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  1. When I'm trying to change the girls order against the champions on mobile phone, this is what I get: I can't change the girls order 😪🥲 I can make a new draft, but I cannot swoop the girls. This is happening against all champions on all games (on mobile).
  2. Ideally, you should discard anything below L5 (or in some cases lower rarity 5-star girls) in any champion draft regardless of levels. Your number of re-rolls for champion drafts grows proportionally with your harem (you get one more draft re-roll every 10 eligible girls added to your harem). Eligible girls are your harem size minus your total number of 1-star girls (the filler commons from Dark Lord and/or GP). So in my case for instance, I have 1480 girls in total now, including all of the 106 1-star girls, so as far as champions are concerned I have 1374 girls to pick from in any draft. Having experienced this from all the way back when I barely had enough girls to fill the 10 slots (and like 1 or 2 re-rolls) to these days where I have 1374 eligible girls and I think 137 (free) re-rolls per draft, the concern you express was never a thing. Right now, I have 24 maxed-out Mythics, 91 maxed-out L5s, along with both of the 2 E5s and 8 of the R5s maxed out as well that I can potentially fall back on. That's 125 girls, of which only about a third is relevant for any given draft, due to the old-school 3-class system champions still go by. Actually it's often even less than that because the random selection of 5 poses to match for a champion run don't always neatly include all 4 poses that exist for that champion's class. So realistically, on average there are maybe 1/4 of my 125 top girls, so about 31 picks I'm aiming for to fill up those 5 slots the best I can in a given draft. Out of 1374 girls eligible for random selection. That's not a whole lot on paper, but with a proper drafting strategy I hardly ever need to use up more than about half of my 130+ re-rolls to land on a team of 5 (or possibly 6-7 if that's relevant, which it generally isn't). It's hard to go more in-depth without knowing your own current numbers and this would go far beyond this event thread's topic (we could move this to its own Q&A thread and discuss strategies for champion drafts as much as you'd like if this helps, though). But no matter what it is, I'm very confident in telling you that you should be able to make a decent draft every single time regardless of how many girls you add to your harem that you will never want to pick in a champion draft. Bottom line, if that's a legit concern for you, it really shouldn't. We can review this together in more details for your own situation if you want. But adding fodder to your total number of girls doesn't reduce your odds of making a decent champion draft, ever. And you should always unlock and claim every girl you can regardless. It's a core pillar of progress in this game. It's not just about reaching the minimum of 100 girls of each of the 8 colors to max out your passive elemental bonuses, or slightly increasing your harem income in Ymens or even the tiny HP boost you get from your total harem levels. Collecting an extra girl or 10 or 100 will never hurt your harem even if you leave them at 0 stars and level 1 forever (more realistically level 250 over time, since that's the real base line in the long run for filler girls, because you don't need any gems for that and there are many tasks and contests that reward you for leveling up girls, and those first 250 levels are dirt cheap in terms of books). Hope this helps.
  3. Probably it is just bad luck combined with selective perception, but does someone else have the impression that on first rounds of champion (including club-champion) performances, it is too common that none of the girls trigger their class effect, even that the chance is stated to be above 40%? It also usually happens only on the very first performance against a champion/stage, and normalises on subsequent performances. Just happened again on my first performance against the current club-champion after the 24h waiting time: The effect chance is stated to be 43% but none of the girls triggered it in the first round. The chance for this is 0.57^10 = 0.36%. The same happens regularly (not always!) on the other champions, with class effect chances of 48%, which should happen only in 0.52^10 = 0.14% of cases. Also this time, on the second round it immediately normalised, with first two girls triggering their effect and then every now and then as expected. And the second performance also went through just as expected. I will start to do some statistics about this now, i.e. how often it happens and more importantly how often it does not happen.
  4. The champions get a little harder to fight each loop, it seems down right unfair the drop rate for 35 shards is so low. Also Why must it be non final stage to get girl shards, the Tickets are really slow to accumulate.
  5. Hi, Is the number of drafts against champions changing during play? I didn't pay attention to it until now, but I just saw that I'm having 24 free drafts against champions in CxH, while having 34 free drafts in HH. Is it dependant on the number of girls that I'm having?
