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  1. This is not a complaint. Some time not so long ago, we were informed that the strength of the Champions had been adjusted. Today, I tried to combat Alban in Sky Harbour. Despite managing to line up two mythical guys and three 5-star legendary guys all at level 700, the Champion consistently wins at the second round. Looking at the winning points, this implies that I will need to play the game 120 times before winning. Really? Are the developers expecting us to sit and play 120 or more times to combat a champion when reaching a certain level? That is stupid.
  2. Having spent some 20K kobans to catch one guy in Event Pachinko without any success, I am wondering whether it is possible at all to win in this part of the game. It would be great to hear from the developers and players about how this part of the game works. To me it simply looks like a con event.
  3. I just tried to use the combativity credits I had won in Path of Valour, however I note that they were not added to the balance of combativities I already had. Can the combativity rewards in Path of Valuor only be used if my combativity is less than 20?
  4. I see that what looks like condoms are offered in the bundles. How are these used in this gayharem?
  5. So do not despair, your winning chances will be getting worse the longer you play this game...
  6. My winnings in club champions dropped 25% since yesterday. I guess the rest of the club members have noticed the same as me, since there are only two more members still playing to win the two paltry shards on offer. This is no longer worth it. Might as well save my tickets til the day when the game once again gives some reasonable winning chances.
  7. Lets see what happens with the shards winnings in Club Champions. Did they also change the difficulty in Club Champions? Despite having upgraded my team to higher levels, the impression I can achieve in each game seems to have decreased to a tenth or less compared to before they made the changes.
  8. Does anyone know what the extra reward is when collecting all the boys in similar events as the current Lustful Valentine? (Mod Edit: Adding a screenshot for better clarity)
  9. Your example is based on some assumptions that seems to be hard to find. Most clubs I have joined recently seem to have at best some 10 to 15 active members. In my current club, I constantly receive 2 shards no matter how many times I play. That means a total of 50 games in order to beat the champion. I am getting more and more convinced that your developers do not like that people win in this game.
  10. I experience the same as mentioned by Kaidun. You need to log out in order to update the timer in Daily Goals.
  11. I figures out how to read your spoiler, however, I have no idea what you are talking about. How does this relate to Pantheons Stairway?
  12. Thanks for the instructions on where to see the strength of the opponent in Pantheons Stairway. I note that the opponent now has a team of mythic guys and a strength that is far away from where I am or will reach in the foreseeable future, see the attached screenshot. Does this mean that there is no longer any point in playing this part of the game?
  13. I have started loosing in the battles in the Pantheon. How do I see my strength in the Pantheon? Is it based on a team? How can I assess the strength of my opponent?
  14. I am curious to know where you find these redeem codes. I am looking around but don't spot any.
  15. Before they reduced the rewards received for selling legendary equipment, I stopped playing the "sex benefactor" contest. With the reduced value of legendary equipment, it is too hard to regenerate money. What I now get from playing the game is used for upgrading guys in the harem.
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