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  1. 17.08.2022 Adventure New World 12 Quest 13 Adventure Release: “Sex Battle”: A huge sex battle is on its way. Will your Harem defeat Jackson’s crew? Chaaaarge!… Check out the latest adventure! Improvements Path of Attraction Additional objectives and rewards have been added to the Path attraction with 5 new tiers No changes for tiers from 1 to 20 Page refresh after claiming rewards Path of Valor, Path of Glory Page no longer refreshes after claiming rewards from PoV, PoG
  2. I've been told this bug should now be fixed, if some of you still cannot access the home page please let us know so we can let the devs know to keep try again. Edit: If still effected by the bug if you could also post what platform you play on(GH.com/Nutaku/Erogames) and also if you can access your player ID# (settings > Profile)
  3. From my understanding the this bug should be fixed tomorrow after games reset and the missing missions should get updated.
  4. Merged this with the other thread of people dealing with the same issue. The bug is still being worked on and sadly not fixed yet. If you play on mobile the game is pretty unplayable but on desktop some players have found a bit of a workaround. Its annoying but it will at least let you use most the features: If you're affected by the current issues with the GH Cross-Promo and are still unable to access the game, you can use this URL: https://www.gayharem.com/activities.html to access the activities. From there you can navigate to other parts of the game using the menu in the upper right c
  5. No, you can't add friends, the closet thing we have is joining the same club and being able to chat with other club members. The player ID is your unique number that can help devs access your account if you contact a dev outside of the game like on here or on discord because you're having trouble with a bug or logging in.
  6. This was reported on discord but as its still the weekend so we haven't heard anything back yet, possibly later today. The problem has to do with one of the missions was coming up as a regular mission(even though it gave kobans) instead of from the legacy event one. Hopefully kinkoid can fix it for everyone but if not after the event ends send a ticket letting them know what happened, I've had glitched mission bugs before and they always tell you to send a ticket after the event ends, but they've always given me the guy.
  7. When they devs said they adjusted the strength of champions what they did was give them a cap, a cap that is so high that chances are mostly only players who invested in the platinum card reached it as for the rest of us it would mean either wasting large amounts of kobans or spending days doing fights every 15 minutes. Champs reach max strength when they reach lv900 which is the equivalent of: (1 full cycle is after beating stage 5) Romero after 28 cycles Whaty after 27 Matsuda after 26 Ryu after 25 Visor after 24 Alban after 23 Club champions I believe max at lv300.
  8. You can't DM on the forums you need to join discord, the link is here: https://discord.com/invite/djbBgYp You'd also want to DM Neven-kinkoid about it, I'm just a regular player who the devs get to help moderate the forums and discord. Sadly the bug is still going but a few players have managed some workarounds by avoiding the main page with long urls, here is some to help you guys out. I know its not very convenient but sadly its the best option until they work out whats wrong. From Bellanaris: If you're affected by the current issues with the GH Cross-Promo and are still unabl
  9. Latest update on this bug from Neven: We've removed the "Try GH on Desktop" Cross-Promo from the game - affected players should clear their cache/cookies and relog. If you're still experiencing this, let me know via DM or submit a support ticket. If you missed on Anniversary Lunno because of the Town Bug caused by the Cross-Promo, please submit a support ticket. Our support team will check your daily missions for the event and if you have more than 6/9 missions completed, they will assign you Anniversary Lunno. Please don't try to cheat on this if you weren't affected by the bug
  10. @Andi85ch @cookiechip26 @Doedelian @samnett @lightion and anyone else who have been having this bug, if you can please go to the GH discord server found here: https://discord.com/invite/djbBgYp Then Direct Message Neven Kinkoid and tell him you're having trouble with this bug. It is now a priority fix.
  11. This has happened to several people and kinkoid is aware, hopefully it will be resolved soon.
  12. Event missions(the missions that give kobans) only occur during 9 day classic and orgy day events. Classic rewards are always a guy, orgy days you either get a guy or if you have him 2 boosters. Newer players wouldn't get anything because they weren't here to complete the orgy day missions when they occurred. Originally when orgy days/classic revival started there was no prize for completely all missions if you already had the guy, this update backdated all of that so some of us who have been playing for years at a time when there was no reward got a anywhere between 1-20 backlogged rewards fo
  13. It's because of the new 150 koban reward, its bugged and sadly no way to turn it off if you completed it already. The devs are aware of it just not sure how long the fix will be.
  14. It lasts over 24 hours too so we have time to grab it.
  15. 10.08.2022 Side Quest New Rare Side Quest Release: “Help An Uncle Out”: Traveling across the world to constantly try new wine out is no easy feat. Sometimes even successful business dilfs like Bunny’s uncle need a hot stud to help them on their business trip. Come and check out the brand new side quest! Activity page Boosters from the Activity page Players who missed rewards from past event missions will now receive boosters! If you haven’t claimed some rewards in the past – you will get boosters! Go and claim your rewards from the
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