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  1. The wording on the Platinum Pass pretty ambiguous, I was also under the impression I would get last seasons rewards. Meh whatever.
  2. I would have to be at 0 cash, and I most certainly was not. It actually would have been the 5 million cash as well for the season pass. The other thing is that the next tier is grayed out. Which tbh I'm not sure if that's normal. But when I click on the season button from town the item shows the tier 22 reward but without the claimed icon under it.
  3. I sure am glad you posted Eckos, I've been through 99 sanity only got the one left, and I need it to find my car later, there will be traffic.
  4. So the screens show the tier 22 reward of 3mil and you can see it's displayed as though it's not been claimed which is apparent by the full color image of the 3mil icon Second screen is to show how it should normally look, the icon is grayed out, and the claimed button is also displayed. The next 2 screens show exactly what the gentleman Eckos had just mentioned, and that's that the numbers display incorrectly on the 2 screens.
  5. OK I've got a few more screens to better show you what it's doing.
  6. Well the town screen lists my Tier at 23, when I select the Season of Fantasy menu it shows 22 and also, doesn't explain why I would be needing to complete in the entire tier over, as is displayed in the screenshot.
  7. That may be true, in other cases, however in my case it's placed my progress back to the beginning. In the screenshot the 23rd tier is selected at the reward bars at the bottom, however at the top it's displaying tier 22. Also you may notice the progress under the find opponents button, is at the beginning, because it's just reset after I finished the 22nd just before taking the screenshot. Also, this would be my 3r'd time completing this tier.
  8. So if you look at the screenshot, you can clearly see that it shows me as still progressing from 22 to 23, but as you can see the 22nd tier prizes have already been claimed, and cleared with a green check mark. I thought I had read it wrong the second time I completed it, and didn't get a screen. I just completed it again, and took a screenshot so you fine folks could do what you do, and work your sexy magic.
  9. I'm having the exact same problem, I've ignored it for a but, but now I need to open a ticket and I can't.
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