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  1. I CAN BE WRONG. Mathematically speaking? INFINITE more Power. Having criticals, you cannot predict. The only possible cases you can compute are automatical results. All other circumstances give you a non meaningfull range. A critical on his side more, and you can lose a point. An automatical result is one that combine such factors: Your Def vs his Atk Your regen vs his Dmg Your Harmony vs his Harmony (and critical% bonuses) Your and his total EGO (the more his EGO, the more attacks can do, the higher your Ego, the less chances you lose a 10% so a point) In the end. the dude can't deal you more than 9% of your EGO. In all other circumstances, you can lose EGO at various percentages (that could vary a lot). What you can do is an "expected probability" that mathematically mean nothing, it's just what you want to happen, and it's verified by long dataset (to be precise, the RNG is verified...). It's the same as orb/shard rates. "Logically" speaking, subtract his def from your atk. This is the damage you deal. Compute by this how much the fight last, compute his damage, multiply by rounds-1 (you attack first). This is your lasting EGO. So, two identical profiles, no harem, no elements, no regen, scoring no criticals, that deal 10% of EGO each attack, leave you with 10% EGO, +1 point. As both EGO, ATK, DEF of both profiles enter the equation, I think again is no use for you to know such abstraction. Increasing ATK is better as you have the fight last less rounds, but having uncanny high Def make his attack null (but this happen only on very divergent levels like in Troll fights). I also found opponents reducing my scores by uncanny high EGO (more attacks they deal) I CAN BE WRONG.
  2. Oh no, KK, what you did? Just when was about to waste my kobans you stopped asking...
  3. In the remote chance some designer read it. EVENT [A] The event is called "Custom Performances". A trait (Element, rarity, body trait, profession) is sorted. You are sorted with a tier of 3 players the same as Season (Level/strenght). Pay 6 kobans to refresh the opponents tier. Pay 1 Koban to rearrange your team. You have two possible fit rates that change victory outcomes. EASY: deal you 5 points. At least one team member own the trait. HARD: deal you 25 points. All of your team members own the trait. Pick an opponent and win to get points. Lose and get 1 point. Then a new trait is sorted. The event have two ranges of rewards. Unlock the better range with 5400 kobans. EVENT [B] This event is called "Beauty Contest". The event is staged each 4 hours and call for a given Rarity and Class each time. Pick a girl matching and pay the entry fee of 6 kobans & an Item. At the end of the 4 hours limits, the selected girl play the stage. You compete against the girls of other 5 players. The girls are judged by a randomly sorted set of parameters: the Class score. Matching Body Traits. Matching Pose. Element (get points if matching). Small bonus by the rarity of assigned item, Stars and Level. The 6 girls are ranked by scores and you collect a matching reward of gems and gifts. The girls get a Beauty Score. At the end of the event, girls are ranked by the overall Beauty scores obtained by the community to decreet the Best Girl of Haremverse that month. EVENT [C] The Event is called "Hard Movie Shot". It's quite easy. Is parted by stages. In each stage, you're called to select 7 girls that match the slot requirements (Class, Element, Traits, data). Press "SHOT", pay 1 Koban and collect points by fullfilled slots. The more girls match their slot, the more points you get. You get rewards by completing the Movie (a final score).
  4. 300 points reached without any halt or koban cost. I think I'm lucky. It's a pure roulette wheel. The real matter is: do I really care of the rewards? There are a couple of things near the end, but nothing I cannot obtain elsewhere quickly. As long you don't get locked, is a cheap gashapon that deal less than a PoG (check gems...). If you get locked you have to evaluate the bargain. But again, one refresh a day for a L5 maybe? I got others for free, and no guarantee again. The bad design to me emerge by this fact: did someone kept track of the resources spent to proceed? The whole thing costed me more gems than it deal, more orbs it deal, more EXP it deal... it's a black hole. In the end I'll have less than I had by staying put! It's astounding. Do someone remember my comedy comments about how they devise events? The fact they first devise and then ask people just to feel validated in their creativity urge? Now the only thing they could do is to strip out the event or give us a candy by reducing refresh costs (false relief). It's instead a matter of asking us to devise events directly. Recent facts shown they aren't so special about.
  5. Lately = 50 years. It's "lately" on your community or by the fact you finally accessed hentai universe. Ribon no kishi, 1957, Osamu Tezuka, featured a girl faking his sex and the whole romantic plot suggested a transexual trend. 1997, X-Change, a eroge serie all based on sex change. Just two examples. But if you go DLSite, it's practically full of genderswap. Gender change in eroge is a kinky object. To be honest, it feel to me in the same range of scat or guro, it's very niche and you need a peculiar sexual taste that's not so wide spread. The game suppose "Lep" is my alter ego, and get drilled by male shafts is definitely the ultimate and 100% gay thing. I don't wanna see it, you have GayHarem for that.
  6. You can't beat the original songmaker of this forum. ...It's the start of "H Factor"...
  7. We must reform italian schoolbooks IMMEDIATEDLY O_O. That surely leaded to the myth of latino lovers and a lot of issues.
  8. It's not off, I suppose. I did 5 sequences of 10x battles without a single drop just today. I suspect a larger dataset will show an average: I also did 4 extra 10x battles and collected 60 shards, compensating the whole. Probably is a matter of perception.
  9. Mumble mumble... It look exactly arranged the same to me. Do you play on lower resolution? EDIT: Understood. You do mean that after pressing ENTER you have to move around to click on 1x button, while before they where more aligned. It's annoying for sure, but not as much as the fact you have to press that ENTER button each time for no reason.
  10. I have a way more compact resume panel. Each time I click it, it just say "You suck. Farm more gems". And that's all. My plause to the genius that finally come with a 10x Pantheon button. Now remove the unusefull temple panel and the feature will rock.
  11. CBCC Lyrics: Lepidocter CBCC! I have CumBack I have BossBang Uh Cumbackbossbang I have Club Champ I have Cumpire Uh ClubChampCumpire Cumbackbossbaaaang ClubChampCumpiiiire... Uh! Cumbackclubchampbossbangcumpire! Cumbackclubchampbossbangcumpire! [DANCE TIME] I have a Back Bang I have a Boss Club Uh! BossBackClubBang! I have a Champ Cum I have a Cumpire Uh! ChampCumCumpire BossBackClubBaaaaang ChampCumCumpiiiiire Uh! Cumbackclubchampbossbangcumpire! Cumbackclubchampbossbangcumpire! (Le-lepidocter Lepidocteroooo... Lepid!)
  12. I do like the idea, and as you I'd like to filters cumpires <3... but there's an issue. Coherency. For example, in italian, you have 3 'cumpires' denominations: Cumpire, Vampire, Sborrampire. They misspelled the whole of them. So, I do like the idea, but in the end such filters could turn bad to use, without a proper debug, check and classification (many "cumpire servants" are cumpires themselves but some aren't... how you do classify them? Subclass of cumpires?). EDIT: While in the RPG universe classifying entities by RACE is common, in many other context is *way* better to use the term SPECIE, to avoid woke hooligans to get hyped.
  13. If you still have all contests to claim... count them? 1 each day + three extra CumC each week + 4 Legendary if any. That should be easy to compute at least broadly. Anyway, no reason to save gems, books and ymen, you get no extra points whenever for delaying such harvest, so no risk to miss such stuff.
  14. Well, checking my harem, the only and sole girl that I really want and need this event to drop is Hilda. Orange L5 to complete the set. But I have more than 50 girls waiting. Ok, let's wait for points to stack up, I'll be read-- yyyeeeaaaaAAAARGGGGGGG...
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