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  1. I am having trouble getting Red also. What can be done to resolve this bug?
  2. Does anyone know if the new feature tha we are trying on the test server intended to be added to the main server as an expansion of the game? Or, is it intended to replace another feature? I have heard that "Champions" will be replaced. I was hoping that the champions would get new girls.
  3. I did not get Mazuki in Hentai Heroes as promised. I am at level 4895 in Hentai Clicker. I got her in Harem Heroes. But, I would prefer to have her in Hentai Heroes. Can you help me to have her?
  4. Yes, we have no way to control what happens in our club. If we get someone who is lude, rude, or obnoxious we have no way to remove them. We have no way to enforce established club rules. It seems that our club leader and founder has quit HH. This issue needs a remedy as soon as possible.
  5. Yes we need a Lesbian version. It would be entertaining.
  6. Is there some way to rearrange the girls in the Harem to the order that I want? I have changed one of my girls in my battle team and would like to move her profile to that position in my Harem list. Currently the new girl is near the end of my Harem list, even though she is now my Bata fighter. I would like to move her to the Bata position in my Harem list.
  7. For some reason I find it very hard to win girls from the villains in these special events. Here we are half way through this event and I do not have one girl yet. But others are bragging haw they only need one to have them all. This seams unfair. It is like some players are getting special treatment while others are being left out in the cold. Can any thing be done about this? I enjoy the game, have been playing for a year now, But still having trouble winning new girls. Sincerely, ambassador
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