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  1. So, the Mythic Pachinko went live on the main server today. There wasn't a proper discussion thread about it as a main feature yet, so here goes. I'd like this topic to be a place to share opinions, but also experiences and facts we can establish overtime about this new feature in the game. Also, feel free to take note of and comment on each particular rotation. Okay, I'll start. The feature itself is a great addition to the game; it's an additional opportunity to help complete one's collection, which is always welcome. The free spin each rotation is a nice touch; a free legendary booster or book twice a week is a good freebie, and it might also give a free girl approximately once in a blue moon, which will be awesome if/when it happens. Of course, it's insanely expensive if you use it to buy 3 girls from scratch, but that's not what it's there for. The bigger your collection, the more unfinished girls you have, the more likely it is that you'll eventually get to complete a girl or two at a reasonable price with this. About pricing, we had contradictory announcements and the latest screenshot posted was a bit scary, but in the end it was released with the least expensive version, thankfully. Another thing I notice here is that the avatar preview disappeared, but avatars are still mentioned in the text. So, can we still get avatars from this or not? I'd like to know! Last but not least, as I heard other players say elsewhere, it isn't convenient to have the current selection of girls shown only by their avatar. A direct link to each girl's page in your harem when you click on their avatar would probably be ideal, but failing that, adding basic info about the girl under each avatar (name, class, number of stars) would come a long way! I had to do some detective work on the wiki to identify each girl from the first rotation, and it's unnecessarily tedious. Other than the question and issue mentioned above, I'm just glad this was added to the game. I'm also looking forward to the announced pachinko orbs, and I hope they'll work with this. What do you guys think?
  2. @Tohru - Kinkoid New Feature Event! Double Date Pachinko/Night Club! A brand new Event is arriving with a name chosen by our Hero Community: Double Date Pachinko/Night Club! Prepare for some sexy trouble and make it Double! 👯‍♀️ How does it work? 👯‍♀️ The feature will grant 200% Affection Shards from Pachinko/Night Club or 2 babes for the price of 1 in Double Date Pachinko/Night Club! When winning a recruit from Pachinko/Night Club, players will win a random second recruit from the respective Pachinko/Night Club Pool. 🚀 How can I access it? 🚀 To access the event, players must have reached World 2 and unlocked both the events and the pachinko/Night Club. 💕 From where can I get double shards? 💕 Win double recruits from the following: Epic Pachinko/Night Club 💦 10x: Once the player makes his final selection, he’ll get a second random bonus recruit Draft: Pick a recruit between the two drafted recruits – after the choice is made, a new random recruit from the pool will be rewarded to the player. 1-game: When the player receives a random recruit, a second random recruit will be awarded as a bonus. Mythic Pachinko/Night Club 👄 In the case of the 3-games and 6-games options which give respectively 10 and 25 shards, the “double” will mean giving 10 or 25 shards of another recruit in the pool. If there’s only 1 recruit in the pool and only 10 or 25 shards remain, the player will get the 10 or 25 shards, and the double will be again 10 or 25 shards for the same recruit, which will turn into gifts. If the player wins partial shards, he can potentially get partial shards for the same recruit as the “bonus” drop For this case, it is only possible to win recruits from the current Mythic Pachinko/Night Club pool (not all recruits can be won). Great Pachinko/Night Club 🔥 🍒 What if there’s only one recruit in the Pachinko/Night Club pool? 🍒 If there’s only one recruit available from the respective Pachinko/Night Club Pool, players will instead win epic gifts, which are usually given as compensation for overflowing shard rewards. 🍑 What if there are no recruits in the Pachinko/Night Club pool? 🍑 If there are no recruits available in the respective Pachinko/Night Club pool, players will not receive any bonuses. 💥 What is the limit to how many shards I can win? 💥 Shards are hard-capped at 1000, and can’t overflow. Excess shards (turned into gifts) count toward the 1000 total. You want MOAR? We give you MOAR!