  6. Is mono-stat equipment better against champions?
  7. Hello, Is the last tier on any boss in "Champions" a guaranteed 20 affection or just a chance of getting it? I think you may have changed the affection system a while back, making the 5th(last) tier of any champion give 20 shards for the respective girls. I think that before you'd randomly get the girl with 100% shards immediately but now it's guaranteed 20 every time you get to the last lvl of any champion, from what I can understand? The problem arises from switching to this system mid-way since the very last bosses are quite difficult and slow... I already have 3 full levels on the "Sky harbor" but the girl there is on 0% which means that I should have 60 shards already instead but I'm on 0 which makes me think that you've changed the system recently or mid-way... Or the Shards are random? This is not an issue for the first level since that one is easy, my progress on "Morning Wood" is lvl 14 but on the "Sky Harbor" it will be really difficult to start from 0 at level 3... If my understanding and math are correct I'd need to get lvl 8 to be 100 shards, that is if what i'm saying is correct and 20 shards . I hope I understood everything correctly, is there somewhere I can get more info on the systems of last tier champions and % of chances maybe?
  8. Every time I complete one stage in the champions, it says I have to wait 24 hours. Is there anyway to bypass this?
  9. Even when I have 10+ girls in my harem and reached world 3 quest 5 ( Im on world 4 quest 2 now ), it still says champions are locked for me. Is there a fix
  10. Shard Reward Display: I think the Shard reward that is displayed should show what you would actually get if the Club Champion (from now on called CC) was defeated at the moment. The current system simply doesn't make any sense and for new players it's impossible to even somewhat figure out how the system works. To solve this simply change the formula so it compares your impression with the max amount of impression possible and not what your Club members have already done. Difficulty CC has gotten too hard, maybe even normal Champions. I would say they deal too much damage. I'm above the club average and I rarely get to round 10 mostly to 7 or 8 even with up to date gear and maxed stats. What are players supposed to do below the average which have even less? Easiest solution would probably be to not double their damage if the pose doesn't match(there is potentially a bug that sometimes deals double damage even if the pose matches which could make this look even worse) or at least decrease the overall damage by 10% to 25% or you could also increase the players defense but that would affect PvP as well. Level Display Now it's nice that the Level of the CC is just half the clubs average + 10*per10wins but this doesn't represent the strength of it at all as you need about twice the level to make any sensible progress. I can only imagine this is to encourage lower level players to participate. While it might work for the first challenge, for the following they will simply be depressed for having made no progress even though it is far below their level and aren't willing to challenge them again. To solve it simply double the visual level but keep the stats the same. Information Lastly please update the CC how to information and maybe add more. -it doesn't has to be defeated within 24 hours anymore -give more information on how many shards you get and what it's based on (impression and participants, maybe the formula for the technical players) -what is the level and Tier of the CC based on -Can you even still lose against a CC?o buy tickets -Have a shortcut to the Champion reception desk to refresh your mind how they work and to be able to buy tickets Tier I feel like the Tier is honestly a relic and could be removed altogether since it doesn't seem to add anything. I imagine this was mainly to let it self balance somewhat which it won't anymore since you barely can lose against a CC anymore if at all. Shard Reward Amount Lastly, I personally wouldn't have the shards based on participants at all and just give 1 shard for every 1 to 3 percent. But i am aware this will never happen so set the participants relative to the club members (not the possible ones) with a minimum of 10 to prevent people from creating their own private club just to get more shards
  11. Hi there. New feature incoming: Club champions! It will be in the club menu, and it is the same thing as normal champion performances (pool of girls, try to match the sequence of positions requested by the champion, spend a ticket for challenge, possibility of multichallenge spending 6 kobans for every +1 simultaneous performance) Beating the champion gives out 1-3 shards for his girl to each club member that partecipated in the fight, 99,9% of the time(so I guess 33,3% of the time for 1,2 and 3 shards each), and there's a 0,1% chance to get the lucky x100 drop. It seems a fine feature, an interesting addition to clubs feature. The full wipe out of impression if the club do not manage to beat the champion in 24hours seems to me a bit too harsh, to be completely honest. Also, what is the point of putting contribution points as a reward alongside the ymens? They're useless right now (and strongly "imbalanced" between ymens/kobans contribution)
  12. Did I somehow miss the announcement that kisses were being added as a last stage reward in Champions? When did this happen? Does it mean players may have to go through the Champion nine times to gaurantee getting the girl?
