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  1. There is also no technical support here. Such issues are resolved only through it.
  2. OK, I spent a few refills of candles and reached the next landing. With a set of 3 different boosters: The combination of 4 mythic and 2 legendary rainbow items is almost useless If you replace them with mono equipment, it becomes much better Complete replacement with a full-mono set allows you to achieve similar results Perhaps if you use three cordyceps, the results will be different. But at the moment, saving a set of a full-mono set has a place to exist. P.S. Teams are selected with the highest chances of winning of those that I have made up for fi
  3. Maybe not "her", but "from her". Because there are only 2 versions of the Finalmecia in the game so far, and both were available at one time, but not now.
  4. Ok, I decided to still spend money and get all the possible girls from the epic pachinko. 34 EOx1 spent, 1 draft orb. One just before that I received from the villain. Now I'm ready to go all out on the Mythic Days.
  5. There's an error here: Mythic equipment cost 8 material At the moment, I have already received 6 mythical equipment, of which 1 of my class and 2 duplicate types => to the trash. As a result, 4 upgraded equipment is dressed.
  6. Of course, I'm not 100% sure, but 99.9% in each of these cases I was faced with the fact that I had to find a girl somewhere for an upgrade. I upgrade girls as soon as I get them and try to complete all possible daily tasks, with the exception of those for awakening (to save up gems)
  7. Nothing like this. I've only come across this quest a few times, but every time it happened I didn't have an unupgraded girl in my Harem.
  8. I had 92 shards of Cheshire Kelina in MP (last in the pool), so I decided to spend 1x MOx3. Got 20 shards of her. Let's see what contests will be tomorrow - maybe I'll spend more orbs.
  9. My first top-4 in D3-league! And that without using any mythic booster!
  10. I can’t say about the landings, because I passed the previous one, and haven’t got to the next one yet, but on the stairs, mono-equipment greatly reduces the chances of winning.
  11. What about equipment sales? He is needed precisely in order to sell unnecessary junk to him
  12. They will add new girls later, just like with all other activities like story, side quests, etc.
  13. We have now only 30 girls in Messenger. If you have less than that - be more specific in your question.
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