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  1. na caixa postal no canto inferior direito do jogo! o codigo foi pq rolou um bug ai teve q voltar 12 horas do jogo! o código tá lá ( KinkoidIsSorry )
  2. 😕 😕, sorry ! it wasn't completely my fault but i found out in another complain report here that the problem was in the letter i ( "I" in the case ) it wasn't a L ( "l") but it wasn't completely my fault cause the letter together make me understand "dls" in the place of "is"!
  3. hello everyone, i have try to redeem the KinkoidlsSorry code that was released because of the bug situation, but every time it says that the code doesn't exist, i did copy and paste directly from the news inbox so its correctly, ( took a printe screen and use the Google lents to selec the word, then copy and paste on the redeem section on config in the game )
  4. i love gaps! and we barely see any in the game! like a really wrecked ass it's missing in the game! 🤔
  5. Ola jogadores brasileiros, vamos discutir sobre tudo em português BR porque a gente merece ! dicas de como administrar o harem, onde conseguir e como gastar os kobans, elogiar ou críticar algo do jogo, falar sobre os eventos, ou simplesmente conhecer os outros jogadores brasileiros do jogo <3
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