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  1. Well. That's some new information. But as I see to get to the discord server you need to click on a link in the game which again you only see when you can login to the game, so how should they go to the discord server to report the bug when they can't login? I tried to setup a discord account myself and it doesn't accept my email address and when I try another one which works I'm asked additionally for a phone number which I wont supply. I'll check with them but if they will do so. But it seems it remains the same issue - without ability to login you can't reach somebody to fix the proble
  2. You simply continue to ignore what I write and expect me to take you serious? I wrote multiple times now that we stop before the 500 block block and you continue to ride on this point. Sorry, but that doesn't make any sense at all. And they can't cooperate with support, as when you can't login there seems no way to reach support at all. To the ticket via another club member only a default text came and since then nothing. They can't provide anything back when they can't reach anybody who they can provide more information to. Please tell me how it should be on their side, when they do: Us
  3. This is nothing any forum member can help with with tips. These two guys simply can't login because of a server side bug and either the bug gets fixed or they can't login. It's as simply as this. Either somebody forwards this issue to a person who actually looks into it and solves it or it will not go away. Contacting support until now did not help, so I tried the forum which as it seems also is no help. So it seems when you actually have trouble there is nobody who can help. And when you don't even read my description then you can't help at all! a) First point says "When doing login it
  4. Sorry. That's the same useless comment support sent! When using different computers, different Apps and different Browsers doesn't not help it's obvious that it cannot be a local browser issue. Also it should be obvious from the extensive list that clearing cache means complete cache including all data, not only the downloaded files.
  5. Since three days the members Gizmo and Ulf of MuClu club number 1313 on gayharem.com (Gizmo is the admin of the club) can't login. Is there anybody who can fix this issue? Contact support via another member didn't help at all and contact via contact form also not. Description: * When doing login it permanently loops again and again until it is stopped or the 500 server error appears. * That happens for all 3 games gayharem.com, hentaiheroes.com and comixharem.com. * In the club the last activity date is reset even neither of these two really did login * What does not help: * Reload pag
  6. Hello, in MuClu (www.hentaiheroes.com) there are now 7 free places after kicking long time inactive members. Entry level is 300. Only requirement is that you contribute to the club fights.
  7. The 2 hour interval is fine. What's ugly is the play time of few minutes. The shards to be distributed should be adapted, so that you actually have a chance to play. Currently with normal fights you have done about 5-6 fights until it's over. And you need hundreds overall. For the last mythic days even on the last day at the end it was still only few minutes. Looks like it's the same this time. Looks like the shards have been reduced in such a major amount that it simply makes no fun anymore.
  8. Since the last "second chance" mythic days the mythic days contest is simply no fun anymore. Only a few minutes play time (about 1-3) every two hours to get a few shards - that makes simply no fun anymore. Does anybody actually like it as it is now?
  9. Ah, I think that's it. Legendary bonuses are percentages as well. Forgot that. I'll check if that's the reason. At least in the above case it works: (4672-1290)*5*(1.075+0.12)=20207, that's only 2 points difference.
  10. Buying legendary armor is expensive, so I want to know before buying if gives more ego than what I already have. But I can't get the formula right. According to what I read it should be main stat*5*club + secondary*2*club + ego*club. But when I try that I get false results: E.g. I switch single type armor 1290 main stats to 4672, that should be (4672-1290)*5*1.075=18178, but I get 2027 more: 20205 Does anybody know where my error lies? Sometimes I exactly get what I expect, sometimes it is less or more. Does this depend on the armor slot somehow?
  11. Mupfu

    Ideas Main

    Now that we have mythic orbs please replace the gifts for girl shards greater than 100 with mythic orbs. This way excess girl shards can be used for another girl. It's so demotivating when you have 98% and then get additional 100 and then it's converted to items. Would be much better if it can be used e.g. on mythic girls.
  12. Mupfu

    New update

    Yeah. That's ugly. Nowhere in the game you can see how much XP you need to upgrade a harem member to MAXED. Now that 4 different values exist that is really disturbing.
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