  13. Dear Santa Klaus (aka Mr. Kinkoid) As you well know, this year I have behaved very well and I have bothered little (it has been a month since I have bothered in the chat; yes, more or less when you changed it; wink; wink) As every year I want to thank you for being constant in the game with new and good updates, from me and my playmates, THANK YOU !! (except these last months) This year my partners and I have been good and unfortunately we received very bad gifts (won't you have the ticket to return them? (If we compare it with the super jersey with music that my mother-in-law gave me with matching socks), which I expose below and its possible solution 1 .CALENDAR New and better calendar with more free days and old events -Legendary Contest: Because it is an event that must be connected at the last minute, it is treated as an evil event in addition to having to do a tournament in that week and mandatory champions to win It could be done throughout the month with a contest to win 100,000 points and if you click on the event it will take you to a store where you can exchange points 100.000 points -100 shards 20.000 points -10 shards 10.000 points -100 tickets kisses 1 points at 1000 points - MISC objects like flowers ,books ,chocolate and BOOSTERS 200 points-news events avatar 100.00 points -legendary equipment 150.000 points -legendary equipment MONO - PoA : This event could be done throughout the month (or delete it, for many people and for me it is a horrible event according to an old survey) Being an event of the whole month, the missions could be uploaded (one of the missions that I hate is to spend X tickets in CHAMPIONS I would exchange it for spend X tickets in champions or finish 4 battles in them) as well as the rewards (some reward could be kissing tickets so you would not have to change the champions or the tournament) And we can do 4 quests at time (spend money,kill bosses,do champions,win battles,affection girls,...)choosing by us 2. SEASONS: Unfortunately there are many problems here A Season has 50 tier of each one are 200 points in total 10,000 points If you divide that between 28 days of a month, it gives me 358 points that I have to do per day (it is something that can be achieved as long as you do not lose any points since 18 x10h waiting for recharging x 10h waiting for recharging are 360, The problem in seasons is that many days you lose more points than you win so you will lower the tier whether you want it or not) POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: -Give more KISSES (You did that but in places where you shouldn't because it takes a long time to get them (TOURNAMENT and CHAMPIONS) and also you have to use the kisses at the moment (so I encourage the kisses tickets) -Get kisses in old arena :If you want some kisses you can get it fighting in arena if you win an enemy you get a kisses (EASY and FAST because the old arena had 3 opponents each time and you need wait 30 min for the next battle - PoP:There are still several unopened ;so you could use 3 to give Kisses Tickets - PoA:As I said before, if the event is actived all the month we get more rewards...maybe one or two be kisses tickets -Legendary Contest:With the remaining points you could change for kisses tickets in the legendary contest shop -do as you say in PACTH NOTE 50 which takes a long time to get few kisses and that you will have to use when you finish tournament or boss champions (not always active) 3.Payment safety card: I like offerts like 2.99 and 4.99 € 4.MYTHIC DAYS : People say we need expend 11.000 -18.000 kobans in EACH ONE girl ...each month . I think it's a lot of kobans for what we earn per month I know that you have to pay your workers and you want to give them the Christmas basket for this month but I think that if we lower the kobans a bit like about 7500 -9000 or put NEW TOURNAMENT LEAGUE ( there are many big players but few tournaments that give a lot of money) it would be much easier and you could also buy cheaper hams with that investment ( put link of Christmas baskets here) I have also seen that the mythical girl is a FUSION between Bunny and Luppa, so we could make a machine in the CLUB and fusion girls to make them stronger even if it is to do them every day 5. GET MONEY: Many people who do not pay the monthly card, it costs a lot to collect the money, they say that the drawing of the money slows down the computer a lot, but ... IT IS NOT TRUE, it is not the movement of money but the girls since every time that you click on a girl has to load all her data and the drawing ... SOLUTION: put a tab with only the names (put photo here) So far nothing more, I will reissue little by little until completing this letter I hope it reaches your hands and MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! P.D:I also ask for Peace in the world (that there are no event conflicts between players in HH), that I win the lottery and a MYTHIC unicorn ^^ for my Blonde Choose how you are ... a Santa Claus or a Grinch by Jan Red Dragon
  14. When in Champions, if you click on one of your girls instead of the "draft," the game takes you to the Market
  15. TIP FOR POA Even if you have finished all currently available scrolls of the Adventure Mode, you can always spend energy on Champion Tickets at the Reception Desk! Main menu -> Champions -> Reception Desk -> Buy 1 Ticket for 60 Energy Image courtesy of Patch Notes Week #39.