  3. Lots of people believe that using the Epic Pachinko 1X is a complete waste of Kobans. Especially when it comes to getting girls. That's not true. I have gotten several girls from it. Recently just got two, the first one was Natasha, and the second was Arianne. There have been others that I have gotten this past year, although I just can't remember who they were. So surely I can't be the only one. Was there anyone else that also have gotten a girl from using the Epic Pachinko 1X? And I don't mean the 10X or the Draft because that's just way too obvious. And if so, who did you get?
  4. I feel a little sorry with the GPx1, as all other Pachinkos have their own topic, but this one not. And as I wanted to find out if it is still a good invest compared to buying books and gifts from marked, I did some statistics. Probably others find this interesting as well: Level 278 EPx1 price 80,900 Club bonus 0.07 Aff Amount Market price Marked price sum Sell value Sell value sum 130 32 54,210 1,734,720 5,801 185,632 250 24 104,250 2,502,000 11,155 267,720 370 36 154,290 5,554,440 16,510 594,360 490 23 204,330 4,699,590 21,864 502,872 700 1 291,900 291,900 31,234 31,234 950 3 396,150 1,188,450 42,489 127,467 1,200 0 500,400 0 53,543 0 1,500 1 625,500 625,500 66,929 66,929 Sum 119 16,596,600 1,776,214 XP Amount Market price Marked price sum Sell value Sell value sum 180 28 36,050 1,009,400 3,858 108,024 200 16 40,056 640,896 4,287 68,592 250 25 50,070 1,251,750 5,358 133,950 500 23 100,140 2,303,220 10,715 246,445 1,000 3 200,000 600,000 21,401 64,203 1,500 6 300,000 1,800,000 32,100 192,600 2,000 5 400,000 2,000,000 42,801 214,005 2,500 5 500,000 2,500,000 53,501 267,505 Sum 111 12,105,266 1,295,324 Equipment Amount Market price Marked price sum Sell value Sell value sum Epic 127 541,018 68,709,286 57,890 7,352,030 Legendary 128 823,288 105,380,864 88,093 11,275,904 Sum 255 174,090,150 18,627,934 Invest 485 39,236,500 Sell value 21,699,472 Market price 202,792,016 Sell value equipment + market price Aff/XP 47,329,800 Balance 8,093,300 Control 8,093,300 In early game, it was clear: Rolling the GPx1 was cheaper than the cheapest books or gifts you could buy in marked. So even that a share of the drops was epic equipment (which gives always less money when selling than GPx1 price), it was overall totally worth it, and the equipment could be sold on matching contests. And below level 200, resp. with still some legendary equipment, there was also a chance to enhance your characters gear. After level 200 with mythic items, equipment gets an additional use as upgrade material. However, GPx1 price starts to get more expensive than an increasing amount of the lower book and gift drops. The average rarity (amount of XP/Aff per item) seems to increase, and also the epic vs legendary equipment share becomes better, but one will face streaks of 180-250 book drops which are all increasingly cheaper to buy in marked, making one regret or wonder whether GPx1 is still worth it. On the other hand, as you can see, at level 278 the chance for legendary gear and epic gear is the same, and legendary gear gives you a little more money when selling it, than the price for GPx1. So at level 278 I did the above statistics over 485 GPx1 rolls: If one has either zero use of affection items or books, it is not worth it at this level. Especially books can be bought cheaper in marked, also if you take into account the money you get back by selling the equipment. But if you generally can make use of affection items and books, it is about 30% cheaper: Buying the ones I got in marked would have cost ~29M, investing ~39M in GPx1 and selling the equipment for ~19M finally costs you only 20M (roughly). If you have mythic gear to level, the value of the equipment drops raises, but being hard to rate: I am personally trying to level all mythic gear to level 20 ASAP (nearly done), but others may be more busy upgrading new girls. If there is a "Sell items" contest, then the equipment becomes more valuable as well, again hard to compare to Ymen prices. This is especially true when you are below level 200 or do not have mythic gear yet (to level). I rarely participate these contests currently as I need the material and Ymen (winning the contest means repeating GPx1 => sell => GPx1 rotations => more Ymen finally go into books/gifts) for mythic gear. Note that I have +7% money club bonus, so get 7% more for selling items. Otherwise it is 10% of the marked price. However, this does not significantly change the overall result that, until this level, usually GPx1 is better than buying books/gifts from marked. Let me know what you think guys, also how things change on higher levels/in endgame. I read from veterans that they buy all books from marked every 6h restock. So either affection items are not such a need anymore, or GPx1 price raises faster than the average book/gift drop value?
