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  1. You use them to awaken girls. When a girl gets to level 250 you can't level her anymore until you awake her and you need to do this every 50 levels( meaning 250, 300, 350, etc...) You can get a more detailed explanation here under Awakening: https://forum.kinkoid.com/index.php?/topic/21217-your-performance-handbook/ It is made for HH but the mechanics are the same.
  2. In Adventure, what is your highest reached world? Athicus ho'ole is a villain in Bush Explorations. To my knowlege if you haven't reached Bush Eplorations then you can't do this event.
  3. Update 18/5/2022: 5 shard drops from 10 runs on Teutates 5 shard drops from 12 runs on Cobalt Crawler 2 shard drops from 5 runs on Miss Metal 3 shard drops from 3 runs on Bionic Babe 0 shard drops from 1 run on Madame Miracle Total: 15 drops in 31 attempts
  4. I think I finally got a hang of this event. Got to 99 with 3 teams
  5. Finished 2nd in S2 with out any boosters and it was close. I was busy IRL the last day and I missed a few fights. Now I need to go back. I want that 1st place
  6. xzeka


    Is this a bug or am I missing something or just a placeholder for a future update?
  7. I don't and didn't use RL money. All the gold I spent was the gold I got from the game itself.
  8. Do 5* girls appear in mythic night-club? I see that girls from previous events appear there, some I saw multiple times, but I never saw a 5* girl. Previously I hadn't been keeping a close eye on it but for a month or maybe more I have been on the lookout for them there. Granted there are only 3 of them(not counting the ones from sex god path) and one of them is from an event that ended minutes ago, so the chance on them appearing is low. But I am curious and it would help me plan down the line.
  9. I got her. I think I got pretty lucky. I saved two Astral Amethyst's potions from PoV and bought one from the market. I got to 88 hearts with only natural recharging of combativity + the combativity from PoV, seasons and 20 from calendar. Only had to spend gold to recharge combativity for 4 or 5 times. So I think I spend about 1500 gold
  10. Is there an explanation of what this is and how it works? I don't play other games so this is a completely new feature for me.
  11. I have the same bug and it has allready been reported. From my experience, to find out what girl you are not seeing, try changing the way you sort girls(fe. from grade sorting to date recruited) and see what girl you are not seeing. You will allways not see the same girl(s) in a certain sorting metod, so you can find her by typing her name in the search bar. If you get a new girl or upgrade a girl(increase stars) the girl you are not seeing may change. I think someone figured it out that every 25th girl is missing(25th, 50th, etc...). From the support I got this link where you can tr
  12. What I think this game lacks most is a more reliable way of farming gems. The resource I am having most trouble finding are gems, even more gems of specific type. The longer you play the game and the more girls you get it gets harder and harder to level them up and there is no way at the moment to sustain the need for gems to levele them up. The current drop rate at defeating villains is too low. The nightclub is random and you need to spend gold or mythic or epic orbs. In path of valor you need spend gold to start geting gems. And in the other sources of of gems it is only the gems of specifi
  13. How much time do the teams need to rest? Or is the only way to for a team to rest to spend gold?
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