  16. Is there a maximum for the number of Sex Champions tickets? I have 218.
  17. Hi guys, Recently I've been giving more thought to the battle mechanics against champions, and it doesn't seem to be as intuitive as I used to assume, especially in terms of your own Attack and Defense stats when fighting a champion. I've searched both wikis (EN and FR) and this forum, to no avail. If anyone knows exactly how your Attack and Defense stats are calculated when entering a battle against a champion, could you please explain it to me? Here's what I've found so far: - It's NOT your hero's relevant stat + your equipment + your 10-girl line-up's stats. - It's NOT just your hero's relevant stat either. - Boosters work normally, but based on the seemingly random relevant stat you're given, and that's what eludes me. I'm KH. Right now, my Hero's base HC stat is 12,320 (when I equip a full set of garbage with no added stats, and 3 level 1 girls). With my usual multi-stat set, this goes up to 26,978. When I enter a fight against Alban, , I start with a (HC) Defense of 9,086 and an Attack of 41,955 (with my multi-stat set equipped). I just can't figure out where these values come from... =/ I even wasted a ticket on a battle with my garbage equipment just to see how it affected my stats. Here are a few pics of my results: Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. For the last 3 day in a row I haven't received the 3 free tickets that I should have gotten because I don't have any tickets to play with. The only champions game I was able to play for the last 3 days were because of the few tickets that I got from the daily contest, from the villans and a few from the daily missions. Other than that I haven't received any tickets which is starting to irritate me very much because I'm now gonna lose another 840,168 points within the hour. This is costing me extra days to be able to finally get the last stage against the champ from Elites University. I'm not happy about this issue.
  19. Bug in Champions. Sometimes KH girls when they proc Harmony activate Narcissism instead of Reassurance. I'm not sure if that's just a visual bug or a gameplay one. Both times it happened it was at the 5th stage of boss, so I wasn't able to see if Narcissism effect actually activated, because the defense at the 5th stage is always zero. But it never added HP(Ego) as the Reassurance supposed to. So maybe that's just a visual bug and gameplay-wise Harmony doesn't happen at all in this instances. So, I have two cases. First, 5th stage of Alban(level 0). Attempt number 1. And the proper description of the bug. This happened with 2 KH girls - Winter Agata and Kelina. Both girls proced Harmony. But instead of Reassurance the displayed message was Narcissism. The HP(Ego) bonus of Reassurance wasn't activated. And it wasn't just visual, because it was first attempt and I payed close attention to my HP(Ego), so if either of those effects were actually activated, then I would be able to have one more round of battle, but that wasn't the case. I wasn't paying attention to the HP(Ego) of Alban, so I can't confirm that the damage dealt to him was the same in the battle and outside of battle, so I can't confirm that the damage of the possible additional round was actually dealt to him. Attempt number 5 or 6. Same thing happened with Kelina again. For every other attempt it was normal - both Winter Agata and Kelina when procing Harmony were activating Reassurance and the HP(Ego) was added. Also, I had another KH girl - Samane, who proced Harmony only once and it was a Reassurance. Sadly, I wasn't able to screenshot those times when this bug happened with Alban. Second. 5th stage of Matsuda(level 2). Attempt number 1. This bug happened with Red Battler. Attempt number 2. This bug happened with Red Battler in a 12th round. Screenshot(1) below. But she had normal Harmony with Reassurance in 2nd round. Attempt number 5 or 6. This bug happened with Red Battler. Screenshot(2) below. Attempt number 7 or 8. This bug happened with Octavia. Screenshot(3) below. There were also some other times, when this bug happened, but I wasn't able to screenshot them. Overall, Red Battler had this bug occurred to her pretty regularly, but she also had normal Harmony procs with Reassurance as well. From KH girls I also had Clarisse, Octavia and the Housemaid. I'm not sure if Clarisse proced Harmony even once, but even if she did, never with a bug. Housemaid and Octavia activated Harmony pretty regularly and nearly always with Reassurance, but this bug happened to each of them at least once. Now, here is the interesting part. With Matsuda I was able to go on a second circle of girls, so the same Red Battler was able to fight two times per attempt. And on one occasion - attempt number 2, she was able to proc Harmony twice. First time in the 2nd round she proced Harmony and activated Reassurance, but in 12th round when she activated Harmony again she proced Narcissism. I hope this helps in determining how this bug happens. Here're few screenshots. 1) 2) 3)
