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  1. Yes I have. Maybe not all of them, but I found inconsistencies which makes me disbelieved those I read. That, added (maybe) to my poor english skills and (I'm sure of it) to my attempt of not attacking people when I don't need to, is probably what surprises you (or maybe shock you, it would explain to me your agressivity). I was told a forum is a place where things can be discussed, and if you are alone with your point of view that's not a problem. But it seems on this forum it is however a problem. Here you are forced to follow the one who speaks before. That's boring, bye.
  2. It's a good idea to add an classic event's girl on a classic champion. The club champion will be a bit harder but that's ok, on the principle. And contrary to pachinko, you choose the girl you want, that's very motivating. Adding a feature to the game who ask for tickets when they are so rare is questionable but if there's something to gain, it could be interesting, and players will choose between the two uses for tickets. I tried one time and failed. If I was lucky I would have get 20 shards, and that's right I have less than 20 shards on the event girl I try to get on a villain, after one day. But villains are never down for 24 jours after a fight (9 days that's long, but if all stops during minimum 5 of these 9 days, that's short), nor are they using rare resources, nor are they becoming harder with the number of fights, nor are they giving shards only at the beginning of a fight. For all these reasons, I believe saying there's an event girl obtainable on a champion is only true in theory. That's not harder than pachinko, that's near the same (orbs are rarer than tickets, and have no other use than pachinko, it's the only differences). When I had the club champions girls and if the classic event girl who's on the champion interest me, I would try again. Before that, it's too expensive and risky (less than pachinko but far more than villains).
  3. Kaitana


    Of course, that's not an emergency. And if it's impossible, too bad.
  4. Kaitana


    For long, when we click on 'unread content' in this forum, everything we had not read yet will be displayed. That's logical, but is it possible to add the name of the game in the title of the displayed threads ? Or not giving the exact same name to multiple forums ? When the langage is different it's easy to know where you are, but if not, you could be in the forum of three games without knowing. These three games are different (maybe the core mechanics is the same, but the existing features are not), sometimes you even don't play the game and have pretty nothing to answer. I think it would be good to identify where you are when you have followed this link. And, second, I don't know if it's relative to browsers, but on this page (unread content) the words are not in the correct order. It says something like 'subject answered to a [writer A] from [writer B]'. The meaning is understandable, but not at the beginning.
  5. I guess it's 'do it yourself'. Counter attack bonuses are not very frequent, as far as I know. They are only indications on who you should fight now and who you should not without changing team.
  6. Thank you. Should'nt it be in the in game news inbox too ? If it's not in game, few will see it.
  7. Where can the patch week 52 be seen ? I only saw in game today the announce of a new world, with weresquids.
  8. Consider upgrading the affection too, not only the experience. 1 added star gives 30% to the girls stats (at the beginning you can skip affection, but very soon you can no more, 30% in stats is impossible to reach with experience after some levels). Giving experience to your girls will strenghten them, but without affection you will loose most of your fights, even with higher level girls. A better affection means better income too, and for books (for experience) and gifts (for affection) it's very useful.
  9. D'un autre côté le moment est mal choisi pour communiquer avec le support technique, le dernier patch note avertissait de la faible joignabilité de l'équipe pendant les fêtes. En cas d'urgence il faut contacter Margrat sur Discord, mais est-ce une urgence ?
  10. If you have two sets of three girls of different elements in the same team (for example three dominatrix and three physical) your team has two elements (here dominatrix and physical), not one. In this case you have two bonuses, and two maluses, one given by each element. A element is given to a team with three or more girls from this element in the team. Three or six, that's the same for the element attribution and the bonus/malus it gives.
  11. Kaitana


    I agree, some girls are not attractive. Sometimes you want the girl, but sometimes it's pure random (pachinko and villains) and you don't choose. It would be great to be able to exchange girls (and shards of girls) you don't want with something else: gifts, books, gems, maybe gold, or even shards for the girls you want.
  12. Thank you, you made me understand I counted the same girls two times... Not easy to know who has the good level without a filter intended to do so. And I agree the average player is not real, the average being the closest point between different stages/practices. This sort of thread allows only to have (partial) elements on how far you are from the average, but you will never be "the" average. You are probably right too on most of the players who post on the forum are already exceptions. See who's coming here in your club, and you'll have an idea, even a partial one. To that you can add the numbers of names you see in daily contests and never here. Very casual players, I don't know, however, and I would be surprised (why not?) if it was the case. Most of the features only offers long-time rewards, especially the 5 stars legendary girls (whether in league, club, champions or pantheon, it takes time and often kobans), mythic girls, and even something like poa, who stays an entire month, or like daily missions, who are impossible to finish without multiple connections and a certain time of play each day.
  13. I'm not the average player : six months of play, no interest for mythics, pachinko, secondary quests and dicktator leagues (it's even repulsive for me, because I'm not a competitor and I have the feeling there's nothing to gain, and everything to loose, in competitive leagues), picking only the girls I like and the 5 stars legendaries, spending kobans if necessary but never paying real money, and little interest for the main quest. But with more datas it's possible to reach an artificial but interesting view on this average player. I have 46 girls 5 stars level 400 (11 legendaries, and 35 commons), in 4 girls I could reach level 450. 3 stars and 1 star are left behind and I had no problem finding the gems I need. What I need now, that's books, not gems. And I more or less have the necessary books too, for now, so what could make me faster in building high level teams is only spending more time. I have 3500 to 6000 gems (depending on the color), probably one day I will need them but not now. No need to make plans for upgrade, when a girl is maxed I begin to max the next one (with fewer girls than other players, resources are never a problem, so I chose the easy way).
  14. C'est vrai, pour améliorer les filles rien n'est fait actuellement. C'est ça (des filtres permettant de cibler les filles à améliorer, vu que la moitié des trucs utiles est dans le harem trop long à charger, et l'autres dans les équipes sans lien avec le marché) qu'il serait utile de rajouter dans le marché, pas un bouton "tout acheter" comme demandé pourtant par certains joueurs (et évoqué par Kinkoid dans le dernier sondage, donc un peu pris au serieux, alors que l'utilité de ce gadget serait au mieux faible). Tout ce qu'il est possible d'espérer c'est que Kinkoid d'une part n'écoute pas trop ceux des joueurs les plus anciens qui ne connaissent du jeu que ce qu'ils voient depuis x temps, et veulent n'améliorer que ca sans regarder ce qui est le plus utile même pour eux. Et d'autre part qu'il pense à ce qui aurait un intérêt pour tous les joueurs (tous, assis sur un tas de 3000 objets ou pas, doivent améliorer leurs filles, et, avec les gemmes, ameliorer une fille ou celle d'à coté n'a plus du tout le même intérêt). Pour ne pas écouter les joueurs qui crient le plus fort Kinkoid est plutôt bon, pour penser à ce qui a le plus d'intérêt on va bien voir s'il l'est aussi. On peut helas craindre qu'il laisse son système inachevé pour aller développer autre chose ailleurs, et qu'améliorer les filles reste de la gymnastique.
  15. I understand the lack of ymens could be annoying. But if you have more girls, you have more income. So how could it be useful to stop, when you just can increase your income, that I don't understand. And if something changes, how could you know if you're not here to see ? If you feel it's better for you, you're the one who knows.
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