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  1. Perhaps they are afraid ppl would give up japanese styled GH and switch to western styled ComixHarem. I'm wondering how is ComixHarem growing compering to HentaiHeroes in number of players. Does anyone have fresh data?
  2. I'm almost at the finish too. Agree with you 100%. The plot and the guys from that chapter really suck. I don't even read the story, just click further and further, hoping for a quick end of this chapter. So far Plains of Rituals with Edernas was most interesting for me.
  3. It would be perfect if they release it even with only 1 scene from the 1st chapter ready. Can't keep waiting ... (Gay Comix Harem would be better though)
  4. Thanks for this info. My enthusiams about this title is cooled down now. I expected something more original, not another reskin like CxH. Also no male version of CxH is in plans, so no chances for male version of this new reskin. Topic closed.
  5. Pornstar Harem - I'm so curious about it!! Will there be a male version, or ability to collect stars of both sexes?? Any estimated release date??
  6. Personally I go for quality not quantity. There are many events when all guys (or rather girlboys) are extremely ugly, so I just don't participate in these events. The more guys are there in the Harem the more difficult it is to manage them. I wish my Harem could only consist of the guys which I like, and the rest I just could delete or exchange for others.
  7. It's very annoying that the time countdowns with a huge lag. The countdown should be improved to show real timing or at least there should be a button for updating the countdown time, so that players won't have to refresh the whole site and navigate again into Missions each time.
  8. There should be a button "Add to queue" near every single mission for let's say 5 Kobans. There are days when we don't have time to click every several minutes on next mission and we would cope with sacrificing several Kobans from the final reward and use the queuing.
  9. Hello, Polish Boys club invites all Polish players from any clubs to join a common Discord group, to get to know ourselves better, share ideas, cooperate between clubs and progress together in the game. We use Polish and English for discussion. https://discord.gg/cvUJQGua Meet you on Discord!!
  10. CxH should chart it's own pathway. Kinkoid should add some original idea to it. For instance same sex content. They should introduce male/bi/trans heroes too, and the choice of sexes in the harem should be free. That would be a universal game. Both straight and LGTB people would love the game.
  11. Since several months all events give us girlboys instead of men. I think soon there will be no difference between GH and HH Kinkoid is not motivating to take parts in the events. It should be at least 50/50 % of girlboys and real men.
  12. Mine was not solved until now Neven checked some issues then stopped replying. Perhaps the only solution is to make a new mailbox special for GH and replace the existing one. Sad.
  13. I used Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge on Windows and Linux. Everywhere's the same.
  14. The time countdown in Activities is laggy, doesn't run properly according to the real time clock. It updates only after some action or browser page refresh. For example a 17 min activity shows still 10 minutes to the end while in fact 17 minutes has passed in reality. The counter somehow takes a nap. Can that be improved?
  15. A quest in any event which would require for exaple sacrificing 10 chosen by player guys from harem to gain a particular new guy from the event. I have so many guys I don't like that I would welcome such type of quest.
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