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About Me

  1. A place to speculate about future events. Gaze into my giant crystal balls 🔮🔮, and peer into the future! Which mythic girl is getting revived next? What's the next PoV theme? When can I recruit that old L5 from PoG? Is there a BB or DP this month? What happens when the DD overlaps w/ the LC and CbC? Huge scores. Can I prepare for it? Not really, besides saving orbs. All those questions answered here, and more! First of all, here's a list of recurring events, their abbreviations, and a short description: CE: Classic Event (1st, 9 days, monthly) - new themed 3 star girls. DD: Double Date pachinko event. Get up to 20 girls w/ orbs instead of 10. It's unpredictable and has occurred so far on Dec 1st, Jan 14th, and Feb 20th. MD: Mythic Days (3rd, 3 days, monthly) - new M6 mythic girls. Save 10k kos & 5 SP for it. CbC: Cumback Contest (Weekly from Mon to Wed) - Old PoA/Season girls. PoV: Path of Valor (every 2 weeks) - 6 types, and 2 new L3 girls. Premium side costs 3.6k kos. BB: Boss Bang (10th, 4 days, alternates bimonthly w/ DP) - A new L5 girl (easy for veterans). Use sensual 🔵 girls if struggling. DP: Double Penetration (10th, 4 days, alternates bimonthly w/ BB). Two L5s, and costs 7.2k kos for the premium path. Don't collect daily missions/goals, until there's a task. LD: Legendary Days (10th, 4 days, monthly) - 1 new & 1 old L5 LD girl, now revived in order so it's predictable, but it used to be random. OD: Orgy Days (14th, 5 days, monthly) - 1 new girl & old CE/MP Girls, based on their month. SM: Sultry Mysteries (14th, 4 days, monthly). You get sultry coins (SC) from using CP, that can be used to recruit girls w/ 40%+ every 12 hrs, except mythics. KC: Kinky Cumpetition (Thursday, prob 16th, 2 Days, monthly) Has old/unreleased Hentai Clicker L3 Girls. Need ~200 kisses. LC: Legendary Contests (19th, monthly) - a new L5 girl. Save PXP, Orbs, Tickets, & GXP for it. They end up in the PoG later. KV: Kinkversary - July OD girls/MP Girls. Has a ton of girls available in the pachinko, and w/ villains. The last one was July 11-19, 2022. MDR: Mythic Days Revival (23rd, 2 days, monthly) - Old MD girls revived in order of release. Shards are scarce, so save more than an MD, and expect to use 50x CP skips. PoA: Path of Attraction (6 day event 'til the end of month, monthly) - 4 new themed L3 girls. The two premium girls cost 7.2k kos, and get revived later via CbCs. PoG: Path of Glory (35 days) - old LC (L5) girls. Premium side costs 5.4k kos. SE: Seasonal Event. It previously took place during Summer, Halloween and Winter. Costs 6k kos for 2 koban cards, that usually let you recruit the 2nd or 3rd L5 girl. Mythic Days Revival (MDR): they get revived in order. Here's the MD wiki. Cumback Contests (CbCs): PoA and Season girls. Boss Bang (BB) or Double Penetration (DP) on the 10th? Legendary Days Revival Order: since December 10th, they've been reviving in order from Nero, the first LD L5 girl not added to the MP pool. PoV Order: There's 6 types and they occur in the same sequence, so it's predictable. PoG Schedule: they're all former LC girls and revive in order. Most veterans have them, so they mostly matter for newer players. Now, let's combine everything we can predict, and see if there's any interesting overlaps in March: I highlighted similar events in green. There's a nice overlap w/ the CP PoV and the new MD. Also, makes sense to save kisses for the 2nd day of the KC, or wait to use league refills until then, to make more progress on the new PvP PoV. Looks like there's gonna be a double pachinko overlap, w/ the CbC and LC day 2, on March 20th. This info can help plan when to spend resources, which gem types to save, when to recruit girls, & when to not use AMEs, etc. It's speculation, and bound to change, but at least educated guesses based on the past.
