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  1. Thanks, I was unaware of that "book", I'll try and remember to look there first
  2. Thank you Follow up Q, is there anywhere I can see this in advance of randomly shuffling through girl selection in champion? For now, I guess my base is around ~40k, but wondering if there's a way to monitor when it changes. Or maybe someone figured out/knows the exact math behind the calculation that I can mimic and self calculate? UPDATE: Maybe figured it out myself. Appears to be primary stat. Or very coincidental.
  3. Preparing for the Club champion, I noticed my level 1 mythic had 44K attack. I am pretty sure it was much lower in the recent past, maybe even in the 100s. Similarly noticed that some barely leveled greens had 44K...in fact 44K was the lowest I saw cycling thru my harem to find matches against the champion, making me think what was previously "1" is now "44K". Did I miss a patch note? Or is there a bug lurking that my search-fu didn't see?
  4. New filters are great (thanks!) but none but "Sort" save when you leave harem and back. Either "option to save filters" in settings or having them save with a clear button would be nice.
  5. I did not read this like you must change, but that you had an option to. I'm with your perspective. Guess time will tell. I am curious if anyone has/is using the club feature to replace guild leader if voting is some feature or it's just a number of people in chat saying "I think Bob, I think Rose, I think Bob, Bob wins, someone contact support." It really wasn't clear to me but I think some people probably had this problem so can answer easily? Our guild leader is there (yay) so have no way to tell, just curious. The 'chat' option seems like a nightmare 😜
  6. FYI, I was also afforded several losses on floor 1000, my first losses since I started. Perhaps of interest, I'd been tracking my position on the [HH] leaderboard (top 1000) vs position 200 just curious to see if I was catching up or falling behind or maintaining. After breaking through 1000 despite the losses, I am ~60ish floors behind position 200 which is about normal for me (had been closer but fell behind over the winter holidays). So, I would say based on that - I'd venture the average person in the top 1000 who reached floor 1000 experienced the same as me, a few losses then took
  7. Spent ~70 x1 (I think it was 61 or 63) orbs today after mythic girl with 0 results. This reminded me of this post (read over holiday but didn't have time to reply) as well as the last mythic girl I got (during your "nice drop rate" period) I rolled ~150 x1 orbs (I think it was 148 or so) and also 0 results. In case it helps; I personally don't like speculating drop rates because it's possible we all could have great luck, terrible luck or they tweak things and don't tell us then back and we have no idea unless we get confirm or (better) can see the code. But as you will No bells r
  8. I was not going to vote because I found it hard to articulate how I felt, but this is almost exactly how I feel so I've also voted "yes and no" with that in mind. I did want to add that while I don't feel any difference in HH, I do heavily in CH where I went from winning 80-90% to maybe 25% of the time. That feels super bad. I started looking and everyone I am fighting and losing to has girls leveled 200 levels higher than my character (not girl) level. So they put the effort in (broke above the free ceiling). But I'm not super motivated to, so the combination of those two things has
  9. I did collect some of my PoV rewards so that may shake it. It could also be events you don't do. I didn't do MD for example. I also didn't do any extra Pachinko if there is some varience (there shouldn't be?) as I managed to get the girl day 1 PoP is a fair call tho that in itself is 7/9 random too (e.g. only 2 things give gems for sure). Those are just the things you discussed tho that struck me... I'd say they do a good job of making it hard to analyze if nothing else
  10. Here are my totals including the original starter gift (so -3k each if you care about that): Dominatrix: 6341 Submissive: 5350 Voyeur: 7857 Eccentric: 5983 Exhibitionist: 8456 Physical: 5654 Playful: 6929 Sensual: 6593 So worse orange, red, white, dark; better green, blue, purple; average between yellow than other two reports (last week anyway). Not 100% sure it's meaningful since they changed things in the middle to be based around which pve area you're fighting in but I appreciate your posts and have been keeping track, so there you go I have not been caref
  11. I totally misread this and thought it was harem, thanks (had not remembered to check til now thus the late reply - I thought maybe rolled back). I can use this however to me it'd be more helpful if they put colour as well as name for element to help me memorize one less thing 😜 Also nice to see any and all filters (or sorting) in harem IMO (tho I agree level is more(most?) important). PS: And if filters were in alphabetical order (either/any place=))
  12. [Sept 2017 start] There were far fewer (maybe 0?) events. Basically it was reading story, collecting girls and collecting stuff so you could either buy eq or buy pachinko spins. I would save 6k koban and then roll in epic pachinko for a girl, hoping someday to get them all. There was no pvp (no season, no league). There was a leaderboard but it was who had the most xp, battles vs villans, girls etc and you could see how you were doing compared to the rest of the world. I was proud to be top 20% in a category, then top 10% and eventually multiple, never reaching my goal to be top 10%
  13. Good news if you're right is if you can fix this economy, the worlds economy is probably a lot easier to fix. Maybe they're just thinking real big 😜 On a more serious note, I was more shocked to read (he said) the other games he play take less time (more than he thought Awakening was a good idea). I wonder how many events he plays or if he has cheat codes to collect all/submit all optimally in one stroke or something.
  14. Presumably...I don't have her I also noticed that when I click Club it goes to the Members list. I could have sworn it used to go to the club battle (if not on cooldown). If I'm not insane (or blind), I think this is an undocumented change. UPDATE: I noticed this does not happen on another device, so it's possible it's a browser/cache issue on my end. UPDATE2: Right after this just noticed it happened again (on 2nd device), so maybe it's a bug instead. I'll stop updating unless I have something more conclusive...=9
  15. It seems recently 1/4 times I try and click Clubs, I get Seasons opening. My guess is in the recent patches (Path of Valor) things were tightened. I can't imagine people clicking on mobile, I'm using browser and it's still not a great experience.
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