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  1. CxH should chart it's own pathway. Kinkoid should add some original idea to it. For instance same sex content. They should introduce male/bi/trans heroes too, and the choice of sexes in the harem should be free. That would be a universal game. Both straight and LGTB people would love the game.
  2. Since several months all events give us girlboys instead of men. I think soon there will be no difference between GH and HH Kinkoid is not motivating to take parts in the events. It should be at least 50/50 % of girlboys and real men.
  3. Mine was not solved until now Neven checked some issues then stopped replying. Perhaps the only solution is to make a new mailbox special for GH and replace the existing one. Sad.
  4. I used Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge on Windows and Linux. Everywhere's the same.
  5. The time countdown in Activities is laggy, doesn't run properly according to the real time clock. It updates only after some action or browser page refresh. For example a 17 min activity shows still 10 minutes to the end while in fact 17 minutes has passed in reality. The counter somehow takes a nap. Can that be improved?
  6. A quest in any event which would require for exaple sacrificing 10 chosen by player guys from harem to gain a particular new guy from the event. I have so many guys I don't like that I would welcome such type of quest.
  7. Actually outfitting the haremettes seems for me the best from the list. I would be able to power up the girls I like the most, and don't resign from them because they are week.
  8. No, nothing will be transferred. You have to start from zero. I did so 2 months ago and now I'm moreless equal with my old erogames game progress, though I'm missing some nice guys. You have to make the decision on your own.
  9. Many new players don't notice the chat at all. It would be nice if the new message notification was something as eye-catchy as free pachinko games notification. I guess this visual change doesn't require much work from the dev side.
  10. I have noticed it also in another place - when you pick up guys for the team not all guys are displayed and can't be chosen for the team I have 30 Guys in the Harem and only 23 are displayed to be chosen for a team.
  11. Not necessarly. When dividing the clubs into groups of 6 system would take into account the levels of the clubs, so that all 6 clubs in a group were moreless equal.
  12. An element which would introduce a bit of rivalry and competition, as well as allow Clubs to integrate more internally. Give us a fragmented map, divide all Clubs in groups of let's say 6, each Club within such group of 6 will have to fight in order to conquer a fragment of the map. Possessing a fragment will count points per hour for the owning club. Certain fragments will give more points per hour other less. Such fighting can last a week, then the top clubs receive certain rewards. What do you think?
  13. Same here. I don't participate in the events either. No motivation, sorry. Waiting for some real mature men. Kinkoid, if GayHarem should be for twink fans only, please run GayComixHarem for real mature men fans.
  14. OK, thanks, I didn't notice this. Indeed I expected the chat in the Club window
  15. What is your strategy for fighting in the Seasons? I have big problems, because about 80% times system draws all 3 opponents much stronger then me. The more I fight the more my MOJO points are closing to 0. Therefore I fight in Seasons very rarely. How to change this, should I somehow undress to lower my stats before next draw so that system sees me weaker and then dress up before a fight or what? The problem is that the drawing of next opponents takes time immediately after a finished fight. What are your methods?
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