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  1. You have a strong sense of justice and want to wander the Glorious Halls of Justits with the most Elite Veteran Super-Heroes of the Comixverse? The JusTits League is recruiting a motivated player to join the ranks of the strongest club of comixharem.com, just click that link to check us We have an active club Discord server where you will be able to hone your skills, get all your strategic inquiries answered and be a part of the most friendly and helpful team of all! 🤗 Stats are maxed, so there's no need for gold investment. @Alander As the strongest "free agent" on the game (only one with more than 5 D3 wins not in the top 2 clubs), we would welcome you with pleasure 🎉
  2. The club's membership setting is "open." We are a friendly and active group sharing this journey and having fun along the way to restoring the kingdom. So please, if you are interested in joining the club, and we are full, check back to see if a new slot has opened up. - Name of the club Carnal Knights - The ID of the club 5652 - The language spoken in the club is English - Your current amount of members 40/40 ( no membership slots are currently open ) - The goal of the club Have fun and help each other - Possible restrictions for people when wanting to join the club. Interested players should be level 225 or better - Expectations of the members To be involved in the club and game * My guidelines: To be active in the game means we see you gaming once a month. Being active in the club means making ongoing contributions to the club (continueing participation in the Club Champions feature). Around the 1st of each month, members who have not participated in game or club activities are subject to losing membership. I make most of the club growth contributions and ask the rest of the club as a group to try and stay within 15% of my contribution total. * Current Stats 20 20 20 20 - 20 20 20 20 (the red numbers show the current club priority on upgrades)
  3. Name: Blue Balls Club (formerly brassy en mole) ID: #3250 (Hentai Heroes) Language: English (mainly; many members speak other languages) Members: 39/40 (Updated 2022/02/26) Goal: The main goal of the club is having fun and playing, of course. With the new feature (Club Champions) and our current free spots, we're looking for new members who are willing to participate and contribute towards that specific goal (in other words, using the feature). We are successfully cycling through the Club Champion every 24 hours and looking to maintain/improve that pace. Restrictions: None. Expectations: We basically expect activity and, in the case of Club Champions, contribution/participation. Please post in Club Chat regularly during your first few weeks of membership so that we can get to know each other! We objectively measure contributions and Impression done to Club Champions, so here is where you will make your mark! Tired of being told that your level is too low? Been rejected or ignored by other clubs? Do mandatory donation requirements seem excessive? Trying to balance how to show club loyalty without risking the loss of kobans should there be an arbitrary "member purge?" Is your current club making you pull more than your share on Club Champions, or leaving you to fend for yourself once "heavy hitters" have gotten the girl? If you are ready to fight, join us! We will support you AS YOU GROW and as you do, we grow STRONGER TOGETHER. While there are clubs with higher level players and/or more members, we are the equal of any other club in every Club Rank in terms of individual player benefits! Come make a difference with us, fight with us, stay with us, make new friends. Feel free to apply directly in-game and/or post any questions below. Whether or not you know your colors or make up your own terms, no matter your class or your level (or even your politics)- Blue Balls Club* can be your home! 🔵🔵🔵 #BallsNotOrbs *Blue balls neither required for nor included with membership.
  4. Hello all, Our Club, Les Culottes Legandaires (ID 1006). is recruiting active players to fill our ranks! We have some old timers, experienced players with level 500, and some young newer ones, with English and French speaking people, it's an interesting mix And our stats are maxed! I lowered the minimum level required to 240 (it was previously 300), but it might go down or up as we will be nearly full. I want to have players who are active daily, and who contribute at least a bit to defeating the champion. If you want to join us, search for the Club ID 1006, and just join!
  5. Mr.007

    Mr.007 chat

    To open a discussion with Archmage and any other members to share knowledge of the game.
