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  1. 🔥 Heroes! 🔥 Due to the end of year vacations, I will be away from December 10th and back on January 4th. 🎄 💝 For any urgent questions, please contact our dear Forum moderators! 💝
  2. Please send us a ticket explaining the issue so we can check 🍑
  3. Hello, @bingbang Your HH account has been reviewed and unbanned by our Customer Support. You can now access it again. Certain activities associated with your account, though, are just short of cheating. A permanent ban will be applied to the account for the game where cheating has been identified if we detect any further activities of this kind. Please note that in cases of cheating, players are banned from the game where cheating was detected.
  4. Hello @DuDeLoK 🌻 If the club leader has been inactive for more than 50 days, please open a ticket with support explaining the situation. Hold a vote in the Club chat by asking members to write the username of the person they want the leadership role to go to and take a screenshot to also send to support. To open a support ticket: Main Menu -> Settings -> Support -> Create a new ticket.
  5. The issue should now be resolved ❣️
  6. @SageMage To leave a club, go to your club and access the Members page. Then, once you've found your profile in the list of club members, click on the three dots to the right of the number of contributions and then on "Leave Club". 🌞 It's important to note that you'll be able to join a new club after waiting for 24 hours. ⏳ If you leave a club, you will not get back the money that you may have invested into improving the club. ❣️
  7. The team is investigating this issue. Once it's resolved, I'll share it here 🌻
  8. @lepidocter I've added some details to the article about the equipment. I'll share the part of the article about rewards and when they'll start appearing for you: Seasons (starting in December): Included in the rewards on Tiers 39 and 63 as both free and pass rewards. The reward on Tier 34 is now boosted with the tickets that were on tier 39. Hope this helps 🌻
  9. We received a lot of feedback from players asking us to move the release so Mythic Equipment will be released tomorrow (Nov. 24th) for all games. 🍑
  10. @Gotaku Yes, the new Mythic Equipment will be available on all games (HH, GH, CxH, PsH) ☺️
  11. @DvDivXXXThe team is aware of the issue and investigating it 🌻 I'll be updating this article on Thursday with more info 😊
  12. @Antonym Indeed, to further what @bolitho76 has kindly explained, it means that if you're trying to level up a piece of ME to another level and there is an amount of leftover "material", it will not be recredited to your inventory. Instead, it will be lost. Your entire equipment inventory of 500 items will not be lost. 😄 As a more practical example: To improve a ME item from level 2 to level 3, you need: 23 “material”, 1M money If you use 6 legendary items, each worth 4 material, you'll be using a total 24 materials and will lose 1. I hope this clarifies
  13. Mon curieux Wildman, Nous savons que tu as beaucoup de questions et que tu veux toujours être au courant de tout ce qui se passe. C'est pourquoi nous t'invitons à une séance de questions-réponses avec le génie fou de notre équipe de conception de jeux - Generalisimus. 👉 La séance aura lieu le 24 novembre à 18h00 UTC+1 sur notre serveur Discord. La session de questions-réponses se déroulera par écrit et en anglais, afin que chacun puisse participer et poser toutes les questions d'artiste, de geek ou de designer qu'il souhaite. N'oubliez p
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