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  1. ComixHarem on Android! All the sexy heroes are in your pocket! ComixHarem now available on Android! Download ComiXHarem on your phone now! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Patch Notes Week #44 03.11.2021 Side Quest New Common Side Quest release: “The fountain of JOI”: Vorr needs the hero to help her out of a trap by giving her a boost, but there’s a catch – the hero can’t touch her… Check out the latest side quest! New Feature release! Leagues We are proud to announce the release of Comix Harem Leagues! Starting this Thursday (04.11.2021) you will be able to participate in the roster and challenge other Super Heroes for rewards! Make your appearance in the Leagues and claim the title of Wanker, Sexpert or Dicktator as well as the grand prize that comes along with these ranks! But even if you don’t make it to the top, there will be other rewards waiting for you! Get your team ready and join the fight! What exactly are the Leagues? This is where the game gets really competitive. The Leagues is the place where players from all over the world can challenge each other and compete in battles to show their prowess and win exclusive rewards. The Leagues unlock to players who have reached level 20 and above. Each Player will start at rank “Wanker I”. There are nine different league ranks: Wanker I, Wanker II, Wanker III, Sexpert I, Sexpert II, Sexpert III, Dickatator I, Dickatator II and Dickatator III. Winning a spot in a League brings different rewards. To fight other players it in the league you will need You can obtain every 35 minutes and you can have up to 15. You can also recharge the challenge points with Kobans. When does it start? The Leagues reset every week and the new season starts every Thursday at 13 pm (UTC+1). How many players participate? Players of the Leagues will be divided in groups. Each group has a minimum and a maximum players bracket in which you will compete. What rewards do the Leagues give? Check the Icons in the centre of the Leagues page. All you have to do is hover with your mouse on top of each of them and a popup menu will appear with all the rewards in that league. For information visit our blog post and the most recent balance changes on the Leagues Improvements: B.D.S.M A pop-up overlay has been added after losing a performance Patch Notes Week #43 27.10.2021 Adventure New Adventure World 4 Quest 6 release: “Take My Breath Away” … Check out the final quest of World 4! New world release is here! Wildman has a new hero assignment! New Adventure World 5 Quest 1 release: “Welcome to the Jungle” … Check out the final quest of World 4! Harem Two new Pachinko girls have graduated the Hero academia Aqua Lass Admin One star girls Two new one grade girl have joined the fight ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Patch Notes Week #42 21.10.2021 Important information Week #42 release This week’s release will be pushed for Thursday (21.10.2021) 13:00 UTC+2 (Server time) . Since we are releasing a few big features, the maintenance is expected to last over 1 hour on that day. The downtime is planned, so please be aware there will be no compensation in case the game is down for a longer period of time. The maintenance is planned to start around 13:00 server time We are proud to announce that Comix Harem is moving out of beta! Side Quest New Rare Side Quest release: “Hocus Pocus Diggus Bickus”: As Arbadacarba has found out, practicing incantations all day really takes a toll on the tongue. Why not utilize her abilities and put them to better use, by perhaps conjuring a refreshment or summoning a boost?… Check out the side quest! Harem Just in time for Halloween, Nikki Benz is here! Hotter than hell itself, the iconic Nikki Benz! She will be waiting for you in the Nightclub! HH and CxH Cross Promo All players who have an HH account will receive a free girl in ComixHarem On 21.10.2021 (Thursday) all players who have Hentai Heroes account will get their hands on a very special girl in Comix Harem! Tina Reed, also known as Red Battler! If you don’t have an account in Comix Harem, just click on the banner on Friday and create one to get a free gorgeous girl in Comix Harem and help the sexy superheroines in the Comixverse. Please keep in mind that the only way to get Red Battler is by clicking on the banner and not directly heading to HH to register your account. Comix Harem is looking for a volunteer translator We are looking for a volunteer to help with the translations from English to French for Comix Harem. Keep an eye on the Forum for more information. The volunteer will be compensated with in-game currency. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Patch Notes Week #41 13.10.2021 Adventure New Adventure release: World 4 Quest 5 “Bound to Help”: On who will Wildman use his boosting superpowers this time…Check out the latest adventure! ComixHarem Forum has been released! We are proud to announce the release of ComixHarem Forum. The forum is dedicated to all fans and lovers of comics! Come and join the community! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Patch Notes Week #40 06.10.2021 Side Quest New Common Side Quest release: World 4 Quest 4 “Cheetah Meets Man”: The curious Chibi Cheetah corners Wildman at the end of his shift for a demonstration of his powers. Will the hero meet expectations, or will he crumble like a delicate flower?