  2. -WIP- Wildman, Do you like to watch or to be watched? Starting today and ending on the 31st of March, you can try to seduce four super sexy superheroines and get them to join your Harem. The Fatalist and Rochelle will be yours if you complete all tasks. If you want Grace Glamor and Atomica to join you, you’ll have to double your efforts. Take them all! The Fatalist Grace Glamour Rochelle Atomica
  3. Hi, could you maybe do a petrification event? for example petrification and end petrification?
  4. Can someone overview whether Mythic Days is a better return than Mythic Revival, if you just want a Mythic girl for lowest Koban cost? That is, you're not too fussed about which Mythic girl you get. I see that there are details on the difference between Mythics Days versus the Mythic Revival Events here: https://blog.kinkoid.com/features/the-events/ From what I can pick up as a summary: Mythic Days is the more "cost effective" way to obtain a Mythic girl. The purpose of Mythic Revival is mostly to allow completion of a Mythic girl if you missed by a few shards previously OR to have a chance to get that girl if you want to pay extra. Is that a fair summary? I've seen numbers around allowing 10,000 Koban for the former and 15,000 Koban for the latter in Combativity tokens allowing for a safety margin (plus 4 - 5 x Sandlewood Perfume for both). Additionally, if you try and fail in Mythic Revival, you could be in for a very long wait before completing the girl, if ever. True? Thanks.
  5. Bienvenue dans les visions d'Arcana, le sujet où je partage les spoilers qui apparaissent parfois sur le discord. Si vous voulez éviter de vous spoiler l'aventure ou les events, n'allez pas plus loin ! Sinon, voici les premières visions de l'event de décembre :
  6. Dear Santa Klaus (aka Mr. Kinkoid) As you well know, this year I have behaved very well and I have bothered little (it has been a month since I have bothered in the chat; yes, more or less when you changed it; wink; wink) As every year I want to thank you for being constant in the game with new and good updates, from me and my playmates, THANK YOU !! (except these last months) This year my partners and I have been good and unfortunately we received very bad gifts (won't you have the ticket to return them? (If we compare it with the super jersey with music that my mother-in-law gave me with matching socks), which I expose below and its possible solution 1 .CALENDAR New and better calendar with more free days and old events -Legendary Contest: Because it is an event that must be connected at the last minute, it is treated as an evil event in addition to having to do a tournament in that week and mandatory champions to win It could be done throughout the month with a contest to win 100,000 points and if you click on the event it will take you to a store where you can exchange points 100.000 points -100 shards 20.000 points -10 shards 10.000 points -100 tickets kisses 1 points at 1000 points - MISC objects like flowers ,books ,chocolate and BOOSTERS 200 points-news events avatar 100.00 points -legendary equipment 150.000 points -legendary equipment MONO - PoA : This event could be done throughout the month (or delete it, for many people and for me it is a horrible event according to an old survey) Being an event of the whole month, the missions could be uploaded (one of the missions that I hate is to spend X tickets in CHAMPIONS I would exchange it for spend X tickets in champions or finish 4 battles in them) as well as the rewards (some reward could be kissing tickets so you would not have to change the champions or the tournament) And we can do 4 quests at time (spend money,kill bosses,do champions,win battles,affection girls,...)choosing by us 2. SEASONS: Unfortunately there are many problems here A Season has 50 tier of each one are 200 points in total 10,000 points If you divide that between 28 days of a month, it gives me 358 points that I have to do per day (it is something that can be achieved as long as you do not lose any points since 18 x10h waiting for recharging x 10h waiting for recharging are 360, The problem in seasons is that many days you lose more points than you win so you will lower the tier whether you want it or not) POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: -Give more KISSES (You did that but in places where you shouldn't because it takes a long time to get them (TOURNAMENT and CHAMPIONS) and also you have to use the kisses at the moment (so I encourage the kisses tickets) -Get kisses in old arena :If you want some kisses you can get it fighting in arena if you win an