  6. Rainbow Narwhals ID 4269 Join us at, search by ID 4269 at Tower of Fame under Clubs tab: (https://www.hentaiheroes.com/tower-of-fame.html?tab=clubs). (Direct link) We are here to play together and help each other. Everybody is welcome. We remove inactive players after 2 weeks if the Club is full. Our Chat is in English but don't be afraid of writing even if you are not good at it. -------- Update as per Dec 2nd, 2023 Our current stats: Size: 40 (max) Available spots: 2 Minimum level requirement: 300+ Average Player lvl: 449
  7. Clubs! Salve a tutti giocatori! Come potete intuire, questo è il Topic ufficiale per la ricerca/proposte Club, per cui da oggi in poi basta scrivere qua per sapere chi ha un buco libero (🥁 Badumm tiss) Come sempre vi ricordo, divertitevi pure, ma nel rispetto delle regole generali del forum! Buona giornata!
  8. Hello, I got banned, but I'm not here to complain about it, I'm here for the player left behind who have nothing to do about this. Since I'm ban I can't use support to ask to give to someone in my club on HH the leadership, same when i try to contact them via another site like CxH on kinkoid it's a general ban, or if it's here on the forum I don't find it, "support" in the research bar wasn't efficient, and no topic except this one look good enought for this. If there is any automatic measure for this case, ok, have a good day enjoy your playing. If not, how can I do something for them ? I don't know any of them personally, I was the only one how give them bonus code or some info in the chat, but despite that some of them were very active, and I don't want to lock them with a dead leadership. There is no co-leader since no one ask it and I was ok to manage it alone. Some info about: club name is "she is stuck step bro" or "she's stuck step bro" don't remember the exact writing. And for the player to get the leadership the more legitimate is "dodonite" he was the best ratio contributing/time in the club. Bonus if in some way my resources can go to boost the club bonus for them. Thanks for your replies. Regards. Als
  9. It seems that recently whenever a game update is going live something already within the game breaks, now the Club chat window suddenly does not work: The browser inspector says something about a tutorial not being defined.
  10. The menu doesn't open to manage club members. If you experience this, it's an error in @zoopokemon's "Hentai Heroes++ BDSM version" script. Disabling that should let you manage the club again. If not, then clear the site's cookies. That works, but not if the script is in use. It'll be troubleshooted soon.
  11. SiNS is a top 10 ranked club on CxH We currently have an opening for level 400+, our club consists of active players with a low turnover rate. We are not a high roller club so any spend level is welcome. Direct Club Links Comix Harem Porn Star Harem Hentai Heroes
  12. Tenemos todo al máximo y necesitamos gente nueva con ganas de jugar. Solo pedimos ser activo, idioma hablado es español o catalán. Donaciones exentas ya que tenemos todo a nivel 20. Tenemos a gente de nivel alto y expertos en el juego para dudas. También agradecemos colaboración si ya eres experto. Os esperamos.
  13. Les Romantiques (Club ID: 1002) are looking for new recruits. This is a long-standing, maxed-out club with simple but effective rules and fair and reliable leadership (@Hockrick is the leader, not me, but I'm making this thread on his behalf). We have nice people who will help you out when needed but a Club Chat that doesn't blink all the time. Despite the name, only a few of our current members speak French (including Hockrick and yours truly) and we have members from everywhere. We typically speak English in chat or on our dedicated Discord (which isn't very active by default, but has plenty of info for new players and can be a place to exchange further without disrupting regular gameplay with a blinking club chat; we primarily use it to check new candidates and welcome new members, though). We're open to any decent person who is an active player in this game (HH dot com) and willing to participate in CC runs consistently (within the limits our leader regularly updates to make it fair and as simple as possible for everyone; we also have a shared spreadsheet so we know where everyone is at on the various CC girls). We have all types of players, from PvP-oriented competitive veterans now in the 560 hero level range to casual enthusiasts, to quite new players as low as level 366 currently. As long as you're respectful, reasonably active, and you contribute at least one ticket for each CC run, you could find a home with us. If this sounds like your kind of club (I know it's mine ^^), please feel free to apply either here or on Discord, or even directly in game if you don't have a club at this time (Club ID: 1002). Note that our level requirement is 500 by default, so you can't apply directly if you're at a lower level, but this doesn't mean we won't let you in after getting to know you a bit. See you soon!