  5. LuxuriousBody 🟢 - Cam Girl Cosplayer She's from May 15th, 2020. Was available from a promo banner in HH, but apparently not on Nutaku. Now she's in the EP. Personally, I've always liked her 2-star booty pose cosplaying Morrigan Levitya.
  6. Can someone kindly ask in chat if Luxuriousbody could return in this anny, in any way or form? I have been waiting for her for 3 years by now.. Thank you very much. Btw long time no see Zorba.
  7. Hi! I don't know if there is any post commenting on this, but as far as I've been seraching, none has adressed this. I made one of the biggest mistakes I could have in the game and missclicked on the Epic Pachinko 10 game option, spending 5400 koban in a single blow (quite painfull if you ask me) and I'm wondering if there is anything I could do or that could be done to undo this. I've not taken profit of any resource gained, only would like to lose give back averything thatpackinko play gave me and get the kobans back 😢. Don't know if it's possible, but any comment on similar experiences serves! P.S. Yes I did turn off the koban spending notification because it was ennerving to have to check every time I bought any boosters from the market. It will be back on for a while now.
  8. Buenas tardes, Hoy utilicé cerca de 50 orbes y no gane ninguna chica... Se supone que en el pachinko épico al usar 1 orbe tienes la posibilidad de ganar un objeto o una chica, pensaba que era un probabilidad del 50%... Esto no puede ser solo malo suerte.
  9. The market feature is really left unchanged for a long time. I believe if you analyze people's inventory you may reach the same verdict. When I want to earn money, I don;t collect Harem money, I use pachinkon 10 games play and do it 10 times, then I come to Market and sell all the junk it have given me. Having that in mind I believe two changes helps people like me a lot. 1. Sell all Rare and epic items button in inventory. 2. Add a button to fully level up a girl in affection or experience with items at hand. Sometimes I have to shove 80 items in her. 3. Change the stupid pachinko 10 game mode to give more books and gifts instead of 9 trousers! who the f** needs so many trousers? And then you may also seperate the shop from inventory so you can cure the iPhone bug a little. (The market page crashes everytime we enter books or gifts page) Gosh I just want to buy the books right now and for this matter I have to sit by my pc eveytimre. That is all. Thank you for listening I think others may have the same idea
  10. Anyone else notice that 4/5 of the new 1 star girls from the week #34 patch notes (https://blog.kinkoid.com/patchnotes/patch-notes-hentai-heroes/), aren't shown in the possible Dark Lord rewards or great pachinko, but are still visible to get in the harem? I got Sassy Bitch from Dark Lord, but Cheerleader Solange, Leashed Ria, Honey-Trap Joyce, and Exotic Zeina aren't displayed in the great pachinko or any tier of Dark Lord. I wonder if it's a visual bug, or if they're actually unobtainable.
  11. One thing the introduction of the Mythic items first introduction into the Market did was force players in this club to think outside of the box. For example:
  12. I shall attempt to keep this very short and simple. Please add a way (such as extremely plain buttons) to the Equipment tab (in the market/inventory) that allows you to sell all equipment based on the rarity of your choice, such as selling all Common/Rare/Epic/Legendary Equipment with a push of a button (or through interaction - such as a filter system). Please. I cannot stress this enough and cannot fathom how this crucial feature has not been implemented yet. It is absolutely tormenting the life of me that I spend 30+ minutes (up to 1-3 hours) to manually sell THOUSANDS of Equipment (except Legendary Equipment) at a rapid pace; and I strongly believe that I am not the only player that feel so. It is a misery due to how mentally hindering this issue currently is.
