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  1. Well… not playing this game anymore saves me a lot of money. I give them 3 days. If this patch is not unpatched by than, I am out as well.
  2. It‘s reduced 90%???? I have kept a lot of equip as well as pachinko balls in my inventory for the next big event. I feel cheated!!! I lost roughly about 100m in Money just like that!!! at least give us some notice! This sucks!!! what did you think when doing so? i found it actually balanced the way it was before. Maybe I could not buy all the Girl Upgrades, but at least I was getting somewhere. Without selling equipment, I can not see that happening. I wanna mention, that I I‘ve spent quite some money on your game as well.
  3. What does it mean, they will be disabled until further notice? Should I really use them now on low lvl girls, so I make use of them? Or can I hold them until they will be enabled again? What would you suggest?
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