  14. Starting a brand new club from the ground up on the .com server. Looking for any and all players, level restrictions vary based on availability. SiNS is a top 10 ranked club on CxH and within the top 20 on PsH. and now on HH to complete the trilogy. Direct Club Links Hentai Heroes Comix Harem Porn Star Harem
  15. This thread is about what to do if you are in a Club, but you cant leave the club or you cant press any buttons. Now the problem is 99% solved ORIGINAL POST: (the red circled buttons dont work) What to do if you have this bug/problem? Support is informed, but it is not a known issue at the moment.
  16. Hi guys, I been playing now for a few mounths and really would like some more members in our club" The circle of trust". All welcome! Peace, Boner
  17. Hello I have been playing Hentai Heroes for almost a year and I really like how I play but I find the clubs very useless, apart from the chat and the possibility of having bonuses the clubs don't do much, it would be really nice if they implemented the same mechanics as others games that have clubs / guilds / clans (etc ...) for example the ability to exchange goods, sell tickets and compete in harem battles between club members
  18. - Nombre del club: Catalanets_verds - Identificación del club: 2573 - Idioma hablado en el club: Español/Català. - Miembros actuales/maximos: 30/33 -Rango actual /fecha: 349 en 01-02-21. - Que busca el club: Ser un sitio donde divertirse juntos compartir experiencia y llegar a los primeros lugares. Requisitos mínimos: Se pide para entrar un nivel mínimo de 100, entender el español o el catalán. Que pedimos con la incorporación?: se exige un minimo de donacion semanal de 60 kobans cada 2 días o 180 a la semana como mínimo. Tenemos casi todo en un nivel muy alto y pronto llegaremos al 20. Esperamos siempre el respeto y el buen rollo y nos gustan las relaciones largas. Se hacen estadísticas de los miembros para saber su actividad, expulsamos a los miembros inactivos y felicitamos a los que han sido los mejores. con poco que juegues y te guste el buen rollo disfrutaras de estar con nosotros. Te esperamos pronto. Tenemos en mente cambios y aquí vamos a ir actualizando cada 1 o 2 semanas posición y sitios libres.
  19. Welcome in... ...::Rings of Porn::... Club is open ...
  20. bonjour, le jeu fait un peu vite a coté de sa grande soeur Hentai Heroes niveau social, a quand un club ? ou un tchat avec d'autres joueurs ?
  21. Bonjour nous sommes a la recherche de joueur/joueuse qui recherche une famille, peut omporte votre pays ou votre langue, lvl 187 et plus. Club ouvert. Sur Hentai Heroes, nom du club : Les QuébecoisetCanadiens ID : 1223, merci et bonne journée et bon jeux. Hello everyone, we are looking for a player who is looking for a family, whatever your country or language, lvl 187 and more. Open club. On Hentai Heroes, Club Name: Quebecoiset Canadiens ID: 1223, thanks and kind day and good game x.
