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  1. Timing is everything. Keep rewards on hold until, by collecting, you get points in an event. No reason to collect an EXP reward now, if there's a contest that give you leaderboard points too tomorrow. That Mythic Orb can be used when you collect points for playing orbs... and so on. This is the actual (and only) strategy of this game. As a "rule of thumb": don't do something now as long it could give you *two* benefits later. There's nothing more than this at early stage, as you simply progress in the adventure and you don't have complex events to join in. Mistakes aren't serious. Your pa
  2. ERGONOMY AND SCALABILITY AT LAST! This way of managing the thing is *waaaaay* more logical, ergonomic and scalable at will. It's colder (some decor somewhere?) but is smarter. Click on HERO, manage the HERO. Easy. Each part of the HERO his own section. Now, if you want a new class of upgrades, just add the tab. The previous hardcoded interface made any future change unbearable. You have gifts and books for girls. Now you can easily add Skills or whatever else without adding another main core section. The feature lack the waited shard/gem shop. But this GUI allow the implement
  3. Some people like to claim stuff with a strategy (I dunno what in that case, but they do), so probably autoclaiming tier by tier will be not welcome. But is correct to me that at a Card should claim *all* rewards, Boss Bang included, at event expiring. KK lose nothing and is a better incentive to buy one. I second this idea.
  4. @DvDivXXX There's no scheme to artificially make that Club better. I swear XD. You can esily figure it out by the evidence I was accepted. Ad I'm not shining for quality gameplay. The 'whale' you quoted twice he's a funny individual that decide to invest to avoid spending so much time in the game. Surely not to make other people life harder (I think he have some grudge on Gogeta for reasons anyway XD). I met him for long in the Season before he switched to whale mode, and wasn't nothing particular (maybe he won the lottery, who knows). And @holymolly... we don't take him *so* se
  5. Oh your animals do the wrong sound. In italian is MU. A cow do a clear MU. A cow can't do "MEUH", she'll sound not credible and will suffer of depression his entire lasting. Think of other cows joking at her. "Lucinda, what's you sound?" "MMMEUH" "Whahahaha". The cow is so forced to go logopedist. And you know, logopedists for cows are doing big money nowadays. Here we teach cows to do the proper sound since their youth. MU. They grow happy and bigger, doing MU. And when time come, we cut that tongue and we boil it, to serve it in a tasty sandwich (along with green sauce). This could
  6. Behold the mighty power of sniping paranoia!
  7. I don't totally disagree and it was a bit confusing at first (again, this game don't count any ergonomy principle... Green is the color of Blessing!). Anyway, if you do the math, the change in score is very slightly relevant. Techically, you can switch those two girls and your performance will not change. Ideally, you proceed this way: reroll until at least five L5/M are sorted > place them > lock them > try sort others > try match the positions of sorted girls > start to kick ass. In such instance, you already know your best girls. It's more a logical arrangement
  8. Being from Russian Federation can hint you something about. Hard time for our russian friends, online.
  9. @OmerB Those are the hints you're not exactly doing good enough, and obtaining less results than you could. With the same time spent (I play 20 days out of 30 each month). Question: when you should buy a Season Pass by preference? Newbie reply: The first day! So I'll use the rewards to collect the Season girls! It last 30 days ! I want to use them all! Pro reply: the last day, after you finished the Season. So you don't waste all the rewards in the course of that month. The unspent kisses go for the next Season. You can start with 120+ kisses. Do some proper event with them
  10. Not bad at all. I own 42 of them, 27 maxed to 700. Playing since 16 months so far (but very focused on this goal alone, I still own less than 500 girls). I think the difference in number is the amount of Legendary Days/Contests I did in those extra months at early game (3 by LD... 4 LC... some extra event... yeah, it should be). I do like Legendary 5 more than Mythics. As a fun fact, my game goal is to have four maxed L5 by element... and I still miss some XD. I only own 2 White L5. There's a chance I'll miss Elphibia from the League too. So, who know how much Blue and Green aga
  11. "Is just the Pantheon left for me? surround myself around my own fantasies..." You gotta be strong and believe on updates forget all the sadness 'cause coming are the Skills... Coming are the skills... Do you know what is like to be the best of this world? When full maxed out and you're tough and you know no failure? Wake up playing in the middle of the night You hoped it lasted more time it was a short year You started playing as a shitty newbie right? next minute down and you're bored to hell A brand new League is beginning get that booster and clear
  12. I had to say that I didn't figured out yet how to face some of the game events. What I'm supposed to do when 20+ girls are marked as available on the Pachinko? Roll so much to drop them all? My Epic Pachinko already host dozens of girls. And, if you can manage to roll the Pachinko *so much*, where all those orbs come from? I collect everything but they get spent in other events (LC one of it). PoP already maxed, Season Pass active - i collect the things so... what am I missing? So, practically the question is about the whole strategy on pachinko (I never dare to ask
  13. After being sniped two times I grew a bit paranoid. That, and feeling a whale once in a while.
  14. Allora, quando una ragazza arriva a livello 250, puoi "risvegliarla" pagando un costo in gemme del suo colore. Se non lo fai, non puoi aumentare il livello della ragazza. Quando la risvegli, puoi aumentare il suo livello di altri 50 punti prima di doverla risvegliare ancora, pagando un costo sempre maggiore in gemme del suo colore. Ad esempio, per incrementare il livello da 650 a 700 per una Leggendaria, devi prima spendere 1400 gemme del suo colore. Se non lo fai, la ragazza resta bloccataa livello 650 e non può aumentare di livello. L'ultima regola è che per risvegli
  15. Let me guess... you missed a girl for 6 shards, right? I have a proposal. Why you don't try to stash up kobans in advance to win the girl instead? This is a gacha, a roulette wheel dressed as another kind of game. You don't pay to get a prize, you pay to have the chance of rolling that wheel and *eventually* win some prize. If wasn't so, they could easily sell you a girl for a sum of money. They instead sell you chances of winning her - some lose and play again, some win and play again as they win a way to proceed further... and lose later. This is the trick. It's another
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