… Check out our latest adventure! CxH to HH cross-promo delay The scheduled for this week Cross-promo between CxH and HH will be delayed. Red Battler will see you soon! Thank you for your patience and support. Kind regards, Kinkoid ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Patch Notes Week #39 29.09.2021 Adventure New Quest release: World 4 Quest 4 “The Hunting Party”: Wildman literally woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Check out our latest adventure! Harem Two new Pachinko girls have joined the fight Pause (CH) Uberfrau (CH) One Star girls Two new one star girls have been released Vicky Lovejoy Lulu-Larya ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Patch Notes Week #38 23.09.2021 This week’s release (Week #38) will occur on Thursday (23.09.2021) Side Quests New Rare Quest release: “Ram to Fix RAM”: The android CAMMI-69 is experiencing a malfunction and she can’t exactly put her finger on it – any more than she already has, that is – until she runs a diagnostic test. It turns out that specific memory files can become corrupted if they are not regularly updated with fresh memories and experiences…Check out our latest adventure! Improvements Path of Attraction Similar to the Seasons, you will automatically be redirected to the current reward Hovering over the Girl Reward will display her stats Local holidays Dear players, Due to a local holiday on Wednesday, this week’s release will occur on Thursday. Our support team will not be available on Wednesday and will reply at a slower rate for the rest of the week. Kind regards, Team Kinkoid (will lag when opening)
  2. New patch notes Patch Notes Week #22 Adventure New Quest release: World 13 Quest 14 “The Tower of Guilt”: Neono has shown her true colors...something is not right. Harem Two new girls have been added to the Epic Pachinko The shokushu huntress Gal Davey will make you Rockhard with her tunes Gal Davey Hour change Path of Attraction was the first event to start with the new time. From now on all events will be released at 1 pm UTC+1 Skrill Unfortunately, due to contractual conflict with Skrill, we will not be releasing the payment system in Hentai Heroes. We are working on providing you with other secure options for payments.
  3. here are the new patch notes with some interesting points. Patch Notes Week #21 Hour change ALL updates on the game and events will now start at a different time 1 PM Server time (UTC+1), West Europe 7 am to 9 am South America 4 am to 7 am North America Legendary Days started 05 am UTC+1 and will end on 24th of May 1 pm UTC+1 Darla Levitya Adventure New adventure will be released next Wednesday, the 27th of May Luxurious Body Due to player feedback, LuxuriousBody will be obtainable by all players in the usual ways in future events. Bundles A special spring bundle promo is waiting for you in the game
  4. New patch notes, this time only in Kinkoid.com (for the time being) https://www.kinkoid.com/patchnotes/hh_week20/ Villains Sylvanus receives a new Tier at level 170 (to level 350) The new Girl for this Tier is Avia Avia Sylvanus receives a new Tier at level 350 (to level 540) The new Girl for this Tier is Preya Preya Bremen receives a new Tier at level 210 (to level 410) The Girl for this Tier is Polana Polana Bremen receives a new Tier at level 410 (to level 640) The girls for this Tier is Yulita Yulita Daily Missions 5 new Daily Missions have been added in the game Update hours change For technical reasons, starting next week the release hour will be moved to 13:00 UTC+1 This change will give us a faster reaction time for future updates and releases. This will affect daily missions, arena daily quest, contests, leaderboard, and leagues Promo The Advanced Hentai Action Party will soon be at your doorstep! From the 14th to 19th of May visit our partners at ImLive and receive the exclusive LuxuriousBody- just follow the banner in the game. NOTE: Please be patient, it can take up to an hour for her to show up in your Harem after registering. Check out the special landing page and find the keyword with a #- use them as redeem codes to win special rewards in the game Make any purchase from ImLive and you will get credits worth $50 The duration of the event is 5 days Vote for your favorite cam models and 3 of them will get their own avatars in the Haremverse LuxuriousBody
  5. Adventure New Quest release World 13 Quest 11 “What’s This World?”: Oh no! Chiba and Acadia are threatening Neono!! Why? Art improvement The art quality of world one and intro have been reworked! Go on and check it again! Villains Ninja Spy will receive Tier 2 at level 50 Gina and Lulu are the drop for this Tier Gina and Lulu Ninja Spy will receive Tier 3 at level 120 (he will cap at Lvl 200) X-458 will be the drop for this Tier X-458 Gruntt will receive Tier 2 at level 70 Ornella will be the drop for this Tier Ornella Gruntt will receive Tier 3 at level 150 (he will cap at Lvl 250) Sandra will be the drop for this Tier Sandra Updates Updated Terms of Use Maintenance screen Update New Payment System Starting this week users will be able to use Skrill for in game purchases It’s an online wallet system Users need an account to pay with it It has partnerships with other kinds of wallets, such as Paypal The payments can be done in Euro and Dollars It’s available to everyone.
