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  1. To be mentioned by a legend, someone so illustrious, his exploits having exploits, is truly an honour. I can’t help but be reminded of an old movie-The quick and the dead. While I certainly don’t have his looks, I played the role of Leo to the Old man’s Hackman. The results mirrored the film. I was certainly fast, and at the end, most certainly dead! It was a pleasure doing battle with you, fine sir. I look forward, with great anticipation, to our next meeting. I’m just hoping it’s not for quite a while😂
  2. TLDR-Div was whining, called out a player humiliating him a bit then gets all defensive when he's called out for his behavior and language. Then doubles down by bashing the club, club members, and club leader. You had my curiosity, now you have my attention. "A personal attack" Bahahahahaha. "Preachy as fuck"-pot meet kettle. You're right about Joe average not giving a shit about your league results but wrong that Joe average doesn't hold mods to a higher standard than regular forum posters. Be better.
  3. I said i took the survey. I stated it failed to address any improvements to the current game players have been asking for. I reiterated what improvements i meant. I then said something to the effect "How does sending my phone naked pictures all day make the game better? WTF?" "Does anyone from kinkoid even read this channel" This isn't exact-i'd happily copy and paste if it wasn't deleted but it is very close. Like i said-posts in that channel after are just as harsh or worse and are still up.
  4. @Tohru - Kinkoid i'd appreciate an explanation. Also a definition of toxicity. A huge amount of comments in the feedback section state similar or far more pointed comments in regards to the game and upcoming direction. I'd ask for my access to be reinstated.
  5. Apparently, kinkoid will not accept criticism of any sort, nor allow for a sharing of ideas on its discord server. I was just removed along with my post in the feedback channel about the latest survey. The responses to my post (agreeing of course) were also removed. This is without a warning or comment from anyone from kinkoid.
  6. Charge back request with cc company. My purchases were based on present game mechanics that rewarded my style of play so i could expand my roster-not this bullshit that negates everything. Maybe then kinkoid would listen
  7. Due to the ridiculous CC changes i need to find a new club. Profile: https://www.hentaiheroes.com/hero/4312657/profile.html I'm a spender, active, and am looking for similar club mates. Club stats don't need to be maxed but should be something members contribute to regularly. I'm english speaking so that is certainly preferred. Please PM me any info and questions you may have. ckiller#8026 discord id
  8. I went to bed showing 20 shards. I wake up showing 4! Fuck you very much for this communist rule change. Why should the useless be rewarded? Club has 21/32 participating and like many other posters alluded to prior-a handful do the heavy lifting. This change is a club breaker. I now need to find a club that's very active, the right levels because i don't want the champion too strong for my level but not too weak so everyone has an insane amount of tix for way more attempts per month. There's so many ways the CC could have been improved to still incentivize active participation without n
  9. Thanks!!!! Exactly what i was looking for Rarum.
  10. I don't understand the math involved with CC's. I read the CC's overall stats are based on the mean of the club members and that each time defeated it's level increases (and stats i assume) 1-How are shard rates determined? Is there a set formula based on number of members? Number of members who participated? % of damage dealt? 2-How does a "bad performance" work? The Q&A states a weak member can actually do harm-how is that done and to what degree? 3-If a club member opens the girl, what happens the next time that member battles the same girl? Shards concerted to gifts
  11. I'm fine with the degree of difficulty on this but what i'm not ok with is the exclusion of any tickets as rewards. Would it kill them to reward some climbing with some extra attempts? Pretty dirty.
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