enemy you get a kisses (EASY and FAST because the old arena had 3 opponents each time and you need wait 30 min for the next battle - PoP:There are still several unopened ;so you could use 3 to give Kisses Tickets - PoA:As I said before, if the event is actived all the month we get more rewards...maybe one or two be kisses tickets -Legendary Contest:With the remaining points you could change for kisses tickets in the legendary contest shop -do as you say in PACTH NOTE 50 which takes a long time to get few kisses and that you will have to use when you finish tournament or boss champions (not always active) 3.Payment safety card: I like offerts like 2.99 and 4.99 € 4.MYTHIC DAYS : People say we need expend 11.000 -18.000 kobans in EACH ONE girl ...each month . I think it's a lot of kobans for what we earn per month I know that you have to pay your workers and you want to give them the Christmas basket for this month but I think that if we lower the kobans a bit like about 7500 -9000 or put NEW TOURNAMENT LEAGUE ( there are many big players but few tournaments that give a lot of money) it would be much easier and you could also buy cheaper hams with that investment ( put link of Christmas baskets here) I have also seen that the mythical girl is a FUSION between Bunny and Luppa, so we could make a machine in the CLUB and fusion girls to make them stronger even if it is to do them every day 5. GET MONEY: Many people who do not pay the monthly card, it costs a lot to collect the money, they say that the drawing of the money slows down the computer a lot, but ... IT IS NOT TRUE, it is not the movement of money but the girls since every time that you click on a girl has to load all her data and the drawing ... SOLUTION: put a tab with only the names (put photo here) So far nothing more, I will reissue little by little until completing this letter I hope it reaches your hands and MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! P.D:I also ask for Peace in the world (that there are no event conflicts between players in HH), that I win the lottery and a MYTHIC unicorn ^^ for my Blonde Choose how you are ... a Santa Claus or a Grinch by Jan Red Dragon
  7. So, in the (Frequently Asked) Questions + Answers topic almost 2 years ago it has been written: Can you, guys, update the numbers a bit? How much kobans can you get through Classic, Revival and Orgy days missions? Are there any changes? I was too lazy to count the numbers of recent Classic and Revival events. My bad. I need to know the exact numbers to plan better.
  8. So i was lurking around Nutaku when i noticed this banner for Hentai Heroes (Harem on Nutaku). Is this an existing girl? Cause if it is i never noticed it. Or Could it be that Nutaku already semi spoiled an upcoming girl for August first event?
  9. Good afternoon I thank you for all your effort for this good and interesting game I have a suggestion regarding the events of the Path of Attraction or PoA style and that is to access the next 20 tasks to obtain the others two girls from the event after finishing the first 20 tasks, It would also be useful to be able to do several tasks at once (attached screenshot) for example the first task is the daily missions could be done while waiting for the mission to finish being able to do the fights in sand or tower of fame as well as the others which it would help to get the girls during the event even without having too many kobans, thank you very much for your attention.
  10. Hi all, I'm wondering what to expect for tomorrow's event, and for September in general. No announcement has been posted yet. Checking back on the forum, I see that the calendar is usually posted a day or two before the beginning of the month, but sometimes a few days late, so I guess it's just one of these months (understandable with all the Hentai Clicker stuff going on). What I'm curious about is this banner with a countdown that I've noticed on the main Kinkoid website (which I hadn't visited until today): "Revival College girls event on Hentai Heroes starts in:" The countdown is currently for 6 hours and a half from now, which would make the even start at 1AM CET (instead of the usual 5AM CET?) The name given for the event has "Revival" in it, although I couldn't find any past event on the wiki called "College girls"; also, each month's first event is supposed to be new content, so I'm a bit puzzled. Is this banner just not reliable, or could it be that tomorrow's event will break from the usual release pattern in multiple ways? I'm curious. Mainly because it will be the first new month since I started playing.
