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  1. Hi, honestly i'm a bit of awhale in the game who has been playing this game since the very beginning. Naturally i have gained some strenth, but just as Oliver was saying there are some functionality of the event you need to follow, but as well it has ciat me a lot of Kobans to get my collection, but i don't have all of them because after count 7 it's not so important to have much more of them. Fron team perapective sometimes Legendary guys are even stronger than Mytical ones and with some blessings even less powerful guys may get stronger than them. So i would say they are well made guys who m
  2. Not that i have noticed it. But what i have noticed is that in Daiy Missions if Daily Action are done, the Missions are not being updayed until the screen ia closed and opened again. So maybe there is something similar. As well, try using desktop and mobile versions. Not sure why but in desktop view harem may not be sorted by recruitment date, while in mobile there is no such issue.
  3. The sort and filtering screen is a bit messy, but at thr same time it already got a bit better. Meanwhile, i must say i pretry rarely use all those filters of blessings like eyes, hair, etc. But what would be very useful is really those ascending abd descending options, but as for Grade it still would be very messy. I believe the easiest way to find non fully updated guys would be having a sort if filters like "1 star missing", "2 stars missing" etc. Otherway it's very hard to find guys that are not fully evolved. As well sorting by level may not always help, while some granular filt
  4. Hi, actually i think i had a similar issue and this simply may mean that Kinkoid is blocked from your bank. I even got in touch with my bank and asked what's the matter and thry simply told thay unfortunayely Pheonix is not a trustful site and thus is blocked. Unfortunayely Pheonix is ignoring complaints as well and simply suggesting using card from other bank. However i also got some similar issue while using one airport wifi and the site was blocked because they are not using secure enough protocols. So again, i love the game, but sometimes support and developers seem to be very arrogan
  5. Honestly these Panteon walls seems a bit boring. Of course it wouldn't be fun either if it's too easily as with Chempions. But then again, this is so hard thay loking what you get for the effort doesn't seem worth it. Like it's only 5 star legendary guy so what's the point of fighting for it so much if there are so many other options to get other 5 star guys. Besides for the last 2 the art is not so outstanding as usually for Mythic guys. So again, i'm just breathing deep and once there will be some luck for me i'll get it then.
  6. As a dinosaur of this game with 850 guys now and 500 level at first i found this also very frustrating, but then again, not sure anybody has really reached the limit. Meaning thay it may take some time to get whole harem on such high level and so increase the strength. So even though the player might be level 500 thsi doesn't mean the harem is on it's full.potential to get the highest panteon level. I easily got the 1st guy and with a bit of challenge got also the second guym but the 3rd doesn't seem to be reachable for me just yet. But at the same time this is quite a good goal not to g
  7. The guy is nice, but hope this is one time thing. I was hoping for Mythic revival, but oh well... at least may save some kobas for the next month.
  8. Actually this is not a bad idea and this could also fit into story of the HH version besides there is already some version of him with that deamon fruit form. So actually this wouldn't require to have it too far in the story. Besides GH version of the MC is already way mire musculine and muscular than in HH version, which is quite good, but there definately could be even more improvements.
  9. Cool, those are great news. I suppose the game is getting to the border where regular story events might be already enough, so there might be need for new options, however even being a player since the beginning there are still so many guys to get from events. Like in these orgy days i still have 19 guys to get.
  10. Now the proplem is fully solved. But it really was very unfortunate. Not every player looks into forum and cannot know possible workarounds and then they just may quit or just simply don't play the game so much.
  11. It really works on desktop site mode for GH as well. But mobile version needs to be fixed for sure still.
  12. As well now noticed that prizes are are back visually but description and buttons are not there still at least not in GH. So they still have not fixed it properly.
  13. It really does. And it's more frustrating when you try to evolve your harem. I guess they should apply some contextual filters. Like for example, there should be some default filter that you apply for harem as whole, then there might ne some temporary filter that you get when you are accessing it from Market and there could be filter for one character only.
  14. I agree to Dzanki, that actually in team view it's not so bad as the guys/girls are already ranked. However just a side topick is that evolving harem is still a great pain in thr ass beacause harem loads so slowly. I believe even there there the filtering options could be improved and evem more, including some sort of sticky filters, that is - if you have filtered somerhing out there. Then keep it for the next time you open it which may improve the opening tine there. However not sure how that may help with evolvment activities, but maybe then there might be a filter that only opens
  15. This is already a well known issue and like 3 times in this forum there have been discussions. The cause is someting like having too many requests from the one IP, so the IP is temporary blocked. Suggestion here is to wait an hour or so, or the quickest way i found the best is just switching to another network. Like if you are on Wifi, then start using mobile network or vice versa just to log in from.another IP. However this is really unpleasant thing and Kinkoid should think of imoroving the security rules. Or at least better explain this error to players.
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