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  1. What a great post. Like Z, the "beating Holy" achievement made me chuckle. It's not often you come along a player/clubbie that captures your attention, respect and admiration and you certainly did that for me bud. KK owes you a great debt-long before i became your clubbie-you were the player i was chasing. Low level, high achiever in leagues and contests, super fast to 750-you're to blame for all my early spending habits😊 Glad you're sticking around in the club of course. Too bad KK tries so hard to push us out of the game.
  2. funny thing is i am here mainly for PVP and i'm highly competitive. I still hate all this shit. I hate MG and the RNG aspect to all of it and obviously hate girl gear. It's all about the cash. Has been since gems i imagine. They do almost nothing for the players. Seriously. Every decision is driven by one thing only-money. They couldn't even implement the scripts others built for them. They are the worst. The absolute worst.
  3. Everyone hates it except @Ravi-Sama and that's fine-everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, with all due respect to everyone here, including my FTP clubbies-Players who pay hold the sway. That's why i'm quitting. That's why i didn't buy the season pass and will log off when the update hits which corresponds with my plat card running out. I grabbed all available MG this morning. With what i grabbed late last week-10 pieces in total. 2 class matching, 0 attack-100% useless. With all the MG i have-and that's more than most to be sure-i still don't have a single attack piece in black. RNG. Nobody likes to be hit over the head time and again by RNG and this new feature just raises the level exponentially at a time when it just isn't needed. If they wanted to make Gear better received, utilized and appreciated somewhat, they'd lower the class changing koban cost to 0 so players could utilize a much larger % of their gear. You can feel anyway you want about anything in the game. The problem, the real problem is that the devs, dumb as they are, refuse to listen to the spenders. Not that spenders feel any differently-they feel almost exactly the same way as everyone else but most game devs keep an open ear to paying customers while trying to "appease" FTP when implementing changes and features. KK devs are just completely deaf to everyone.
  4. First off-if you think this feature goes live without a ton of issues, you're delusional and ignoring all KK history. They can't get mobile working. They can't or won't even implement features that make the game bearable-scripts created by users. To implement features like this into the game, you need to have shit in place to make it functional. There needs to be a defined marketplace tab for "loadouts" This should have been done for MG. If not at launch, it sure as shit should have been done by now. Once gear sets are saved into loadouts, then it becomes "easy" to swap out between toons. If you think for one second using KK's auto load is going to keep you competitive in league, i've got some land to sell you. Everything is just one gigantic time sink that has nothing to do with "fun" or features players want or asked for. Who even cares about MG anymore? I have over 150 items and am nowhere near a full set in any element. That's the problem with all this shit. "Eventually" we'll have full sets. LOL!! Eventually every man in the world will develop prostate cancer providing they live long enough. If they had developed a re-roll option on gear-that would be something. If they had loadouts. If they ever developed and introduced labyrinth-that would be something. What do they do? DP, Seasonal bullshit, girl gear nobody outside a fucking sadomasochist wants. Whoever developed this needs a giant bitchslap
  5. I hate this event with a passion and agree with most everything written on it. However, i would disagree, in principle, with part of the following Div "You don't sell power and you don't lock main game content behind real-money purchases. These are the two simple rules to follow for any F2P game to stay healthy, player-friendly, and steer clear of the predatory monetization slippery slope. The Seasonal "Event" format, at its core, is crossing both lines (and the former line has already been crossed by many other things available in this game's real-money store, but at least the power sold so far isn't exclusive to these purchases)." As someone who has managed to snag the previous SB girls, there's little to no "power" advantage with having them. Honestly-i thought there would be-that's why i pushed to get them. I thought they would see more blessings rotations, and be somewhat exclusive within those rotations (not easily replaceable with another girl for equal or close power). This hasn't been the case at all. Nobody is losing leagues or placement in leagues because they don't have a SB girl. We can all agree this (these) events are bullshit cashgrabs that are not fun. Another arrives Friday....
  6. To be mentioned by a legend, someone so illustrious, his exploits having exploits, is truly an honour. I can’t help but be reminded of an old movie-The quick and the dead. While I certainly don’t have his looks, I played the role of Leo to the Old man’s Hackman. The results mirrored the film. I was certainly fast, and at the end, most certainly dead! It was a pleasure doing battle with you, fine sir. I look forward, with great anticipation, to our next meeting. I’m just hoping it’s not for quite a while😂
  7. TLDR-Div was whining, called out a player humiliating him a bit then gets all defensive when he's called out for his behavior and language. Then doubles down by bashing the club, club members, and club leader. You had my curiosity, now you have my attention. "A personal attack" Bahahahahaha. "Preachy as fuck"-pot meet kettle. You're right about Joe average not giving a shit about your league results but wrong that Joe average doesn't hold mods to a higher standard than regular forum posters. Be better.
  8. I said i took the survey. I stated it failed to address any improvements to the current game players have been asking for. I reiterated what improvements i meant. I then said something to the effect "How does sending my phone naked pictures all day make the game better? WTF?" "Does anyone from kinkoid even read this channel" This isn't exact-i'd happily copy and paste if it wasn't deleted but it is very close. Like i said-posts in that channel after are just as harsh or worse and are still up.
  9. @Tohru - Kinkoid i'd appreciate an explanation. Also a definition of toxicity. A huge amount of comments in the feedback section state similar or far more pointed comments in regards to the game and upcoming direction. I'd ask for my access to be reinstated.
  10. Apparently, kinkoid will not accept criticism of any sort, nor allow for a sharing of ideas on its discord server. I was just removed along with my post in the feedback channel about the latest survey. The responses to my post (agreeing of course) were also removed. This is without a warning or comment from anyone from kinkoid.
  11. Charge back request with cc company. My purchases were based on present game mechanics that rewarded my style of play so i could expand my roster-not this bullshit that negates everything. Maybe then kinkoid would listen
  12. Due to the ridiculous CC changes i need to find a new club. Profile: https://www.hentaiheroes.com/hero/4312657/profile.html I'm a spender, active, and am looking for similar club mates. Club stats don't need to be maxed but should be something members contribute to regularly. I'm english speaking so that is certainly preferred. Please PM me any info and questions you may have. ckiller#8026 discord id
  13. I went to bed showing 20 shards. I wake up showing 4! Fuck you very much for this communist rule change. Why should the useless be rewarded? Club has 21/32 participating and like many other posters alluded to prior-a handful do the heavy lifting. This change is a club breaker. I now need to find a club that's very active, the right levels because i don't want the champion too strong for my level but not too weak so everyone has an insane amount of tix for way more attempts per month. There's so many ways the CC could have been improved to still incentivize active participation without neutering progress for the real hitters. Epic fail.
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