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  1. I was running my Seasons challenges, and very suddenly between one fight and the next, my team power dropped from about 54,000 down to 48,000. All my buffs are still in place, nothing expired. I refreshed the page, but nothing changed. I've never seen this happen before and can't see any reason for it. Anyone else?
  2. I don't see where you are supposed to submit the codes on gayharem.com
  3. I can't figure out the Pantheon Stairway. I've been cruising along and now I'm trying Level 500, and suddenly not able to beat it. I saw that the enemy team's stats are significantly higher, tried a few different team combinations, and finally decided to come back after the new week as I had more guys with that would have that blessing. Also figured that gave me time to level up more guys, and raise my stats in the Market. I went back this morning, and now that enemy team stats are even higher. So, even with the increases, I still can't beat it. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing
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