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  1. So, the Mythic Pachinko went live on the main server today. There wasn't a proper discussion thread about it as a main feature yet, so here goes. I'd like this topic to be a place to share opinions, but also experiences and facts we can establish overtime about this new feature in the game. Also, feel free to take note of and comment on each particular rotation. Okay, I'll start. The feature itself is a great addition to the game; it's an additional opportunity to help complete one's collection, which is always welcome. The free spin each rotation is a nice touch; a free legendary booster or book twice a week is a good freebie, and it might also give a free girl approximately once in a blue moon, which will be awesome if/when it happens. Of course, it's insanely expensive if you use it to buy 3 girls from scratch, but that's not what it's there for. The bigger your collection, the more unfinished girls you have, the more likely it is that you'll eventually get to complete a girl or two at a reasonable price with this. About pricing, we had contradictory announcements and the latest screenshot posted was a bit scary, but in the end it was released with the least expensive version, thankfully. Another thing I notice here is that the avatar preview disappeared, but avatars are still mentioned in the text. So, can we still get avatars from this or not? I'd like to know! Last but not least, as I heard other players say elsewhere, it isn't convenient to have the current selection of girls shown only by their avatar. A direct link to each girl's page in your harem when you click on their avatar would probably be ideal, but failing that, adding basic info about the girl under each avatar (name, class, number of stars) would come a long way! I had to do some detective work on the wiki to identify each girl from the first rotation, and it's unnecessarily tedious. Other than the question and issue mentioned above, I'm just glad this was added to the game. I'm also looking forward to the announced pachinko orbs, and I hope they'll work with this. What do you guys think?
  2. ♡⚪♡⚪♡⚪♡⚪♡⚪♡⚪ Wildman, You have until March 25th to face Grey Golem and win the heart of Mythic Slapstick. Slapstick was never a good girl, but she was a great Heroine. Now she spends all her days masturbating, pranking the nurses, and remembering her glory days. Get her NOW for your Harem! Mythic Slapstick ♡Submissive/White♡⚪ ‼‼‼‼‼‼❗❗❗
  3. Wildman, You have until February 6th to face The Mimic and win the heart of Mythic Bang. She was timid and inexperienced, but she always got the job done. However, her whole life changed after a critically high dose of mutated SuperSerum. Now she is hotter, hornier, and more purple than ever and there is just one thing on her mind - banging. Get her NOW for your Harem! Mythic Bang 🧡Physical/Orange🧡🟠 Charm
  4. A place to speculate about future events. Gaze into my giant crystal balls 🔮🔮, and peer into the future! Which mythic girl is getting revived next? What's the next PoV theme? When can I recruit that old L5 from PoG? Is there a BB or DP this month? What happens when the DD overlaps w/ the LC and CbC? Huge scores. Can I prepare for it? Not really, besides saving orbs. All those questions answered here, and more! First of all, here's a list of recurring events, their abbreviations, and a short description: CE: Classic Event (1st, 9 days, monthly) - new themed 3 star girls. DD: Double Date pachinko event. Get up to 20 girls w/ orbs instead of 10. It's unpredictable and has occurred so far on Dec 1st, Jan 14th, and Feb 20th. MD: Mythic Days (3rd, 3 days, monthly) - new M6 mythic girls. Save 10k kos & 5 SP for it. CbC: Cumback Contest (Weekly from Mon to Wed) - Old PoA/Season girls. PoV: Path of Valor (every 2 weeks) - 6 types, and 2 new L3 girls. Premium side costs 3.6k kos. BB: Boss Bang (10th, 4 days, alternates bimonthly w/ DP) - A new L5 girl (easy for veterans). Use sensual 🔵 girls if struggling. DP: Double Penetration (10th, 4 days, alternates bimonthly w/ BB). Two L5s, and costs 7.2k kos for the premium path. Don't collect daily missions/goals, until there's a task. LD: Legendary Days (10th, 4 days, monthly) - 1 new & 1 old L5 LD girl, now revived in order so it's predictable, but it used to be random. OD: Orgy Days (14th, 5 days, monthly) - 1 new girl & old CE/MP Girls, based on their month. SM: Sultry Mysteries (14th, 4 days, monthly). You get sultry coins (SC) from using CP, that can be used to recruit girls w/ 40%+ every 12 hrs, except mythics. KC: Kinky Cumpetition (Thursday, prob 16th, 2 Days, monthly) Has old/unreleased Hentai Clicker L3 Girls. Need ~200 kisses. LC: Legendary Contests (19th, monthly) - a new L5 girl. Save PXP, Orbs, Tickets, & GXP for it. They end up in the PoG later. KV: Kinkversary - July OD girls/MP Girls. Has a ton of girls available in the pachinko, and w/ villains. The last one was July 11-19, 2022. MDR: Mythic Days Revival (23rd, 2 days, monthly) - Old MD girls revived in order of release. Shards are scarce, so save more than an MD, and expect to use 50x CP skips. PoA: Path of Attraction (6 day event 'til the end of month, monthly) - 4 new themed L3 girls. The two premium girls cost 7.2k kos, and get revived later via CbCs. PoG: Path of Glory (35 days) - old LC (L5) girls. Premium side costs 5.4k kos. SE: Seasonal Event. It previously took place during Summer, Halloween and Winter. Costs 6k kos for 2 koban cards, that usually let you recruit the 2nd or 3rd L5 girl. Mythic Days Revival (MDR): they get revived in order. Here's the MD wiki. Cumback Contests (CbCs): PoA and Season girls. Boss Bang (BB) or Double Penetration (DP) on the 10th? Legendary Days Revival Order: since December 10th, they've been reviving in order from Nero, the first LD L5 girl not added to the MP pool. PoV Order: There's 6 types and they occur in the same sequence, so it's predictable. PoG Schedule: they're all former LC girls and revive in order. Most veterans have them, so they mostly matter for newer players. Now, let's combine everything we can predict, and see if there's any interesting overlaps in March: I highlighted similar events in green. There's a nice overlap w/ the CP PoV and the new MD. Also, makes sense to save kisses for the 2nd day of the KC, or wait to use league refills until then, to make more progress on the new PvP PoV. Looks like there's gonna be a double pachinko overlap, w/ the CbC and LC day 2, on March 20th. This info can help plan when to spend resources, which gem types to save, when to recruit girls, & when to not use AMEs, etc. It's speculation, and bound to change, but at least educated guesses based on the past.
  5. Wildman, Starting today and ending on the 27th of December, you’ll have the chance to prove your worth to Golden Kira by facing The Nymph. Many people wonder why a warrior who has to go into battle so often would wear skimpy and ineffective armor. What they don’t know is that the goddess Gladia bestowed upon her invulnerability. Take her for your Harem, if you haven’t already! Golden Kira 🧡Physical/Orange🧡🟠 *\/WIP\/* _/wip\_
  6. When I first read this, I was rather confused on how this will happen. Couldn't imagine, they would give another Mythic just for free, but the Patch Notes didn't specify anything. From the receiving Message I couldn't see anything accept the 100, the rest was covered. Then I looked for her in the Harem to compare both Versions, and at first I didn't notice the essential difference, besides the obvious different grafics. But when I wanted to compare the last Pose, it struck me: She has been demoted! So "previously" doesn't refer to having been the former Version of her, but more that she has been Mythic before, and now only remains Legendary. Interesting development. 🤔 And it seems she got the same XP and Affection Level as the existing one in the Harem, because not only does she have the same Level cap, but in Harem++ you can see that there is quite a lot of XP on top. Guess I won't have to spend much XP on her on the next and last level. Or is it even more than needed? 😲 ------ Just thinking about it, sounds like some kind of fallen Angel, or in this case more a fallen Demon.
  7. Wildman, Starting today and ending on the 6th of September, you have to face Grey Golem for a chance to win the mesmerizing Mythic Narkisha. Her powers allow her to supercharge an item, giving it electrifying force. She is a blazing little hurricane. Do you have what it takes to get her for your Harem? Mythic Narkisha 🟢 - parody of Ahsoka Tano ✰✰✰✰✰✰ 💚🟢Exhibitionist/Green💚🟢
  8. Nightfall ⚫ 1st CPx50: 8💖 1st CPx10: 0💖 2nd CPx10: 0💖 3rd CPx10: 0💖 4th CPx10: 6💖 ========================================= Total Shards: 14💖, 7 from AAP Total Shards Remaining: 3139 @ 26 min. 38 banked CP, 1k+ kkgold thrown down for the Femme Fatale...
