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  1. Tier 13 is the guys avatar, not the guy. You can go into your hero page and set that picture as your avatar now. On the top path the guys are available in tiers 37 and 62, on the bottom paid path you can get them earlier.
  2. To join a club you go to the tower of fame and switch to the club tab. You can click on all the clubs there to see members, their levels & how developed the club is. If you sort by club level that's just the total of all members level in that club, by upgrade is how many upgrade the club has which caps at 160, and contribution which is largely pointless. When you find a club you'd like to join just click the join button in the bottom left corner. Club leaders can set their club to 3 different settings, closed won't let you join but that should have the join button greyed out. Open means yo
  3. Since Eckos has champs and the tower covered I'll just skip to clubs. There are technically no rules when it comes to clubs beyond ones individual clubs set and I doubt many clubs expect you to be social. Clubs serve 2 major benefits. First is stat bonuses. Clubs have 8 things that can be upgraded to provide up to 10% increase to endurance, hardcore, knowhow, charm, harmony, experience gained, money gained and lastly club size which starts at a 20 member cap and can be increased to 40 members. If you join a club that isn't maxed they might expect you to contribute some resources to improv
  4. The XP amount is applied to the visuals in game before you you claim them so if your reward says you get 700XP that's already including the 20% increase. Below are 2 pictures of my lv247 accounts seasons rewards before I used the mythic booster and the second one after.
  5. I think I get your problem now and I'll try to explain everything with some images(I blacked out my club members names). You said "the following appears in the ch at: offline/muted" and I believe you are looking at this screen: Where it says offline and lists the members that shows all members who are in your club but not currently playing the game. The mute button only appears for you because you are the club leader and you have the power to mute members for whatever reason. Any players above that line that says offline would be members who care currently online and playing the game
  6. Sadly maintenance length changes every week. Sometimes we'll get notice of a longer than usual one but not always. Generally its down for about 30min but it can go over 4 hours but not often.
  7. It should work fine unless you're playing on erogames. For whatever reason it has never worked there and I've reported it but nothing has been done about it.
  8. First thing you should know is nutaku and gayharem are 2 different servers meaning whichever version you play on you won't be able to transfer your account to the other in the future. That said I highly recommend playing on gayharem.com because nutaku's player population is very small which makes winning free kobans(main currency for recruiting guys) very difficult to win. You'll also end up competing against people ranging from 200-500 a lot sooner and in greater numbers in leagues because they aren't able to advance to higher tiers. As for your question the game itself needs a lot of wo
  9. After you hit enter and before you hit perform you'll have a screen showing your name and team on the left and temple # and their team on the right. The 4 stats you want o look at are right below your names. Attack is the man in from of the fire in the top left, ego(hit points) is the crown on the top right. Defence is bottom left with the man flexing over a blue background and harmoney bottom right which is the heart with the yin/yang inside. You can compare your stats the theirs but with the BDSM 7 man system and especially with elements there is a large random factor now with battles so you
  10. You can view them by clicking on the guys in your harem and it will show you the gems you have for same type of element he is. The devs have said they plan on making a place where you can visibly see them all in the market but we have no idea how long that will take.
  11. It's not bugged just horrible drop rates. You can't get any during stage 5 so every 5 battles you only get 4 shots. I fought the champ 6 times on stages 1-4 and only got shards once. Another mod tested it and it took them 19 tries to get 100 shards including stage 5.
  12. That just means you got 5 of each 8 types of gems.
  13. The highlighted 23 is showing the tier you're working towards not the the tier you've unlocked. The prize shown at the top will auto to you lowest tier reward that you have not claimed and if all have been claimed it will default to your highest tier item that has already been claimed. On the main screen where you go to click seasons it displays it weird. It's displays how much mojo you need to get to the next tier. So it may say tier 23 but it just showing you how much mojo you need to get to the next tier. It's pretty confusing and many have requested they change that but they never did
  14. Honestly the champ guy feels more like a way to get bouns affection items if you happen on any shards. Someone tested it when it was on the test sever and it took them 19 battles to get 5 wins. I've been testing it on alt accounts and so far I've gotten shards once in 6 tries, none on stage 5 which as mentioned above gives no chance at shards.
  15. The perfume should work on any guy on a troll/villain. The way it works is it adds 1 shards every time you get a shard drop up to 11 times. So say you were aiming to get the current mythic guy off Edward who mythic guys have a max of 1 shard drop with the perfume on you'll get 2 shards for the next 11 drops. If you do multi fights(x10 or x50) you'll get an extra shard until the 11th shard drop It's harder to tell when using it on other event guys because they have higher ranges, like classic 9 day event has a shard range of 2-8 but you'd still get +1 for each up to 11 extra shards. It doe
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