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  1. Since no one has started any disscusion about this, I guess I`ll be starting it. For a start, I truly like the drawing they make for the main page, and the 2 dick candles at the very center gives the truly touch of HH. I think it`s amazing that we can farm every boss and still getting all possible girls no matter which boss we choose ( of course all players are going to pick the stronger boss they can ) I would guess that the drop rate is the same for all the bosses, but like I just said I can only guess. That being said, I wish you all good luck and congrats to Kinkoid.
  2. Adding the legendary gifts it is a great touch and it does not affect at all the drop rate of the girl, it is a different pool, actually it gives you more chances on getting at least something. Dont worry you will get the twins I believe in you. Good luck
  3. Well finally after spending 3000 kobans, got the twins and 7 aff items; not the best case scenario but still something. Good luck to all of you
  4. 100 fights, no girl and no gifts, this event is not working for me.
  5. Well my luck changed just a bit, got cave maika, hope that I am close to getting future laverne. Still no luck with DL
  6. Still no luck, how is it even possible after 9 days and lost count on how many battles not a single girl, I am just saying that in any other event the result for me would have been not winning a single girl, I know that some of you are going to jump at me by saying that the event have not finished yet but still, knowing my luck in this game, I know for sure that maybe even spending kobans I will only get one girl. And then I see a lot of guys saying that they got both girls in under 40 battles, this makes me sick, how is it even possible for some guys that most of the time got the girls with t
  7. So we are about to hit day number 5 and still no luck on any of the two bosses, I have spent 600 kobans in refills and more than 150 fights in both of them, I am seriously getting pissed of with this fucking game, i even dont let the meter charge the full 20 batles and still fucking nothing, if by the end of this day I dont at least get one of the two girls I am quiting this game, I feel fucking used by the people in charge of this event and the managment of this one. This is disgusting, fucking drop rate, who checks on this?! The only important thing to the people in charge of this game
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