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  1. I'm sorry, I overreacted. English is not my mother tongue and I thought the term 'guys' is universal and can mean both boys and girls. Please delete the whole topic.
  2. I play both, though GH is my main, so I completely don't understand your steps and why did you move the topic here, especially because nothing in GH can be added before having been added in HH first. Discrimination even here. Anyway thanks for killing new ideas as always. Kinkoid should return the pre-alpha version of the game - everyone would be content then.
  3. Almost everyone likes collecting things, perhaps a good and fresh idea would be to introduce pets which could be collected just like harem guys - pets are a popular feature in almost all online mmo. Such pets could be a good buffers, offering a few % buff strength for fighting. They could look like some cute monster with certain body parts exposed and exaggerated for fun and they could be pinned to a heroe in the character screen or a better idea to a harem guy in the team selection screen. What do you think about this idea?
  4. Currently we have many AI platforms which can draw for us anything we wish, almost for free, in excellent quality. Can this be used to support Kinkoid drawing artists and make things faster and cheaper? Perhaps with this we could count on Gay Comix Harem?
  5. This should have been done long time ago, it's a must have, and has been suggested many times. I have the impression they stopped making improvements recently...
  6. Writing to express my thanks for this event and ask for continuation, maybe a series of Super-Powers events. We badly need more Marvel/DC superheroes parodies, and since you categorically refused creating Gay/Bi Comix Harem as well as integrating Superheroes in the HH/GH plot, such event line is the only way you can fill up the huge gape in players needs. Also special thanks for bringing Body Hack, the first Comix Harem villain, into GH in form of Body Shag. I dreamt of him since the start of CxH. Hoping for a legendary alt of Body Shag one day.
  7. This would be absolutely amazing, unlike the bot messenger they introduced in HH. Please allow us players to communicate and let us experience it is an online game!!!
  8. Wow, that's a really great news, I can't wait to see it. What will be the number of this Zodiac Knights world? How far after Archipelago is it?
  9. Hello, what about making a new event type, Stroking, some sort of a klicker game? On each event occurence you present us with cocks of various harem guys and a hand, maybe some additional toys controlled by mouse/finger on mobile, and players click, do some combo slides to make the cock rise and then explode. Alternatively this would be a good method of rising a guy's attraction for leveling it's grade. This would be perfect too for stroking girls in HH PS. In overal, each guy from the Harem should have a (interactive) photo of his cock(pussy), that we could play with.
  10. Perhaps they are afraid ppl would give up japanese styled GH and switch to western styled ComixHarem. I'm wondering how is ComixHarem growing compering to HentaiHeroes in number of players. Does anyone have fresh data?
  11. I'm almost at the finish too. Agree with you 100%. The plot and the guys from that chapter really suck. I don't even read the story, just click further and further, hoping for a quick end of this chapter. So far Plains of Rituals with Edernas was most interesting for me.
  12. It would be perfect if they release it even with only 1 scene from the 1st chapter ready. Can't keep waiting ... (Gay Comix Harem would be better though)
  13. Thanks for this info. My enthusiams about this title is cooled down now. I expected something more original, not another reskin like CxH. Also no male version of CxH is in plans, so no chances for male version of this new reskin. Topic closed.
  14. Pornstar Harem - I'm so curious about it!! Will there be a male version, or ability to collect stars of both sexes?? Any estimated release date??
  15. Personally I go for quality not quantity. There are many events when all guys (or rather girlboys) are extremely ugly, so I just don't participate in these events. The more guys are there in the Harem the more difficult it is to manage them. I wish my Harem could only consist of the guys which I like, and the rest I just could delete or exchange for others.
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