  22. Join my club at, search by ID 10285 Everyone's welcome to join the circus. Here we don't require anything from you, because in the circus we're all freaks just trying to have fun, so don't be afraid to join I'm always here to lend a open hand to those who want it. My Chat is in English but don't be afraid of writing even if you are not good at it, I'll be here to listen. -------- Our current stats: Size: 22 Available spots: 21 Minimum level requirement: 110 Average Player lvl: 274 (since its just me)
  23. Bonjour à tous, Cookies Lovers [FR] sur hh.com ID: 4954 Notre club revient de loin, les anciens joueurs qui l'ont créé ont tous arrêtés. La nouvelle génération prend le relais ! Nous cherchons principalement des joueurs Fr dans le but de faciliter la communication, des joueurs, à qui le jeux plait et qui ont envie d'avancer. Le lvl n'as actuellement pas d'importance pour nous, l'envie de jouer est notre seul prés requis. Un discord est à disposition pour aider, différentes astuces y sont proposés. Il n'est pas obligatoire, une simple présence chat est suffisante. Notre objectif est surtout de se construire un club solide et qui sera à même de participer aux futurs contenus de club qui arriveront peut être dans les mois à venir. A l'heure actuelle nous sommes 33/33 mais des places son quand même disponibles à la demande. Nos règles sont simples, Barème d'inactivité (sauf si prévenu) : 0-100 Inactivité > 24H 101-200 Inactivité > 72H 201-300 Inactivité > 5Jours 301-400 Inactivité > 10Jours Champ de club : Il est indispensable de laisser le champ de club disponible tout les mercredi de 13h jusqu'au jeudi 13h. La draft utilisée pendant cette période ne devra pas excéder 1m de dégâts / tiquets. La quantité d'utilisation est quant à elle illimité dans la mesure ou il n'y a pas d'abus. Il n'y a aucune obligation quant à l'investissement dans les stats de club. N'hésitez pas à me contacter si le cœur vous en dit, je me ferais un plaisir de répondre à vos questions. SexeBond Lvl 476 Fan de Cookies et de Bunny. 😍
  24. Le club des Chevaliers Lubriques (ID 2049) recrute : Le club est francophone, serveur HentaiHeroes. Notre But : passer de bons moments sur le jeu. Plaisir de jouer, solidarité et convivialité sont nos valeurs. Nous ne vous imposerons aucune contrainte sur votre façon de jouer (sauf sur les combats des champions de club : voir plus bas) même si nous aimons comparer nos stratégies et nos objectifs. Nous acceptons tout le monde pourvu qu'il soit poli, qu'il vienne dire bonjour régulièrement sur le tchat en s'exprimant dans un français correct et qu'il soit un minimum actif sur le jeu (connexion quotidienne ou qu'il prévienne en cas d'absence prolongée). Toutes nos statistiques sont maxées, donc pas de participation demandée jusqu'à nouvel ordre. Nous sommes de niveaux variés : de 299 à 481. Très majoritairement très actifs sur le jeu. Nos membres sont des francophones du monde entier, nous avons des hommes, des femmes, des jeunes, des vieux, des pas encore vieux mais plus aussi jeunes . Le tchat est donc assez animé à toute heure avec des conversations variées (HentaiHeroes, jeux , mangas, informatique, ciné etc.). Nous sommes actuellement 39/40. Pour correspondre à nos valeurs, notre chef, le sage Zenkai, a créé un club ouvert et veille au bon comportement de ses membres avec bienveillance. Actuellement, nous demandons seulement un niveau mini 300 pour recruter des joueurs ayant quelques mois d'ancienneté sur le jeu. Une bonne présentation peut nous pousser à baisser notre level minimum. Nouveautés liées aux champions de club : Les champions de club nécessitent une certaine discipline et des actions organisées pour qu'un maximum de membre obtienne la fille pour un minimum d'investissement (voire aucune dépense en kokos). Il est donc primordial qu'on puisse joindre les membres pour s'accorder sur les stratégies à adopter. Tout nouveau membre qui ne fera pas l'effort de venir sur le tchat ou sur le discord du club au moins une fois par semaine pour y prendre les informations importantes sera donc exclu. Si vous nous rejoignez avec un petit level, il vous sera difficile (voire stratégiquement stupide) d'obtenir la fille du champion car la puissance du champion est liée au niveau moyen du club. Vous bénéficierez des bonus du club et de nos conseils avisés pour progresser vite et nous vous aiderons volontiers quand le champion reviendra. ATTENTION (NOTICE POUR LES NOOBS ) : Pour aller sur le tchat, il suffit de cliquer sur les bulles de BD situées en haut et à gauche à côté du logo HH. Lorsqu’un point d'exclamation vert apparaît sur les bulles, c'est qu'un membre a écrit un message. Si vous voulez vous adresser à un membre particulier, précédez votre message de son pseudo. Edit du 7/04/21 : mise à jour et ajout du paragraphe sur les champions de club. Edit du 11/08/21 : maj.
  25. Hello for all. So, I will detailed explain what happens. Today was announced new month or club championship. For all club necessary reach 186 mil of score. I already reach round 70 mil, and lost availability of guaranteed reward. Remain only with chance with 0.01%. See screenshot. Who can tell me, wha the problem happened?
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