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  1. Sometimes it feels as if there are different odds when there are parallel events. But honestly i have had bad luck days too. That is just a part if game randomness. There have been discussions that maybe at some point there should be some garranteed gifts like at least some shard after 20 fights. But for now it is how it is. The same is with Pachinkos. If i feel like not getting anything, i just try to accept that that is not my lucky day and save some for another one.
  2. I understand the urge for some other versions, howwver createors are making business here, so as much as there are payable custimers they may invest in such games. I give kudos to Kinkoid for creating such version and it has been my entertainment for years. But let's be honest. Gay version is more or less 5-10 times less potential customers. So it all depends on how much we pay for it. And of course it woukd be great havibg GH as less rebrqnded HH version and actually in Digisekai there are already some things that are different while keeping the overall game mechanics. Meanwhile GH is really behind the HH version in the story, so again only payable players may affect that Kinkoid may invest in more artists and buiod something a bit different for GH version or a new game even.
  3. All Mythics are more or less a long term investment. It always depends on blessings, so at this week there are like only one ir two mythical in my team, while rest are 5* legendary. If there are good blessing then even other seemingly less varuable guys may be good for the team. Besides upgrading myticals are pretty expensive. So my suggestion is to take the ones you like and may afford.
  4. Unfortunately this is really nasty thing and thay is up to Kinkoid to get it fixed. I had in contact with my bank and simply from their side Kinkoid is recognized as potentially fraudulent merchant, so it's blocked and they won't unblock it just because i ask. As far as i understood, Kinkoid itself has not configured something correctly and simply end up in these blacklists, but saying that they have a problemm they simply say to talk to bank again. So i would say Kinkoid now shoot in their own feet not doing their homework and missing many payments they could get, because banks are just foļowing their own rule, but Kinkoind should be interested to make these payments work. For me easier it was getting some new virtual card with less strict rules, but honestly game itself should deal with it instead.
  5. As far as i know yes, you may not get any new opponent, ao there is never good idea to rush leagues. But are you sure there are no option in the goal to challenge guys in seasons?
  6. Oh, this is so unfortunate. Not sure whether there might be aything we can do here. But it was told that developers are reading articles here. So fingers crossed you get your account back. I'm also a long time players since the very beginning so i may understand your loss. Other way i woukd say they have lost quite valuable players who mist probably won't be coming back. But honestly there should be some sort of double checking whether player is cheating or not. First it would be nice just giving a warning and for player to be able to appeal. Maybe if someone is doing any cheats, but like across the globe suddenly, then it should be indicated as some sort of mistake. But then as well there must be some other security fetures implemented so there are no misunderstandings. At least this communication with a player may help.
  7. You need to upgrade more than level 250 and every next 50 levels by using gems to overcome the level cap.
  8. From two previous events what i have learned is that you may quite well get the first guy and either with planning or extra event cards get the second guy, but the third and fourth guy is simply nit possibke without spending real money. And in this context i would say it's not worth it. If ine can get mythical gut for some 10k kobans, and here you just get 5* legendary ones, then the math is simple. In my case, not worth to invest.
  9. I absolutely support this idea, because basically this us one of the game currencies, but not represented in very visible way. What i have seen from some screenshots, some other players are using some sort of scripts to show this info, so i suppose it shouldn't be hard, just developers need to implement it in the game.
  10. Just remember that the Bang event that starts tomorrow won't collect anything automatically. It's a dumb design but basically that is the only event that doesn't support autocollect. That way i missed collexting last shards for one guy once and in the bang it's alwats 5 star legendary so that was very unfortunate.
  11. For now it seems not, so better be cateful with that. But the good thing ia that maximum time for regular boosters is 1 day. However mytic boosters remain until they are used fully.
  12. Hi, Sell all button doesn't make sense from the gameplay perspective. First if all because Selling is part of Contests and Path goals, so there is no use of selling everything. Secondly you then lack provisining of what you are actually selling. Actually now it's quite nice also on mobile to select and item and start selling items further in the row. So, you may keep legendary items to check whether thry are useful while still be able to sell less valuable items faster.
  13. Just wanted to give kudos to artists regarding the side quest with Spencer where finally in the story the main Character is bottom. Basically the roles are upside down comparing to HH version, so this was a pleasant surprise seeingbsime changes in the story.
  14. I may not agree. Sure we need to switch our thinking a bit, but the new upgrade is amazing. Just remember that now everything is done in Harem page. Need to uograde latest guys, use the filter the show rexlcently gained at the top, use filters to find everything that you need and do the thing right there. Now market page is only for buying goods and upading profile in general, but not on guy/girl level. The couple of things that may be improved are: 1) now boosters are harder to see and thry might be brought in front of the page, to clearer see the expired boosters. 2) i received some performace issue claim for max out option from one of my club members. So maybe there is a thing to still improve.
  15. Yes. You are right, now it is a bit difficult to deal with champions. Of course just like NYPup2teain said you just need to out it in the correct sport, and it might be quite easy to multiply by 2, but in reality this is quite confusing and messy, that one need to switch to team selection and then go back to out them in the correct spot and if there is a new potentially advanced guy the same needs to be done again switching back and forth. So the idea is still good just the numbers could be shown for potentially blessed guys like in second row with smaller nunbers or somethibg si it's easier to compare.
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