  6. here is the thread for this week patch: Patch notes Week #9 Adventure New quest release World 13 Quest 8: Neono has disappeared in the dead of night? Where could she be? Only one way to find out! Pachinko Two beauties will be joining the Pachinko (The not so) Humble maid Yvonne is here to clean your shaft Shirogane is waiting patiently to catch you by the balls surprise Yvonne Shirogane UI Improvements Payment UI Interface for the payment section has been improved Event Widget 12 hours before the event begins, the widget will display the name and hours left until the start the event
  7. Fixes Monthly Card The card is working and all the affected players will be compensated for the missing currency and will receive extra Kobans Visual bug of finishing Daily Mission with Yemen Daily Missions icon text issue after log out/log Office progression capped at stage 13001 displayed with "Max"
  8. Contests Changed to 24 hours period for each contest Improvement of the rewards from the contest system For 1st place, players will receive 300/50 Kobans 2nd to 4th place players will receive 120/20 Kobans Combativity will be a reward instead of affection or low rarity items Villains For Classic events, the affection shards drop amount has been improved significantly Monthly Card Release of the Platinum Monthly Card, an upgrade of the Golden and Silver Monthly Cards The Platinum card will provide 10800/1800 Kobans for the month, 360/60 Kobans per day The Monthly Card allows free collection of the following Free Salary Collecting from Harem Free x 10 villains fight Free x15 Fights in the Leagues The new Card allows 50% off on the following items: 50% off from Market reload 50% off for Pachinko reroll 50% off from Daily Missions finish now an option The new Card will allow Free Champion Multiple Performance and Shorter Rest. If you have already purchased a card but wants to upgrade, this can be done at any time The resources remaining from the old card(s) will be automatically recalculated and converted according to the new card ratio Silver to Platinum ratio will be divided 10.03 Gold to Platinum ratio will be divided by 3.00 It will not be possible to have more multiple card tiers active Downgrading to lesser cards will not be possible while the player has a bigger card active He must wait for the current one to expire in order to activate a different card The price of the platinum card is € 29.99
  9. Hello, dear all! If you want to comment on our latest Patch Notes, here is the right place.
  10. Les joueurs inactifs 15 jours seront exclus des ligues. Il n'est pas dit s'ils seront réintégrés au même niveau dès leur retour. Si je comprend l'intérêt de retirer les joueurs fantômes, je me dis que si on doit recommencer depuis le début en cas de voyage à l'étranger, ça risque de fausser pas mal les petites ligues et de pousser des joueurs à arrêter définitivement le jeu. Normalement, en 2 semaines, on est déjà rétrogradé de 2 ligues ce qui est déjà pas mal.
  11. Adventure This Wednesday release of World 13 Quest 3: Starting from zero isn't easy! It's a good thing when you have someone to help you, but maybe just one isn't enough! Let's venture out and see what this world has to offer! Market The long requested by the community feature toggle button for buying several stats from the market will be added in the game The new feature will come with x1, x10, x25, x50 and x100 The toggle button will change amounts upon clicking New cross-promo page A cross-promo page will show both active and completed cross-promotions Located in the menu of the home page under the name "Sex friends", users will be able to click on a banner which redirects them to the promoted game After certain criteria has been fulfilled, players will be able to claim the reward from the cross-promotion page
  12. Hi all, So, new patch notes have been posted a few moments ago: This mostly sounds like improvements (we'll no longer need to go blind with the first ticket of each stage and take a screenshot, yay!), but I'm skeptical about two points: Players of Level 200+ will "no longer" see common gifts in the Market, but... that's already the case for players with 21+ girls in their harem. Will this criterion change? I'm currently Level 121, and since I have more than 21 girls in my harem, I don't see any common gift already. Will I start seeing them again after the patch, and until I reach Level 200? The Final Stage vs a Sex Champion " all 12 poses are now used "... What does this mean exactly? Each of the 4 possible poses for a given class, repeated 3 times? Something else? Please feel free to discuss, and if anyone has the answer to my above questions, that would be great.
