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  1. Episode #1 *Path of Attraction* -What? Already implemented? Mmmkay, let's see... Beat the Champion 4 times. Hello, are you the Champion? First time here, your room look... a sanitarium indeed. Where are we supposed to do it? On the marble floor?- -Muahahaah-Do you think you have the numbers to match a real pornstar?- *Slighlty touching him* !! DEAD !! -Hey! WTF! Come here! I just own Commons! ... oh, well, 24hrs waiting... Let's pay such kobans I bought to have you revive- -W-what? It was a quake? N-no way. Now let's see who's really the best pornstar here!-
  2. Caroline is a very well drawn piece. Correct proportions, great draping, everything's above average. Technically, the game improved a lot on the graphic side recently, with more and more good pieces (...and not so far from reach). What her Element will be?
  3. Dear Ravi-Sama, I have to say your posts are always informative, fun and the use of pictures/colors make them pleasant to read. Someone had to say it :).
  4. Dear mods, you know that soon a new forum section is going to open for PsH. I want to help you by anticipating the most common questions *all* users are going to ask you, so you'll feel ready. "I click the COMING SOON mission, but nothing happen. Bug!" "The game is bugged, as I fought three times all opponents in the League, and the game doesn't let me fight again." "I've reached tier 20 in the Season as you can see, but the girl doesn't appear in my harem." "The game is bugged, I've reached level 250 with Sasha Grey, I own the gems but it doesn't let me awake her, t
  5. I'm not lesbian, but I'd like to see such game the same. And, maybe for once, a more intense plot that isn't just 'let's do whatever move around'. Have a nice stay!
  6. Technically is atrocious. But somehow they found a mesmerizing formula of interwined compulsions - and I bet it was a lucky strike alone. I mean: you collect stuff, you boost stuff, you have to collect more stuff, then boost such other stuff - wait, timing! - and everything somehow tap naturally on compulsions and can still incite after months, as (again by sheer luck!) the meta game change every tier so the experience feel fresh again. It's sticker collecting on steroids - totally senseless but whatever, people dive in wih passion the same. For being a game of such magnitude, it's a
  7. Do you want to know how that was possible at level 370? You must ask someone else, I just know of 6 criticals in a row.
  8. Hey! You *can* reverse it, you know? But the option cost 6000 kobans.
  9. * No more relevant* Hey, it was a joke! And not on you, but how the paraphrase could have been applied to other stuff in the game. Be marry. This forum is not toxic.
  10. Probably I'm wrong, but despite the collection of a girl or not, I'm figuring a kinda 'perfect routine' right now. That's mean the balance between PoV, PoG and CumC is not random, but meant to force you open the paths. If you don't, you'll be indirectly punished - and heavily for that - locking you out from any kind of progression. Maybe some math guy can do some consideration about.
  11. I'm a man. I can assure that there's nothing like girls made of jelly. Tentacles, fluid body, missing organs - nothing reminiscent of a real girl body. That probably depend on the '90 anime trend of tentacle sex, where every girl was molested by tentacles. (To say that they probably don't care a lot of such details).
  12. The opposite, so at least @DvDivXXX will be happy.
  13. Is not Mythic Bianca, she's My Thick Bianca.
  14. It cannot be a technical issue. So they're back to design board. If I was the designer, I'll do a monthly Path pass. Pay 7200 kobans or 5 euro for unlocking all Paths extras (2 PoV and 1 PoG) for a month. That sound more fair.
  15. I seriously think you shoulnd't count PornstarHarem until the game exit from the beta stage. You dunno what the game will become or how much competition there will be (to me, next to nothing).
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