  9. Wildman, Starting today and ending on the 6th of August, you have to face The Mimic for a chance to win the mesmerizing Seraphina. She reigns as the Queen of Lust in the realm of forbidden desires, and she thrives on the psychic power of yearning, the unquenchable longing between strangers and lovers. Will you catch her attention and get her to join your Harem? 🖤 Seraphina 🖤 M6 🖤Dominatrix/Black🖤⚫ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  10. wwwiiippp Wildman, Starting today and ending on the 6th of July, you have to face Athicus Ho’ole for a chance to get the sexy Mythic Knockout. With her skills as a champion boxer and master of fisting, she became a vigilante fighting on behalf of the oppressed and liberating the sexually pent-up. Get her to join your Harem! Mythic Knockout Dice Roll (CbC) 💚 Green/Exhibitionist 🟢 🖤 Black/Dominatrix ⚫
  11. [Jun 3, 2023] ❤️‍🔥🔫Mythic Malys🔫🎔♡💦 <<WIP>> Wildman, Starting today and ending on the 6th of June, you have to face The Nymph for a chance to get the sexy Mythic Malys. Mythic Malys weaponized her pheromones by spreading some of the excess lust that inhabits her. This is her way of bringing balance to a city riddled with inequality and sexual oppression. Get her to join your Harem! M6 ❤️‍🔥🔫Mythic Malys🔫🎔♡💦 ❤ Red/Eccentric 🔴❤
  12. I agree with everything else you've said, but not this. We're nearing the end of the transistion phase of the BDSM system, that being where a lot of the top players tried to race to 500/750 to have dominance over those that didn't progress as quickly. As more players reach 500/750, the field gets levelled again. Once parity is acheived the differential between the top players will be skill (choosing appropriate teams for appropriate situations and identifying players when they are unboosted) and blessings. Having the Mythics that hits a blessing in a week is likely to be a significant advantage when compeating for those coveted top positions. Mythics hit the blessings FAR more often than L5s. Even the worst Mythic lands in the top 7 twice as often as the best L5*. And the problem with Mythics is that they come around so infrequently. So if you missed Magical Noemy this month, it'll be the end of June next year before you get another chance to pick her up. That's ~12 weeks over the next year where you won't have one of the blessed Mythics and other top players will. Add to this that you're likely to find yourself in the same position next year - finding resources to pick-up both the MD and MR in a month is TOUGH - and missing Mythics starts to look like a debt you'll never pay back.... Add to this that the more Mythics that are release, the more they come to dominate the top 7. Right now the worst Mythic has a ~22% of being in the top 7. There are 20 Mythics. If they each have a one in five chance of being in the top 7, on average 4 of them are going to be there every week. A year from now there will be 32 Mythics. Let's assume that the worst Mythic's chance of being in the top 7 drops to 15% (imo unlikely to fall this far). That's almost 5 Mythics on average every week. If it only drops to 18% that's nearly 6 Mythics/week. The more Mythics that are release the more redundant L5*s become, slowly being relegated to the same position as 3* where they only become useful if they hit a double blessing. Already we have 7 (!!) blue eyed Mythics. This effectively makes any 'Week of Blue Eyes' a 'Week of Mythic' and means that L5*s are only going to be useful these weeks where they are either double blessed, or hit a significantly stronger blessing (i.e. 20% blue eyes, 40% another blessing). My suspicion would be that many of the top players are ensuring that they have every Mythic.
  13. Can someone overview whether Mythic Days is a better return than Mythic Revival, if you just want a Mythic girl for lowest Koban cost? That is, you're not too fussed about which Mythic girl you get. I see that there are details on the difference between Mythics Days versus the Mythic Revival Events here: https://blog.kinkoid.com/features/the-events/ From what I can pick up as a summary: Mythic Days is the more "cost effective" way to obtain a Mythic girl. The purpose of Mythic Revival is mostly to allow completion of a Mythic girl if you missed by a few shards previously OR to have a chance to get that girl if you want to pay extra. Is that a fair summary? I've seen numbers around allowing 10,000 Koban for the former and 15,000 Koban for the latter in Combativity tokens allowing for a safety margin (plus 4 - 5 x Sandlewood Perfume for both). Additionally, if you try and fail in Mythic Revival, you could be in for a very long wait before completing the girl, if ever. True? Thanks.