  13. Bonjour à tous😀 Le nouveau patch note est sorti. Par contre pour l'Amélioration de la rareté des Livres et Cadeaux au Marché Le taux d’apparition des cadeaux et des livres pour les joueurs de haut niveau a été amélioré. Les joueurs qui sont au niveau 200 et au-delà ne recevront pas de livres et de cadeaux communs Je suis niveau 265 et je n'est déjà plus les livres et cadeaux communs au marché. Est-ce que c'est pas plutôt pour les récompenses arène, missions etc...? Merci d'avance pour vos réponses.😀
  14. Did anyone knows how many points we can buy before the new patch? And so, the new formula will be retroactive? I mean, I'm Level 225, so this time I can buy a litlle more points and all the others by the 224 where I can't buy 30 per every level. I'm right?
  15. Sex Champions Release of the The Sex Champions feature; The feature is available for players who have at least 10 girls in their Harem and finished the 5th quest of the 3rd world; In this new feature you will face 6 Sex Champions : Romero Whaty Matsuda Ryu Visor Alban Each Champion will have 5 phases in which you have to impress him, each more powerful than the previous one and with a new rotation of positions to discover; Each time you fully impress one of the Champions, his initial form will be harder to impress giving a long term challenge if you desire to challenge them multiple times; Before starting the performance with each Sex Champion, the game will choose 10 random girls from your Harem You then can decide to keep those girls and choose their positions for the Battle or if the Champion’s Draft does not satisfy you, you can pick a new Draft; If you want to keep a girl for the battle while rerolling the others, you can select her and keep her for the next reroll (you can do this for up to 5 girls); You have free drafts depending on the number of the Girls in your Harem : It’s calculated by the total number of girls in your harem divided by 10 and then rounded down (ex. 153 girls divided by 10 is 15.3 = 15 free drafts); After expending your free drafts, the reroll price will be 12 Kobans and will increase by 6 Kobans for each reroll; The draft is saved even if you leave the page; Every battle against a Sex Champion can be payed using one of 3 possible resources: 1 ticket: The ticket will be available as potential reward in vilains’ performance, PvP performance, daily missions and daily quests in the arena; You will be able to stock up to 10 tickets; Each 24 hours after unlocking the feature, you will receive 3 tickets 60 Energy points; 120 Kobans; Every time you face the Sex Champion, you and your girls will try to impress him while his mockery will drain your ego bar: The ego bar will be based on your character’s endurance and added to the stats of all the girls from your team; If his impression bar get full before the Ego bar is depleted, the Champion will reward you and then evolve to his next phase, becoming more powerful. As impressing the champion is an endurance feat, the character will need to wait 24 hours before being able to fight the next champion’s phase; If the ego bar is depleted before the impression bar is full, you will be defeated and will need to wait 15 minutes before being able to impress the champion again; The waiting time can be skipped by paying kobans based on the time left with the current ratio of 1.8 Kobans per minute when you impressed the Champions and a flat 6 kobans price when you failed; The Champion’s performance is using a new system : The first time you try to impress a champion, a rotation of 10 sex positions will be created and saved until you impress the champion; Each round of the performance, you will fuck a different girl from your team depending of the order of your team’s rotation; If the current position is the favorite position of the girl, it will double the respect gained by the Champion; After your performance, the champion will fuck his girl to mock you, damaging your ego; Then a new round begins, the next position is selected and the next girl of your team enters the scene; The rounds come one after another, until the champion is impressed enough or your ego is depleted; If the performance last more than 10 rounds, both rotations of girls and positions are repeated; Every time you lose against the Sex Champion, you will receive an amount of ¥mens depending from the performance Romero : 0.25 ¥mens per impression point Whaty : 0.31 ¥mens per impression point Matsuda : 0.39 ¥mens per impression point Ryu : 0.49 ¥mens per impression point Visor : 0.61 ¥mens per impression point Alban : 0.76 ¥mens per impression point The impression you give to a Champion fades over time: The impression is reduced by 10% (of the max) once every 24 hours after the initial performance; This occurs on each of the Champion phases If the impression reaches 0, the phase will not be reduced. When you win phases 1-4 of each Champion, you will be rewarded with 2 pieces of legendary equipment from that champion’s set; The last phase of the champion will have different and unique rewards The special Champion Outfit (for ProfilePage); The special Champion Background (for Profile Page); The special Champion Theme (for Profile Page); The special Champion Girl; After the previous 4 rewards has been awarded, the champion will reward the player with a Legendary Gift; General Introduction of our new login system, now you will be able to play all Kinkoid games with the same login information: If you have an account on more than one of our games, the first password you enter will be the one used to log in in all our games. Epic Pachinko Welcome 2 new girls in the Haremverse Sensual Cherrin who gets really turned on by being watched. Jenna Hotty who loves being exposed and showing herself. Sensual Cherrin Jenna Hotty
  16. Pachinko Nouvelle fonctionalité : Pachinko Draft Épique Pachinko Draft permet de faire le choix entre deux filles. Les joueurs seront capables de choisir l'une des deux filles disponibles, en cliquant sur celle qu'ils préfèrent. Pachinko Draft inclut également les filles d'evénements quand elles sont disponibles Son prix est de 6000 kobans En cas de déconnexion ou de problème technique, le statut du choix est sauvegardé dans l’état etil suffit juste d'aller sur Pachinko menu pour que le choix s’affiche à nouveau Le pachinko draft n’inclus que des filles, aucun objet Page profil Les informations liées aux clubs sont ajoutées de la Page de profil. Le nom du club sera affiché en-dessous du pseudo de l'utilisateur. Le nom du club sera un lien cliquable qui va diriger vers la page de club.
