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  1. Hi 💖 Can you give a complete explanation about how to get heroes? And that we have to participate in several battles to win our hero. Also, will the porn star harem be on Kincoid soon? Thank you very much
  2. Hi .💖 Maybe this will help... https://harem-battle.club/wiki/Harem-Heroes/HH:Adventure
  3. Hello Are these boosters worth buying? Or can it be earned during the game?
  4. hi It is very difficult to fix 503 error. When this happened to me, I upgraded my system to fix it. To avoid this error, you can upgrade your servers and use better technologies before launching a campaign or contest.👌 Some of the reasons are: Server down .. Technical issues .. heavy traffic jam.. DDoS attack .. Incorrect DNS configuration
  5. Hi. My question is: Is the pornstarharem game new? Because there are only four wanker in the league. And will this game be available on kinkoid in the future? Thank you💖
  6. Hi . How to find the character you want? And that after finding it we can buy it or we have to take it by chance during the game? For example, the character of Nezoko Kamado in the anime Kimetsu No Yaiba.
  7. Hello . Interestingly, the same thing happened with comix harem. Also in the money collection section, the amount it shows is less than the original amount.😮
  8. Hello. I have a question In the daily gold section, I have a problem with the (do awakening) section because I do not know exactly what to do. Thanks for your help
  9. Hola . Recibí el Comic Harem Award y obtuve 3D sexvilla 2 pero no recibí ningún premio. Publicado: ¡Regístrese gratis y complete el tutorial 3D SexVilla 2 para recibir el premio! creo que el problema es el juego en si Gracias por decirnos si entiendes este problema.😉
  10. Hi . So why not leave the game. You mean you can not play yourself, so you want to block your account?😅 I also had a question, if I do not play the game for a while, will my account be blocked? thank you
  11. Hi . I have a question: how to use the stones in the game.😅😋


    Can you also explain a bit about the club you mentioned? . thank you

    1. Griffe


      When you join a club, you benefit of the bonuses in attack, money, etc that members contribute to. That's also a good place to ask questions on how to play the game.

      Most club requires invitation, I keep it public so members can join and try, but there is minimum level of 150 right now to join.

    2. Griffe


      when you get enough girls with minimum level, you use them to give experience to the girls.

      You raise the experience with books to 250, 300, 350, 400, ... (multiples of 50), then to pass to the next 50, you need to spend gems to start the next block of experience.


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