgetting doesn't always include later remembering. I also agree "sorry" even having gotten some, it was sort of bitter/mean to be reminded and not gotten what I forgot (I forgot) which was possibly (probably?) better. And agree on permanent,
  2. Today I got Janine and just unlocked her 1 star which tells her description and says she's the mother of "An Li". I searched "An" and "Li" in my harem (including not acquired girls) as well as the wiki and didn't see anything. Is that a typo? To be released? Something I'm missing?
  3. On Activities, the text for the sections you don't have selected is much smaller now, which at this time seems an unnecessary design change to me, but when it comes to design everyone has opinions I guess. May be useful eventually if they add a lot more activities, I suppose. Disclaimer: No addons here, saw on both FF and Chrome PC.
  4. what you're looking for? They recycle that single post and that's why it's pinned.
  5. Seems they changed the crystal colour (for the global [currently anniversary] event) from red to purple. Other options are there's a red crystal that I have no idea what it is for, something happened with my screens, insanity...? But shows screens of both colours if you dig thru enough. Didn't see that announced.
  6. I don't know if this helps anyone (maybe KK is watching?) but I noticed that I can reproduce this behavior reliably (on a PC, no scripts) if I drag the item e.g. move it slightly same as if moving buy to sell but that's not the intent (vs just selecting the item where it doesn't occur). Hopefully that makes sense, it's sort of hard to describe without a video. In my mind this would explain why more people see it on mobile maybe every time (expecting mobile devices are more sensitive to dragging). If you pay attention that you accidentally "dragged" something, you can just click (not dr
  7. Possible dumb Q, I thought the girls you could acquire for the event were available on the left of the list: adventure, pachinko, champion then girls you had acquired. This event I have 7 girls (3 adventure, 4 pachinko) I can get, then 8 I got already. I didn't bother to scroll right because of my belief until reading this thread and then I did, after those 8 I have 29 more I can acquire (2 adventure, 27 pachinko) then the rest I have acquired except for 2 champion girls which are mixed in to that last large number of acquired girls. Vaguely remembering new girls on the left but sti
  8. Assuming not a bug, expired or invalid redeem codes don't show a message any longer at least not on FF/Chrome browsers (no mods/addons).
  9. Further weirdness, saw a single purple chocolate in my gifts market, thought I forgot to buy one this AM so did it, then realized there were no red items. Checked my inv and there was a red chocolate there. I'm 95% sure I didn't get charged koban because my total is pretty high. Hopefully I don't get dinged for abuse, my intentions were good (albeit sleepy).
  10. Honestly more of a checkin "is it just me", otherwise could file support ticket. 1. Seem to have intermittant issues today where the daily reward shows as available (icon) but clicking to claim it doesn't do anything. I'm 99.5% sure I claimed my daily reward for today and there is something going on - that what is displayed is tomorrow's reward. Weirdness also being because the icon doesn't appear there all the time. 2. My guild chat is totally wiped. I hadn't checked in a couple days maybe (not sure exactly how many now) so maybe not caused today but it's empty. Messages I sent
  11. If you ignore the above advice and do choose to level 3* girls, I suggest leveling the ones you have an abundance of gems for. I have 2x as many purple gems as anything else, so when I do level non-5/6* girls (for quests) it is based on that (then I can awaken in subsequent quests). You can see individual girl stats on the wiki, however, I wouldn't recommend that for 700 girls either If your intent is just level "best" then the above advice is solid, IMO. I can't explain your sort issue, tho I have noticed that if I sort by Level it sometimes does not reorganize so maybe t
  12. All 63 of my x1 orbs and got Rozana. Which is cool since I had 95 shards of her so 95 flowers
  13. To follow on to Liliat, you can find more about all these topics here: In addition to what Liliat wrote, I wanted to add the number of girls you have also affects your stats, such as: * Each girl level boosts your ego slightly. * Having 100 of each girl in each element boosts a different something in your underlying stats. This caps at 100 girls (per element). * Similarly to what Liliat said, having more girls means more chance to match the blessing and be "boosted" for that week. Additionally having certain girls in your performance group can help various attributes. N
  14. I passed 1200 today on my 7th attempt. I was mulling about switching gear after 7 (1/2 I had saved, praise y'alls patience for saving large amounts of things;p) but I got 4 crits and that was enough, no hijinx needed.
  15. There was a 24 hour cooldown for our club champion when there was turnover today (we did not beat it late yesterday) - it is still ongoing/counting down and will reset right around (if not exactly) with dailies tomorrow. That's what I was remarking about. Perhaps I should file a bug report if that didn't happen to others. I admit I don't really pay attention to how it normally works; it just struck me as impactful because of the contest. Frankly, it doesn't matter much to me except for the contest, which is now pretty much over (won't get a chance at it because of the cooldown unless we sp
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