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About Me

  1. I pay 75.000 for tissues and then see my energy bar at minus 82,457/100 please fix I don't want to wait a year for my energy to refill 😠😠🤞
  2. Why did i got -41277 energy without doing anything
  3. TIP FOR POA Even if you have finished all currently available scrolls of the Adventure Mode, you can always spend energy on Champion Tickets at the Reception Desk! Main menu -> Champions -> Reception Desk -> Buy 1 Ticket for 60 Energy Image courtesy of Patch Notes Week #39.
  4. Hello and good evening to everybody I already got addicted to this game because it is a very great game with a funny story line. So, bought the offer to make my energy and combativity more than full. However, I plan to use those surplus energy and combativity when doing quest or when in desperation. So, I really wanna spend it wisely. I am curious on why my energy and combativity didnt increase like normal. The energy and combativity just stale and didnt increase even after 6 hours. My suggestion is, can you please fix it. so people who have surplus energy and combativity can also replenish their energy and combativity, because i only want to use my surplus energy and combativity when im desperate. Please do something about it And if this is the wrong medium to make my request heard, can anyone tell me the right medium for this feedback? Thank you very much and have a good day everybody I dont want it to become stale, I wanna it to be increase too!! :'((
  5. How am I suppose to spend 250 energy when I’m still waiting on more of the storyline to come out? Does this mean I can’t progress further and get the final rewards in the heatwave challenges?
  6. I was at 20 energy. I leveled up when performing an "Activities" and it said I had been awarded 10 energy... however, energy only went to 26 (obviously, it should have gone to 30). I think this is the second time in a row where I've not received the full 10 energy. I'll try to get screen captures of this, day after tomorrow when I should be leveling up again.
  7. I know that the devs need support to keep the game running, but don't you think the spent of energy is too much? Sometimes the xp gained doesn't match the energy spent. And why do we have to spend energy to some scenes that don't develop? I'd suggest a fixed amount for every scene. The protagonist is starting to talk with the girl, they do nothing that will require energy, and yet the game makes us to spend 2 or 3 to move to the next frame! Since we start with 50, the first scene could use, like, 10 energy, the second 15, the third 20, and so on. Well, it's my opinion only. I think it boring to start a scene and then having to wait for the next day to continue it. I don't have much time to stick around that much! André Luis
  8. Hi I had some thoughts recently... After waiting for more than 1,5 month for a new quest, I now am again in the same position, where the Current Quest keeps "Coming soon". I do not complain about that, because I can understand the amount of work required to build every new quest. What I think is unfair is the fact that while a quest is "coming soon", there are contests that asks for energy spending. Given that the only way to spend energy is to play the current quest, I think that players who have reached to the last quest are being "punished", by being excluded from these particular contests. I suggest that while there is a quest in the "coming soon" state, no "energy spending" contests appear. I think it is a fair suggestion, and no one is excluded.
  9. There should be fair less energy use and it should be refilled after each level up. Gameplay doesn't holds the player for long because of too much waiting time is a turn off for me atleast. And game play isnt much interesting so far its slow.
  10. Ok so let me start off with a statement. I get it. It’s a freemium game. 1% of the folk here are gonna pay the bills and you need to try and entice them to spend money. I get it. I do not choose to spend money but I think this is a problem that concerns both those who pay and those who don’t. I’m on Jennie’s kidnapping in Ninja Town and I realized something I waited a few hours to move forward in the story and expended 9 energy to see someone else ejaculate in a retelling of a sex scene. What? energy to me implies my player character is doing something in the game. I paid 9 to get told about a guy gangbanging a blond and then paid an additional 9 just for a cum shot. There seems to be balance issues here. I’d i bought Kobans to see my player character do things that’s one thing. I’m just not seeing the rational of having every single frame of the story (with a few exceptions) cost hours or dollars. Maybe bring the costs down a little? Direct actions still costing 10-13 energy and seeing new frames of the story costing 5? Just a thought.
  11. Sometimes when I click on Energy refill it displays the Koban cost as Not a Number (NaN) see screenshot. Not a big deal, but somewhat irritating. mod edit: just hiding the image behind a spoiler due to it having an uncensored pose
  12. My energy doesn't get refilled when I level up for some reason. In fact, nothing gets refilled.
  13. For the past 3-4 days time remaining until we get 1 energy or power is not being displayed....I play on mobile
  14. What do you think about adding a new way to use energy just for contests that need it? I think that it would be nice if in contests that require players to use energy there was a button to use it (even more than one, like 1 - Spend 10 energy, 2 - Spend 20 energy and so on...). In this way players who have already finished the story can use energy to gain points for contests.
  15. Can we get a way to spend our energy ? For those of us who have finished the story and are waiting for more we really dont have a way to spend our energy... I'd love to see a place for that like a job or something i really dont like wasting it
  16. If I already have ankyo in my harem my question would be if it affected the experience and affection I have in it or will be a new character.? Or nothing will come out at this event if I finish it
  17. Is there any discussion on adding something to use energy on once you reach the end of the game? Unless I am missing something energy is only used to move through the storyline. However once you reach the end of the game there is nothing to spend energy on. Therefore my energy bar just sits at 100 and it seems like a waste. Although they are continuing to add new content, I believe that a second mechanic to spend energy could add value to the game overall. Although if it was too rewarding players my focus on it instead of progressing through the story. Ideas?
  18. Hi all. Well, played exactly 4 screens and out of energy. Refilled with kobans and played 4 screens and out of energy. Refilled again, played 5 screens and out of energy. For me, that is not acceptable so... good luck, devs.
  19. So I am pretty new, but I thought every time you level up, your energy refills. Is this wrong?
  20. Is It normal that my energy don't recover when I level up? As I understood, It should recover every time I level up, however, it stay the same the last3 times I leveled up
  21. Hi all! How can battle energy increased? Thanks
  22. So I just got to the end of the story missions I can play (so far) and now energy as a resource feels a bit pointless. So the next part is "coming soon" so what am I supposed to do with the energy meanwhile? In the future, could we like convert our energy into resources or battle-points so we could get something for our loyalty and "hard work"?
  23. Why doesn't energy refill anymore when leveling up,like it used to before?
  24. Hi guys, Thank you for creating this game. Since there's no way to use the Energy once you finish the Story, i'd like to ask you: can you make it spendable in boss battle? Looking for money and girls are our main activities, and doing a boss battle with 5/10/15 points of energy would of Great help (more so in farming early girls, bosses don't give much money). I wish you all an happy new year ^^
  25. Energy bar was not refilled upon reaching level 12. I completed an Activity mission beforehand, seemingly reaching the Experience cap and then continued the Current quest, leveling up but with 0 Energy. Sorry if this an intentional feature but considering that the Energy bar was refilled at every previous level up I have my doubts.
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