  17. https://forum.hentaiheroes.com/index.php?/topic/9371-patch-notes-030419/&tab=comments#comment-130767 Enfin la carte gold😀
  18. Guest

    Patch Notes 03/04/19

    Club Release of a new feature for the clubs : the Upgrades Each Upgrade is providing one of the following bonuses Member Cap (1 for Level) Hardcore stat (0.5% per level) Charm stat (0.5% per level) Know-how stat (0.5% per level) Endurance stat (0.5% per level) Harmony stat (0.5% per level) Experience gain (0.5% per level) within Quests PvP arena PvP Leagues Daily Missions Arena Daily Quest ToF Rewards ¥men gain (0.5% per level) within : Villains Fight PvP Arena Arena Daily Quest Daily Missions League Season Rewards Contests Tower of Fame Rewards In order for a club to Upgrade, all members need donate resources. There will be 3 options per currency For ¥men: 100 K 1 M 10 M For Kobans: 60 Kobans 300 Kobans 600 Kobans The club’s Upgrades will cost the following : From level 1 to 10 : 2,500,000 ¥mens, additional, for each level From level 11 to 20 : beginning at 1,800 Kobans, the price goes up by 300 Kobans every level The level maximum for one upgrade is 20 Any player can donate for any Upgrade level that is available any number of times. Once the bar for that level has been filled, the Upgrade is done and all Club members get the bonus for it and the next Upgrade becomes available. Once the maximum level is reached, you can’t Upgrade this specific part of the club Monthly Card Release of the Gold Monthly Card, an upgrade of the current Monthly Card The Golden Monthly Card allows free collection of Money from Harem, x10 Troll fight and x15 Fights in the leagues The old Monthly Card (now called Silver Monthly Card) will still be available If a player has already purchased a card but wants to upgrade, he will be able to do so at any point The resources remaining from the old card(s) will be automatically recalculated according to the new card ratio (1 day of the Gold is worth 3.34 days of Silver Monthly Card) The purchase of a new Gold Monthly Card will be necessary to upgrade Downgrade won’t be possible The price is € 9.99 / $ 9.99 / ¥1299 and will give 150 daily Kobans for a total of 4,500 Kobans
  19. Aventure Sortie de la première partie de la quête 5 du monde 11 : Derri est affaibli et a besoin de retrouver de l’énergie. Toi et Devin devez trouver un moyen de la soigner Pachinko Fukai est une chasseuse de démon de haut-vol et rejoindra le Pachinko épique. Elle a besoin de tes compétences sexuelles pour un exorcisme particulièrement complexe Quand il est question de sortir faire la fête, Atsuki s’y connait ! Ses hanches bougent sur des rythmes endiablés et n’attendent que toi dans le Pachinko épique Fukai Atsuki
  20. Guest

    Patch Notes 27/02/19

    Adventure Release of World 11 Quest 5 part 1 : Derri is weak and needs some energy back! You and Devin will have to find a way to cure her. Pachinko This Wednesday two new girls will be joining the Epic Pachinko! The exemplary student but party animal girl Atsuki will show you how a good song makes her go weak in the knees The fantastic Demon Slayer Fukai will blow your mind with her gorgeous skills! Fukai Atsuki Hey guys, we are still searching moderators! C'mon!!!
  21. Hey, heroes! Come here and enjoy discussing the latest Patch Notes! Yours, Kinkoid Team
  22. Leagues You will be able to spend 15 battles for the leagues in one button: The button to do so will be available only if you have 15 points on 15, otherwise it will invite you to purchase a recharge The 15 combats will be done against the lowest level opponents still available If you do not have have 15 combats lefts in your current league, the button is disabled To use the button will cost you 12 kobans
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