  20. I am playing the current event and it tells me that I must fight with champions but I cannot find them or what must be done to unlock them
  21. So, guys, I was battling through Ryi's 5th stage on the third pass and during the first battle encountered 3 or 4 (don't remember exactly) times in a row an increased attack of 52k, while his girl must deal 35k. The second battle I decided to give it a closer look. The situation repeated, a couple of her attacks were as if she was lucky and her ability dealt 50% additional damage. But there were no indication of it AND it worked ONLY when my girls used their own ability AND it happened way more than her 9% intended ability chance. That was weird so I decided to make a video for proofs. Here you go - video of 3-14 battles with Rui on the 5th stage. You may see this shit happen multiple times. Today I'm battling Ryi's first stage and everything seems normal, so, I guess, it's some bug on the fifth stage only.
  22. Good night, when I face Matsuda in stage 4 his girl (Albane) does much more damage than he should, instead of 31,340 does 55,630, this error stops momentarily when any of my girls or Albane activate their ability, it doesn't matter If it is defensive or offensive when activated, Albane's damage does what it should, please check that at least in my case I lost more than 14 tickets before I knew it.
  23. Champions seem utterly broken for me. I understand that they're supposed to be difficult, but why does, let's say Alban for this example since he's the one I fought last (and am currently fighting), both have 0 defense, and I have 0 defense. According to positions- it pushes me into getting 2 charm girls (Column and Nose dive are the positions I've only ever gotten on charm girls). But then that means that the first 2 girls that proc Narcissism proc- just do nothing. Cant double the defense if there is no defense! And what's worse, the girl I've got right after 2 Charm girls, is Val Kelina, a Know-How girl. She procs her ability- and I see "Narcissism" pops out. A Know How girl gave me a useless bonus since 0 defense, and she shouldn't even have given that bonus in the first place? I've stopped skipping Champion fights just so I can see what happens, and I dont know about you but they seem horribly buggy and broken. Oh and btw- the 0 defense thing- sometimes it happens on higher champions, sometimes it doesn't, I have no idea how or why, so I'm thinking right now that's a bug, especially with girls giving you wrong bonuses... I will try to grab a screenshot and see if this happens again so I can prove it P.S. I've seen somewhere on the forum that supposedly the damage booster helps with Champions- but I haven't seen it up my damage on any of my girls when fighting a champion, I suppose that was wrong info? Edit: I've added the screenshot, I think I barely caught it, but you see it there- Val Kelina procced the Narcissism buff... that's useless... So not only charm girls are useless, but some other girls that randomly proc charm bonuses? What the hell?
  24. is it my imagination or does anybody else when they back to champions - find they are missing points or is it just me ?
  25. Anyone else feel the difficulty levels of the champions is getting too high way too quickly? I'm level 298, and it took me about 10 battles to beat Ryu on level 5 on the first run through him (which is fine). But Visor is almost impossible to beat even on level 1. I've got 8 of 10 positions matched, and leveled every girl to the max and it's still going to take at least 15 battles to beat LEVEL ONE. I can't even imagine what it'll take to beat his level 5, let alone the champion past him. Unless they bump the difficulty down significantly, any champion past Ryu won't even be worth trying. I can appreciate that they've added a feature that is meant to take awhile to finish, but I can't imagine saving up 50+ tickets to beat Alban if I manage to ever get to him.
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