  14. try to win attraction for new Mythic girl, used more than 100 attacks still gained only 7 attraction. how to win over mythic girl. i never won a mythic girl
  15. How many battles or kobans you must complete to get a mythical girl or golden lupa during mythical days? I need help is 7200 kobans enough?
  16. One thing the introduction of the Mythic items first introduction into the Market did was force players in this club to think outside of the box. For example:
  17. I couldn´t find anyone reporting something like that already thus I decided to do it myself. Some of my club members have reported that there´s a new issue with the market, quote: "Had a market refresh with on epic, 5legendary and two mythic affection items, but couldnt buy one legendary chocolate... refreshed site and now the chocolate is mythic" I myself have also experienced this once so far, first I thought that I must have been mistaken but after more of those reports, I´m pretty sure that this is a bug @Noacc, sry for pinning you but you guys mind want to check this out maybe #MakeNorouMythic #TheNorouCampaignhastogoon #the#´swillbeincludedineverytweetfromnowonifIdontforgettodoso #plsdontbannmenoacc
  18. So Most Of The Mythic Girls Give 40,000$ Or Less And For So Much Trouble I Don't Think That's Worth It, Now I'm Not Saying The Devs Make It More Money, But What If They Gave Kobans Instead, Nothing Crazy Lest Than 200
  19. Simple put, we need more and better gifts. The income of girls into the harem has drastically increased since the last gift revamp, and so has the need for more affection for certain girls. If we keep on track more or less of some of the new girls released each month, we will have, without much effort, start to accumulate girls waiting to be upgraded. I say this 'cause me, that don't even collect more my harem income as it takes too long, and enter what, two times a day to use my energy/stamina/kisses/etc, and get what is possible to get without wasting kobans and using much effort, have 25 girls waiting to be upgraded. Most legendary, as most of the girls in this game are (come on, we just need 3 of them for our team, give us some good old common and uncommon girls!), a few are epic, and one is a legendary 5 stars (finnaly manage to upgrade the other one today). This without count the mythic one, that still have more 3 stars to go. And every week we have more. One, two, sometimes three, sometimes 5. And the count are pilling up! 25 girls is not a number that is slowing decreasing, but are growing really fast! I was managing somehow until the end of last year, when a mythic girl burned all my lifetime stock (and I'm not complaining here, she was mythic after all) and then I realized that my stock was only decreasing. And then I had to start to choose witch one I would upgrade, until I reached the today s amount. In a few days, will be 27 waiting to be upgraded. And then we will have the classic event. And the number will not decrease. So, red gifts is a must. Or, if is too hard to change a skin and tweak some html values, put at least half of the gifts for people on higher levels as purple. Is ok to take long to upgrade the girls, if the waiting line gets smaller within time. If it keeps increasing without even effort to get new girls, then we have a problem. I would like to this reach the devs ears, thank you.
  20. Greetings everyone! If you have attempted to obtain Bunna, please be kind enough to share your experience in terms of how many Shards you have acquired compared to the amount of Combativity that you have used. Allow me to start it off. I just used 100 Combativity (1000+ Kobans) and acquired 4 Shards of Bunna in total. My opinion is: It is impossible to obtain this character unless you empty your wallet and suffocate a month of your average salary if the Shard acquisition rate of what I experienced happens to be perceived as "normal". It is then an overkill that I would never consider going for since it is far worse than Japanese Mobile Gacha games. Looking very forward to hear from others. Quick EDIT: I gave it another shot, refilled my Combativity (which is another 20 Combativity) and acquired 1 more Bunna shard. I have 5 Bunna shards in total now. My previous opinion remains unchanged.
  21. Is something being changed on the "mythic pachinko"? All choices are grayed out, which disables this feature of the game.
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