  11. So I've been thinking about this for a while and finally got the idea crystallised a measure and thought i'd publish it and see how the community receives it and maybe even @Kinkoid will consider it's implementation. My idea is as follows: Many players of this game are not at the end of the maps are they? However many are and many more are on the 2nd page of maps, so they probably feel it annoying that when events pop up every 6-15 days they have to go back to unprofitable villains as Dark Lord or Ninja Spy and farm the "free" girls from them right? So my idea is why can't the event villains become dynamic? by this I mean that when and event pops up it will automatically detect a player's progress on the map and place the farmable "free" girls on the villain you are currently farming and the one before it or on the two villains before the one you are farming, but anyways they will be placed on villains more profitable than Dark Lord or Ninja Spy no? For example let's say you are farming Fredy (which is the boss of the heroes University if i'm not wrong) and an event pops up, in the system that is active now you would have to give up on farming Fredy and go back to farm Dark Lord, Ninja Spy, Grunt or Edwarda as those are most common to be chosen as event bosses, well that is quite inefficient for medium to high lvl players right? And even low lvls will frown a bit if they have to farm Dark Lord when they are already on Donatien for example. Hell they will even curse a bit for sure as ymens are very scarce in the lower regions, so having to farm inefficient bosses will be a big downer even for them. Now here comes the new system in my view: The event starts up and when the player logs in after the event's start it will immediately check the player's progress see that Fredy is the boss being farmed and put the event girls to either Fredy and Finalmecia or Finalmecia and Bremen. This way the player will be able to farm out the event girls and at the same time keep farming whatever girls he has left from those bosses too and get a substantially higher amount of ymens too. Afterall most players will have already farmed out all girls from the lower bosses no? I know many will argue that Kinkoid will never do this as they would loose profit as people will no longer charge so much combativity, but I say they are wrong, in fact people might just charge even more as they have more girls to farm out no? Also it would be a good measure to slacken the belt on players too as right now there are many systems ingame that force you to pay kobans anyways and this new system could be both a slackener and a tightener depending on how it's used, so I think Kinkoid will put it under consideration. Anyways that's all from me, thought everyone?
  12. Devs, Having been around for at least a year now, I (and others) are seeing repeat events. Most of these events I was able to get all the girls. That means on the 2nd time around, there aren't any left to get during the event. As much as it might be counter-intuitive, it's okay to have event girls with the higher level bosses (Silvanus and later). While I understand wanting to be inclusive on events and put the girls on the earlier bosses, that decision comes at the price of having none later on. I would say that it's okay to put event girls with the higher bosses, even if it precludes a certain percentage of your players (at least till the next time the event comes around). It adds to the long-term play-ability of your game.
  13. I have been playing long enough to earn the girls from the Spring Break event last year, and this year during the revival, i have nothing to aim for. So i was wondering if it were possible to rotate the girls that can be earned during revival events. That way, you give an equal shot for every person who hasent have the money to play pachinko, still have an even shot at earning the girls
  14. I chose to go after Carine instead of Alex. Why would I do that when I'm a Know-how player? Because Donatien hadn't given me any of his girls yet, so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone by battling him instead of Gruntt. My luck has been poor over these first 2 days, poor enough to question my assumptions about how the shard system works. There are four general ways in which the system could be administered. They are: Independent Parallel Event-dominant interference Villain-dominant interference 1) Since getting villain girls and getting event girls are different processes (statistical events or trials) they are mathematically independent. That means that the chances of getting a hit for one process has no bearing on the possibility of getting a hit form the other. As a result, it would be remotely possible to get a hit with both systems in any one trial. This is the most mathematically pure interpretation of things. 2) A slightly less mathematically accurate interpretation is that the chances of getting a hit from one process is additive with the other process. That means your odds of getting a hit from either of the processes is the sum of the probabilities of getting a hit in each individual process. In this implementation, it is not possible to get a hit with both systems at once. 3) In this implementation, the processes are run in sequence, with the Event going first. In other words, first the system checks to see if you got a hit for the Event girl. If you didn't, the system then checks to see if you got a hit for a Villain girl. Here, your odds of getting an Event hit are normal, but your chances of getting a Villain girl hit are lower than normal because of that initial check for the Event. It isn't a huge difference, but it might be significant depending on the base probabilities of getting hits. 4) This implementation is the opposite of the previous one. Here the check for the Villain girl hit comes first and interferes with the chances of getting an event girl hit. Given my "two birds with one stone" view, I had clearly assumed that either of the first two implementations had been used. My results are either quite unlucky or indicate that version 4 has been used. If versions 1 or 2 are in play, then things have been handled in way that doesn't impact player decision-making. Your decision to fight for an Event girl is not going to be impacted by the status of that villain's orgy team. If version 3 or 4 are being used, then we could be adversely handicapping ourselves by our decision to fight for an Event girl captured by a Villain who still has story girls that aren't in our harem. Either way, we should know which one it is so we can make informed decisions and avoid hurting our already slim chances.
