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  1. CBCC Lyrics: Lepidocter CBCC! I have CumBack I have BossBang Uh Cumbackbossbang I have Club Champ I have Cumpire Uh ClubChampCumpire Cumbackbossbaaaang ClubChampCumpiiiire... Uh! Cumbackclubchampbossbangcumpire! Cumbackclubchampbossbangcumpire! [DANCE TIME] I have a Back Bang I have a Boss Club Uh! BossBackClubBang! I have a Champ Cum I have a Cumpire Uh! ChampCumCumpire BossBackClubBaaaaang ChampCumCumpiiiiire Uh! Cumbackclubchampbossbangcumpire! Cumbackclubchampbossbangcumpire! (Le-lepid
  2. I do like the idea, and as you I'd like to filters cumpires <3... but there's an issue. Coherency. For example, in italian, you have 3 'cumpires' denominations: Cumpire, Vampire, Sborrampire. They misspelled the whole of them. So, I do like the idea, but in the end such filters could turn bad to use, without a proper debug, check and classification (many "cumpire servants" are cumpires themselves but some aren't... how you do classify them? Subclass of cumpires?). EDIT: While in the RPG universe classifying entities by RACE is common, in many other context is *way* better to
  3. If you still have all contests to claim... count them? 1 each day + three extra CumC each week + 4 Legendary if any. That should be easy to compute at least broadly. Anyway, no reason to save gems, books and ymen, you get no extra points whenever for delaying such harvest, so no risk to miss such stuff.
  4. Well, checking my harem, the only and sole girl that I really want and need this event to drop is Hilda. Orange L5 to complete the set. But I have more than 50 girls waiting. Ok, let's wait for points to stack up, I'll be read-- yyyeeeaaaaAAAARGGGGGGG...
  5. When I open stuff on my phone Google try to sell me his IT courses. You now that thing about cookies... installing apps that declare you'll be bombed of promo whatever... the fact you're the only one experiencig this specific ads... yeah, that thing. It's some app or cookie that trigger the ads on your phone.
  6. The extra shots above 15 are considered 'extras' you collect by natural regen if you're not there. You don't own any edge or any flaw compared to those not having a card and following good timing. You can simply skip some hour of gameplay and not missing those natural regen points. So nothing to spend kobans for (the actual 'scammy thing' is you have to pay for them in the refill..). The mindset is to have still a 15 points gauge. If you have 18, 20 or whatever shots, just play the 15x, and use what's left for a faster natural regen up to 15 again or for some extra individual fight.
  7. I have to buy a new brain... but I have an excuse. The button [10x] fights didn't changed in Season, whatever. I own a Gold card and while the gauge stack at 30, the button didn't increase at all, so still 10 fights at once. The misreading is obvious: gauge at 10, 10x fights... that button said to me 'all your gauge' for ages and I thought it would be changed too to 30x. It wasn't. Some point about combativity still there. I want to thank people that had the patience to argue with such a stupid guy as I am (but now you'll agree with my point: is not a freebie...), T
  8. Now, re-read yourself. If having a full gauge will be of any purpose, having a larger gauge will be of any utility. But, as you said, one can ignore and spend from not filled gauges. So what's the purpose? *Anyway* it does have some consequence. And such consequences hit casual players, not @holymolly or all the gotha of this community. Hit people like me. In the Season, I lose 33% of fights by waiting the gauge, so I'll lose *more time* by doing 1 vs 1 fights... or pay the refill. A similar situation will happen to me in Leagues. I didn't got more spare
  9. Uhm... no? I'm the casual player you're quoting. I don't want to bother you, but if you'll do a bit of math, you'll see that having the gauge not fill up in dividends of 24 (8,12...) make the gauges fill up at uncanny hours like 2AM. So, to not lose regen points, I have to check the game at impossible hours that vary day by day. But you told me this is good for casual gamers. And I am one. And I don't care of losing 50 energy points or 10 Combativity of natural regen. Cause... I'm casual. The change, anyway, make my casual gameplay worst, more specifically in Season (33
  10. I can't see any difference. If not for ultraleague competitors.
  11. Try to logout,close browser, clear cache, login.
  12. I have, obviously, a strange bug running. A Mythical Jacket is haunting me since Xmas. Look at it, it seems a normal jacket... If it wasn't for the simple detail I already sold it. Now, the jacket doesn't show up in levelling other items... ...and if I try to level it up, the game says it's noooot theeeereeee... But wanna a scary story? The item can be SOLD AGAIN... ... but if I try for... the game enter a strange freeze mode: no process running, the panel work but the SELL button get zombified. For this and all other ite
  13. Reach for hentaiheroes in your browser. Lift your left finger at a proper height. Let's say 12 cm. Let's call it Position A. Now, slowly, move down you finger. Be carefull, in the trajectory, to have the finger to reach Position B on your device. Position B is the sum of x/y coordinates on your device screen that show up the "BEGIN" button. If you play on a desktop device, keep the hand on the small curvy item on the right side of the table. You'll see a white arrow move on the screen accordingly the movements of the curvy item. Try to coordinate your eyes, the hand and the
  14. This is IGOR the Servant ("I'm AIGORRR! Not Hyghor, I'm AIGORR!") from Frankenstein Junior. Coincidentally, this is how I figure out those people that snipe me everytime in the contests.
  15. And where are you introducing that Dick? ...no, don't tell me. DIgDug was a great game, but I was very very bad on it. You're not *so slow*, and if you like minmaxing, this game is perfect. By time you'll have even more chances to try synchro. max out benefits and spoil advantages. Practically my opposite XD. Anyway, by curiosity, how much Legendary 5 you collected and what XP Level you unlocked? Those are crucial data. Are you also aiming for an early Mythic?
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