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  1. [From an announcement on the club discord] ABOUT CLUB CHAMPION FIGHT Hello everyone 😊 , something is bugging me since a few days: the club champion guy fragment granting system. Some players are very active but, in the end, they only manage to get a few fragments. This is due to the participation of high-level players who are literally pulverising the champion XD. Just to make one thing very clear, these high-level players do not mean bad. They are very comprehensive and they even tried to nerf their team as much as possible in order to inflict as little damage as possible to the cha
  2. Sorry for this, I realised I did not configure the link correctly. I modified the link in the original post, should be working now. Our club is still young, but if you're still interested, don't hesitate to contact me.
  3. For all the members and potential members, I created a discord group for the club. I will be easier to communicate for now. Potential members can also join but they won’t have access to all the rooms as long as they are not recognized as members. Here is the link: https://discord.gg/N2TNNekXW9 Hope you will like the place ^^
  4. I do a lot of roleplaying, whether serious or less serious, whether romantic or more sexual, but there is a common point in all these: I always stick to my full cyborg character. In the Gay Harem’s universe, I would love to be the cyborg accompanying the hero during his quest in the scifi world and let him test all my functions ^^. I remember a RP where I met my boyfriend during a fight. He was being beaten down by haters and he had an arm broken and was bleeding a lot. I saved him and brought him back to my place to take care of him. This is when we fell in love: me, the biker patro
  5. Technically you can be right, but I prefer undergoing a maintenance. Some systemic bugs may come from a defective component or chip... and... I also enjoy when the cybernetician is exploring my inner robotics... hehe sorry for going a bit off-subject.
  6. So the answer is... yes... I will need a good maintenance. Thank you
  7. Hello meat bags and fellow units ^^, Perhaps this was already asked but I couldn't find the information on the forum. Is there a discord server for Gay Harem in general ? If there is not, is there another discord for the whole Kinkoid gaming universe, if there is... well thank you for indicating me the link and I will surely need a good maintenance to have a better data processing procedures next time XD. Take care or stay operational
  8. Dear all, I recently joined the game and I like it very. Being determined in developing something solid in it, I recently opened a club called GEM ‘Gay Emporium Mecanicae’. (ID: 2222) The reference is from the ‘Mecanicae Imperium’ from the manga BT’X. I thought of using the term ‘Imperium’ but I was not totally up for it, because we don’t claim to be the best. Emporium may sound a bit diminishing but a part of the robot/android/cyborg fetish community is into the objectification of subject into obedient sexual units. But more broadly, our objective is to show that through machine and tech
  9. Hello fellow members and units, My ID is Cybboy and I am located in France. A friend of mine made me discover this game and I enjoy playing it very much. Having a kink and fetish for androids and cyborgs (especially full replacement cyborg units), I found in this game some of my favourites such as Genos and Sechs (though being bi, I also have quite a crush on Gally too ^^). Even if my main focus is on full cyborg characters, some meat bags look very cute. I must admit I do imagine some being converted into full cyborgs or androids, and this does make me overload too. I also see
  10. Bonjour, j’ai récemment ouvert un club dans le jeu. Un nouveau membre a rejoint le club. J’ai vu qu’il y a une fonction de chat mais je ne parviens pas à l’utiliser. D’autre part, dans la sous-fenêtre permettant de voir qui est hors ligne et qui est muet, je ne vois pas le nouveau membre du club quand il est hors ligne. Merci d’avance pour votre retour et votre travail. Bien à vous et bon courage.
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