  13. I won 4 legendary items in pachinko, and only one of the four moved to my inventory (P.S. sorry for bad English)
  14. Greetings! Someone else has Pachinko Mitico blocked or just me !? I have 10 orbs that I can't use and they keep accumulating more !!! Are you making changes or do I have a bug in my account?
  15. Is something being changed on the "mythic pachinko"? All choices are grayed out, which disables this feature of the game.
  16. yeah, thats it. you cannot even enter to choose pachinko game types, you get directed to an error page. probably you guys already working on it but since no one else posted it, just to make sure you know about the issue.
  17. Hello, this is my first post. I hope everyone is well. Thank you very much for all the effort that must be behind Hentai Heroes, I have had a wonderful time. I have always wondered why there is no option in pachinko, that allows you to obtain a specific girl, even if you have to pay many tokens. For example I would change the option of 6000tokens of Pachinco Epico (which I used only once) for 15,000 tokens and thus choose Golden Bunny n.n I would collect them and pay without hesitation, believe me.
  18. Played from application. Maybe around hour ago I used core that I received from Arena to play Mystic Pachinko. There was some new girl picture I received. But no new Girl appeared in my Harem. I have no screenshot, but probably you should have some log on server?
  19. À part les Boosters mon Pachinko Mythique est complètement vide ? Pourquoi n'y a t'il pas d'Avatar des douze ou six dernier mois comme nouveauté ? Le jeu est t'Il mort ? Il n'y a plus de nouvelles filles de base passées de 3 à 5 étoiles depuis 3-4 mois non plus. À part les filles à 7200 kobans où sont les nouveautés ???
  20. Hi, I can't use the Mythic Pachinko anymore. It is grey, although I have enough Kobans and Shards to use... Is this a bug? Can it be fixed?
  21. I'm surprised there's no thread complaining about, or at least mentioning the issue that happened today with the redeem code offer (there's a thread in the FR section, but didn't find one in EN). While I was sleeping late this morning, other players were lucky enough to actually redeem THIS initial (and initially advertised) version of this gift: They then canceled the code, changed their posts to show and mention a GPx10 orb instead of an EPx10 orb, and reactivated the code. So, people who had already claimed the EPx10 version were also able to redeem the GPx10 version as well... They claim it was a bug now, but it's not very believable at all considering the above. I'd love free stuff for everybody as advertised. It's too bad that whoever designed the original free offer messed up, and/or that Kinkoid changed their minds after the fact, but at this point the only fair thing to do would be to give everybody who missed out on it that 5400 koban worth of free stuff...
  22. The people in our club is driven mad by the constant green alert Exclamation mark which typically/normally signifies new sets of Avatars being available. But ever since we had been introduced to Mythical Pachinko, the exclamation mark for New Avatars Available has gone haywire. Everytime you unlock a new Avatar from Pachinko, the green exclamation mark will pop up on the profile icon in the upper left. (There will be a timelag of some minutes before the exclamation popups up, but it will do so eventually, and it marks the Avatar you recently unlocked from Pachinko as "new") This is doubtful what the developers had intended, as you normally don't get bombarded with green exclamation marks every time you purchase an Avatar the traditional way. But now you do get bombarded often, just because the Mythical Pahinko unlocks new Avatars often. I do absolutely love the Mythical Pachinko though!! So please don't remove it😋
  23. As the title states do the rewards increase with level/ cost? If so is it a valid strategy to mass buy items at low levels when prices are cheap to use later on? Right now it costs me 11,000$ per role. Any green quality affection or exp item costs roughly 13k. So if I get a item I can sell it for 5k loss, if I get anything else I'm profiting. If you hold at level 60, you'd have access to all the money making methods (champions, competitions, boss battles, harem) with costs near 6k per roll (from what I can recall). If the quality stays the same it might be worthwhile to spam roll great pachinko to get all the expensive affection items you need for later in the game. Thoughts?
  24. Hi, I've noticed that the two new girls from the current Orgy Days event are missing from the Event Pachinko (they are present in the Epic Pachinko, however). Could you please review and advise? Thanks in advance. Screenshots below.
  25. So on 12feb 2020 i played the event pachinko, cheapest one. But didn't receive anything for it nor a girl nor any item.
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