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  1. Hola, yo hablo español pero traducire todo el texto a el ingles Hello, I speak Spanish but I will translate all the text into English El tema del que voy a hablar es: El nivel de las chicas The topic I am going to talk about is: The level of the girls 1. ¿Para que sirve subir de nivel a las chicas del Harem? 1. What is the use of leveling up the Harem girls? 2. ¿Cuales son las 3 chicas de cada rareza que necesitan menos experiencia para poder subirlas de nivel mas rapido que las demas? 2. What are the 3 girls of each rarity that need less experience to be able to lev
  2. Oh, okey, okey, thanks you, mmm... So it should be fixed between now and tomorrow, let's hope
  3. For a couple of days now I can't face NPCs or real people because Hentai Heroes tells me: "Oh my God! There is a problem here. I will report them to my little freaks and they will fix it. sorry! ". This began to happen to me when I faced the Dark Lord and I am currently in the Ninja Village, I clarify that I did not fix it, when it began I had already passed the Castle and faced it before entering scenes of history. When I was researching on the internet, the same thing happened to someone, only they did not respond because they did not write in the language of the forum, I am using a tran
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