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  1. They stated their intent for the changes is to make more people participate. This is tied with how leagues are working. Having a lot of high oevel guys you can't beat even with boosters isn't exactly conducive to the stated desire. That's why i proposed a level cap for brackets that is no more than 20 levels.
  2. I'll continue to tank to d2, why? Cause i like to have a fair chance of wining 1st place instead of being flattened each week by players over 30lvls higher than me. If you really wanted to make things more encouraging a level difference cap of 20 would have been a lot better. I couldn't care less for the "exclusive" girls as i've had more than enough FOMO down my throat with Mythic days, Legendary contests and Legendary days. You need to stop with the "never again" bullshit, it's not appreciated by the players even though it might push some more impulsive people on spending bi
  3. She's really beautiful, but her poses are bland and boring, she suffers from the mythic girl syndrome- she's got 6 poses, but all of them are 1 * poses. Just a huge koban sink.
  4. Will look her up, once i fix all 3 poses for Giovanna, which shouldn't take long as her face is used for all 3 with little to no alteration. What issues do you find with her though? Her pose is awkward and her mouth seems a bit too big. Minus Shading ofc, but that would take a bit more effort. Maybe her legs are a tad too short even considering forshortening and well yes they are sitting in unnatural way.
  5. True now that you mentioned, i saw it, i'll look into it too.
  6. Since nobody seems to care about fixing old girls that need some attention, i took it upon myself. Took me a bit more than 2 hours, because i don't have access to the original psd and can't edit it undestructively, meaning some parts had to be redrawn when i shortened and moved her right arm, changed her awkward right leg position, kneecap position and eye position, nose and mouth. On the left is the Original Image, right is the edited version So here you go. PS: I'll provide the psd file if sb on the dev team likes to use it
  7. Ugh more trash waiting for me in the epic pachinko. This is so disappointing.
  8. One star girls are a disappointment. They are NOT easy to get. They can't be part of a season, ToF team, nor be used in champion performances. Simply put - they are USELESS In summary, they fail to fulfill the purpose for which they were released. I'd rather have 2 regullar 5* girls that can be used in Seasons, ToF and champions than 10 useless ones.
  9. Having fully upgraded her and seen all her poses i'll say that she isn't worth neither the mythic tier nor the cost to obtain her. Her default pose is good, as are the affection upgrade scenes. The issue is that all her following poses excluding the last look like default poses, no progression, no getting wilder or nuder there is simply no reward for the massive amounts of affection it requires. It looks like she has 5 - 1star poses and her 6th. A massive disappointment for a the first kh girl. Moreover she's enterely unknown, we could have enjoyed a mythic version of red battler or
  10. Am i the inly one bothered by her t-rex syndrome? Ppl were complaining about Minerva, yet nobody says anything now, so even if she was drawn without arms as long as her boobs arw big it's all fine.
  11. Odessa: first pose needs adjustements, too wide shoulders, too narrow pelvis characteristic for male anatomy and not female. The color scheme is abnoxious, good thing that both problems are solved in her poses Later on. Cleo: too big head, especially in 1st 2nd poses, gives her a loli look - not my thing. Underwhelming last pose, overall nice art, typical anime look - which i like. We need more cat girls in this game, her being one is also a bonus. Atsuki: Lovely cheerful and smiling, in short the best girl this time around. A bit smug looking smiles in later poses which ruins her
  12. Acrobats Fanny and Fione Magician Crystal Fortune Teller Carine Sword Swallower Liu-Yeng Still waiting for an update of the unjustly botched Lovely Cori and Val Neono. HH.com id:126787
  13. Got 10 shards with my free tries, good luck to the sucker stuck at 90 shards because of me lol... 🤣 Mythic days is a rip off, a poorly executed one at that. The incredibly low shard drop rate is enough to raise the price to over 15k, the funny part is that by bringing in the limited amount of shards they are shooting themselves in the foot, because even if somebody was willing to shell a buck to get an overpriced combativity bundle, they can't use it because the shards are distributed only once per 8 hours.
  14. Who is Pearl and who is Isabell and who are Uma and Scarlet? It's never explained clearly.
  15. MB, didn't know there was a different bracket for ppl that have the girl.
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