  15. How come getting girls has become so hard the drop rate is so slow i have done 4 events i haven't received any girls and even the bad guys on every level dropping the girls is an issue am on different stage buti have to go back a stage to fight the villans for the girls 😥😥 am getting tired
  16. Blind dates. We all know what they are, a number of us have had one in the past... and yet, they aren't in Harem Heroes. I suggest a Blind Date event, where you can hit one or two of the bosses for a girl drop... without knowing which one you're going to get. The drop is essentially a mystery drop, her icon would be a question mark, and she'd be randomly picked from the girls in Epic Pachinko that the player does not yet have. And yes, obviously just the one: This isn't the Anniversary Event. How many kobans would you spend to get a girl you know nothing of?
  17. So i recently started playing hentai heroes, and girls would drop fairly often vs bosses. It would usually take me until the end of a world to get all the girls, and if there was an event i could probably get it too. However all of a sudden this stopped about a week ago (a little before the sports event) while going through invaded kingdom i got the housemaid and regine halfway through the world, but then i couldn't get anymore. So now i am half way through juy sea and have none of the girls from edwarda and still havent gotten the last girl from gruntt. Additionally during the sports and epic days event i couldnt get any girls, despite challenging the same boss in each event about 200 times each. Now there is a new event and I still cant get any girls. Is it normal to go through a drought like this? If it is RNG then this theoretically shouldnt happen which confuses me. Can anyone explain to me what is going on?
  18. Une question pour la voyance d'arcana ou qui que ce soit apte à répondre, savez vous si il est plus facile de chopper des filles évent du pachinko avec le X1 ou le X10 ? Parceque pour l'instant pour le X10 et les évents c'est pas ça pour moi...
  19. Maybe it would be a good idea to increase the spawns rates for events like we currently have when we have like 10-xxx number on girls out just because waiting for your turn to spawn already takes a while and even with 10x spins it's kinda a pain in the ass to get one of the girls you don't have and having to spin like 50+ times and hoping for a girl to eventually drop sometime during the end of the event
  20. Marvel had this problem as well, but basically what I'm having a bit of a problem with is the fact that these events of "claim this girl/s within [insert number] days" is happening a bit too often. I'm trying to earn enough money from bosses to upgrade my harem with affection and experience, but these events keep happening that tell me to get new girls from bosses that will only be around for a short while. I realize that they could also be gotten through pachinko, but not all of us have the money to spend on kobans for that, so I'm content to wait until I've earned up enough to do that. Bottom line, I feel that these events are happening a bit too fast and a bit too often for some of us to catch our collective breaths from the previous ones. Does anyone else feel this way?
  21. Problem: It can be a little confusing knowing when an event will end (how long we have to recruit event girls). The difference in time zones mean that the date can be different from what's given in the announcement (the date may be the 25th in the announcement, but that means the 24th for most of the United States). Solution: Similar to the timers for harem income, activities, and arena, create an event timer on the homepage / town screen. A good spot for this timer might be at the top right beneath the navigation button. Additionally, it'd be nice to have timers for when the market is refreshing, our next booster is expiring, the weekly tower of fame competitions end, and the next free spin for Pachinko. Edit: And, using the same timer to show when the next event will BEGIN, would also be much appreciated.
  22. question pour kinkoid. quand on fait le PE 1x on a une chance d avoir une fille. on a vu plusieurs personnes gagner des filles en 1x (a moins que se soit un montage). Pourquoi quand on fait le 10x on ne peut gagner qu une seule fille (a moins que je soit vraiment pas chanceux la deussus)
  23. hi, after superheroines i havent got any girls , not in events, quests or any other way. i have eduarda at 100 and not one girl from her....... is it only me or something is wrong?
  24. Hello, my dear! Here's the best place for you to discuss our first Legendary Days event! Few important points: She is the first legendary girl! She will have 5 grades Her stats are powerful She is only obtainable from the Dark Lord We are waiting to see your reactions! Best, Kinkoid Team
  25. Lately I can't get the girl who is with the dark lord Help Pleaseeeeee
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