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  1. Yeah, it's actually weird to be disappointed at one-hit victories against the Champion. Conserve the tickets? That's nice. Waiting 24 hours to go again? That sucks. Daily contest that yields points based on the number of Champion performances you do? One per day, not much help, lol.
  2. I don't claim to know how long it takes for the game to refresh what team and stats you opponents see after you switch teams, but it can't be that long. After all, as I said, I've seen other players with their 1-star girl teams - Oh, hey look it's Kenrae, *cough* Exhibit A *cough* - so it must do so eventually. Last night I finished up losing 3 fights in a row, each time a selection of whales or boosters, but needed to get kisses down low enough while I went to sleep. Wake up the next morning, lost my first fight which was a hold over the from previous evening, then won 8 of the
  3. I'll reiterate here something I've shared before, my method of avoiding getting stuck in whale-only territory. Personally I'd say there's two additional rules for Seasons: 3. You can only lose Mojo if you attack someone and they beat you... if they attack you and you lose, your Mojo is unchanged. 4. There's no reward for being ranked higher in Seasons, all that matters is reaching the important tiers. So following these rules you might reason out some other alternatives. When you are NOT using kisses by fighting other players, the hours while you wait for the kisses to
  4. DudeManGuy


    Even if they just made it so that instead of a random 1-star girl's 10-shards that you could use like a draft pachinko: use them get offered 3 different 1-star girls you could apply those 10 shards to. That way you could at least focus on getting a 1-star girl finished with combat-yielded frags. What is it, 6 or 7 months of the game now and I still haven't brought any 1-star girl to 100 shards from combat drops, I have 3 at 60 shards... I used to have 4 but a 10 orb Great Game yielded her and so the surplus 60 shards got turned into affection items. Don't get me wrong, 60 time 130 affecti
  5. 4th Star - 22,500 affection 5th Star - 45,000 affection Purchasing affection items in the market runs ~$417 per affection point. So that's $28,147,500 just to buy the affection to get the stars filled. Then there's the actual upgrade costs: 4th Star - $9,000,000 5th Star - $18,000,000 That tacked on makes upgrading just the 4th and 5th stars $55,147,500. Add that to the $14,338,350 needed for the first 3 stars and it comes to a grand total of $69,485,850 to upgrade Scarlet Bride to 5 full stars. Thankfully between the $30 mil I had squirreled away and the $4
  6. A few weeks of being given the proverbial middle finger by the RNG - dropping a boatload of saved orbs to come in 1st in a daily contest for them and getting zero girls, having to buy a bundle AND spend kobans to get both Krampus and Jingle from the Classic event - and suddenly I'm not mad at all... for the second time ever, a 100 shard drop and it's for a five star girl. Good luck to all the rest of you, she'll be a kickass addition to your combat teams and the artwork on her is seriously fiiiine.
  7. CxH is actually more recent, less than 6 months old. HxH just had its 5th anniversary not so long ago. CxH and HxH mostly use the same game engine and algorithms. The ease of obtaining cash for advancement in HxH is to facilitate new players with the ability to catch up some ground on players who've been playing for years. With CxH that's not really necessary, since the game has been out for so little time. Progressively more features of HxH have been mirrored into CxH since the later emerged from beta. Eventually there probably will be Champions, Places of
  8. My problem is unexpectedly poor drops of shards. Usually I have little trouble getting both Villain girls just from natural combativity regen during the course of the event. In the first 5 days I managed only to get Jingle to 68 shards. On the 6th AND the 7th I got 2 Jingle shards each day, period. I admit my combativity hit full twice in those five days, thanks to work/sleep timing, but I couldn't have lost more than 6 or 7 fights worth. I ended up buying a bundle with 120 combativity in it and even with that I've only JUST unlocked Krampus today, with 17 hours left o
  9. Okay, thanks! Also: Okay, ouch. The RNG did NOT like me yesterday. And yes, there was one girl on offer in Mythic. Finally... The casino always wins because a sucker like me will always come back, lol.
  10. I'm sure someone has done the math - here or over at HxH - if the statistics are in fact the same, or not. Just curious to know, 'cause I can't imagine why anyone would BUY orbs given what I just experienced. I don't mean to sound like a whiny b****, but... I came 1st in a contest literally about using orbs in the Night Club. That was something like 30 10xGreat Orbs, 35 1xMythic Orbs and 20 1xEpic Orbs. And I didn't manage to get a single girl out of the entire lot. Nada. Is this just me really getting bad luck... or is this legitimately the way the odd
  11. Mmmmm, tha's niiiice. If some Dev could just put that in on my in-game profile, right alongside my Tower bracket rankings?
  12. Right now it's actually better to come 26th or lower in contest rankings, get $7,920 and a combativity redeemable for at least $10,500 (or a Green Orb, Gems, 10 frags of a 1-star girl) from maxed out Athicus Ho'ole, totaling $18,420, than it is to rank between 11th and 25th and just get $15,900 and no combativity at all.
  13. It might just be that somewhere in the back-end is a timer or clock that hasn't been corrected -or was rolled back during the Great Rollback - since/before Daylight Savings kicked in.
  14. The opponents aren't selected based on their stats vs yours, unfortunately. I mean it would be nice if you didn't get served 3 opponents, everyone of them hopped up on boosters. They're all within a hundred or so Mojo of your score. The ratio of those weaker than you to those stronger than you varies accordingly. Keep winning time after time, raising your Mojo and you are likely to climb to the same level as stronger players who likewise had many easy wins, therefore higher Mojo. But yes, I agree that I find it likely that this Awakening update will create some mega-powerful su
  15. Yeah, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the new gem thing and its so late at night I haven't the brain power to devote to it. Not going to go using them - or the freebie girl XP - until I know the right strategy for it.
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