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  1. Nuladva is the correct answer here. Hentai Heroes ID: 187104
  2. For a while now I've been trying for a 'Magical Girl' theme, but there's not a lot to go off of with the girls and poses currently out there. https://www.hentaiheroes.com/hero/187104/harem.html Grass background because spending kobans on backgrounds is dumb.
  3. A while back I did 100 single spins of Epic Pachinko. Out of the total 32 legendary equipment I got out of it, none of them where mono for Charm. Great Pachinko is just too expensive for me. I only use my free spins now even since the update.
  4. I'm glad to hear that. I was quite worried for a second. Thank you for your fast reply.
  5. An account named "ptest4" is at the top of the leader board for all-time XP. They are level 400 with 10,097,438 XP, 1,000 mojo, only 10 girls, 0 money spent, and no items equipped. Their ID is 154979. The 1,000 mojo is very interesting. I don't know if this is a side effect of the mojo reset a while back, but if you look around the players with 1,000 mojo, you'll find some very similar accounts. Most are very low level, but they share the same background choice and same avatar choice as ptest4. Does anyone know what's going on here?
  6. I actually thought I might have gotten more then 10. I've been saving since the first anniversary. The first anniversary I had enough for 10 games, but I decided to do singles and got 2 girls in my first 6 games. I'm not trying to persuade you into doing single games, in fact the opposite. Do not do single games, it's not worth the kobans.
  7. I feel your pain Pluslon. I'm also Charm, and out of all 58 of the equipment items, only one of them was full charm. Unfortunately that single item was lower stat then the item I already had on, so literally none of the equipment was useful. At least I have $20+ million now...
  8. I did 100 single spins. I am level 260. Before these gains I was at a harem size of 95. Here are my results. Girls: 6 Legendary Items: 43 Epic Items: 51 Here are the 6 girls and their spin number. Spin 2: Sporty Neomy (Epic Pachinko Only) Spin 16: Princess Tiana (Epic Pachinko Only) Spin 50: Asta (Epic Pachinko Only) Spin 62: Treasure (Epic Pachinko Only) Spin 84: Empress Tsubame (Epic Pachinko Only) Spin 90: Venam (World 10) If you'd like a more complete list of all my spins, see this thread. If my experience is anything to go by, you may wa
  9. Today I will take one for the team and hopefully answer the question of which is better, 1 game Epic Pachinko, or 10 games Epic Pachinko. Each 1 game cost 540 Kobans, and each 10 games costs 5,400 Kobans. Well had 54,000 Kobans saved up. Instead of doing the 10 games and get my 10 girls & 10 legendary gifts guaranteed, I did 100 regular 1 games with no guarantees! *Note, Epic items are the lowest tier item you can get in Epic Pachinko. And here are my results: First 10 Games Game 1: (EPIC) Flowers Game 2: (GIRL) Sporty Neomy Game 3: (LEGENDARY) Super Sexy Sungl
  10. I agree with almost everything you've just said. I had to come to the forums to see if anyone else felt the same and I'm glad I'm not alone. The only part that I really don't relate to is the, "needless anger, rage, frustration, depression, disappointment and disgust." I'm disappointed, sure, but I'm not about to reenact the crucifixion with some devs, even if it is Easter. I absolutely agree that I'm an not at all encouraged to spend money for some Kobans. 4K Kobans is about €30... I'm not about to exchange currency to buy fake currency for a slim chance of getting a "Legendary" gir
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