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Third Anniversary - Proposals / Player Expectations

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Hello to all players. 😀


The month of July is coming soon and so is the anniversary of the game too.


                                   ➡️  What do you want for this birthday?

                                   ➡️ Get girls to pachinkos or bosses?

                                   ➡️ A special rate of attraction?

                                   ➡️A special duration?

                                   ➡️ Promotions?

                                   ➡️ Other?


Do not hesitate to express yourself on this subject. 😀


This could give ideas to the Kinkoid team.😀


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5 hours ago, John 1039 said:

Since anniversary events are technically revival events, the maximum single shard drop here should also be at least 12.

the second anniversary was completely different to the first one. and i don't expect the format of the second anniversary to be repeated since this would be insane in the context of attraction. you thinking of it as revival is just wishful thinking.

i do have some ideas/wishes but honestly: do you really think the event is not laid out already? this thread comes way too late if you ask me. they might still tweak around a little here and there but they won't completely redesign it.

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Anniversary means girls and more girls ...

We don't know how the third anniversary will be, but we can make some guesses about it:

- It is sure there will be many girls available, highly probable that there will be some with bosses and more in pachinko.

- If there are girls in bosses the shard drop rate should be like epic days.

- Duration will be 4 days

- Promotions? Probable.

- Surprises: I hope that kinkoid will surprise us with something unexpected. As Habi said the anniversay event must be prepared yet.

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Not to be the usual negative, guys, but I would stop here if I were you... cause you can give ideas on what to let out of the anniversary event. Obtaining girls is already hard with only the normal devs ideas, it is better not to remember them what or wishes are giving them more chances to delude us.

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